How To Delete Instagram Conversation from Both Sides?

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  1. You can delete your Instagram conversations from both parties using the Instagram mobile application as well as the Instagram web.
  2. One thing to note, unsending a message and blocking a person are two different things. If you block someone, it does not mean that your chats with them will be deleted.
  3. To delete messages from both sides on the Instagram mobile app, open the chat section and tap the message you want to delete, hold it for two seconds and tap ‘Unsend message’ to remove the message from both parties.
  4. To delete messages from both sides on the Instagram web, open the Messages section, move the cursor to the specified message, tap the three dots, and then tap the ‘Unsend’ button to move the message from both sides.

Does Blocking them Remove the Messages?

The Instagram blocking feature will only ensure that the blocked person will not be able to find your Instagram account or text on Instagram in the future. It will not delete the conversations that you have sent to them. You have to unsend the messages from the Instagram DM (direct message) section.

💡 Note: Before you block, positively unsend the messages from your conversations and then delete the entire conversation in order to ensure that the messages are deleted from both sides, otherwise your messages will not be removed.

How to Delete Instagram Chat from Both Sides?

You have to follow certain steps,

On Mobile

Step 1: Open Instagram & Go to the DM Section

Go to DM section

Firstly, open your Instagram mobile application and log in with your credentials. After that, on your Instagram page, you can see there is a direct message section in the top right corner. Tap on the logo (which looks like a paper airplane) and you will be redirected to the direct message section.

Now there are the chats with your friends that you have done earlier. Open any of your friends’ chats that you want to remove from both sides. Tap on your friend’s name and his/her messages will be opened.

Step 2: Tap on the message & Hold for 2 seconds

 Tap on the message

Among all of the messages, tap on the message that you want to remove. Hold the message for two seconds.

You can remove all of the messages from both sides, but for that, you have to do the process again and again manually, which means you have to tap and hold on to the messages each time and remove each one by one from the chat.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Unsend’ on Message

Unsend Message

After holding the message for two seconds, there will be a pop open-up containing three options: ‘Unsend message’, ‘Copy text’, and ‘Like’. Then tap the ‘Unsend’ option, it will remove the message from both sides.

Do this each time by deleting multiple messages from both sides.

If you hold on to your friends’ names for 2 seconds, there will also be a pop-up notification, where the ‘Delete’ option will appear. If you try to delete the message from here, your message will not be deleted. This will delete your entire conversation but your friend will be able to see the message.

On the Desktop

Step 1: Log in to & Go to DM

 Go to DM

Open your Google browser on your desktop and log in to with your credentials. After that, you will be redirected to the Instagram home page. At the top of the Instagram home page, there is a bar where you can see some sections like Home, messages, posts, search, profile, etc.

  • Tap on the Paperplane icon and you will be redirected to the DM.
  • Now open any of the chats that you want to delete messages from.

Step 2: Click Three-dots on the message

Click Three-dots

After opening the chat, move your cursor on the message that you want to delete. When you set your cursor on the particular message, there will be a pop-up containing stickers, a reply, and ‘three-dots’ options. Tap the three-dots icon.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Unsend’ to delete for both

 Tap on 'Unsend'

If you tap on the three dots option, there will be a pop-up showing i.e. Like, Forward, Copy, and Unsend. Then to delete this message for both sides, tap on the ‘Unsend‘ option.

If you want to delete multiple messages, then each time set the cursor to the messages, tap the three dots button, and tap unsend. That’s how you can delete all of the messages that you have sent to both sides.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When You Delete a Conversation on Instagram does the other Person Know?

No, if you delete a conversation on Instagram, the other person does not notify you about it. If you unsend some particular messages from the chats, then they will also not be able to see any line like ‘The message was unsent’, this type of thing.

The message will vanish from the chats. If the other person is online and turns on the Instagram notifications, then he or she will be able to receive your message and be able to read it before you delete the message. But if the other person is offline, then they can not read your deleted messages further.

2. If I delete a Conversation on Instagram can I get it back?

The answer is no. Once you delete a conversation on Instagram, you can never get it back. One thing you can do is, since you deleted the conversation, but did not unsend the messages, which means the conversation was not deleted for the other party.

You can ask him to send the messages again. Another thing you can do is use third-party websites to retrieve your deleted conversations.

3. How to tell if someone deleted your conversation on Instagram?

You can’t really tell if someone deleted your DM on Instagram. You can tell if it has been distributed or viewed based on the notifications received. After sending the message, a notification will show ‘sent’. If another person keeps their mobile data on, the message will be delivered and if another person has seen it, the notification will be showing ‘seen’. In each case, time will be mentioned. Instagram doesn’t let you know what happened outside of letting the message be delivered and whether the recipient viewed the message.

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