How to Delete Old Backup from iCloud? [With Precautions]

Is your 5GB data insufficient for your iCloud storage on iPhone or iPad? Apple provides the free space of iCloud that is 5GB is actually for saving important documents not for storing videos or large files.
If you see that your internal storage need some extra space you have to wipe out your iCloud storage to free up some space on the iPhone by moving the files.
iPhone storage actually stores the non-efficient data like old backup files, cache files, browsing history, saved forms and other stuff that you can easily remove to instantly free up space without deleting any files from your device.
To free up iCloud storage just go to Settings >> Choose iCloud then find out which app is taking a large amount of data that actually unnecessary and swipe the button left to turn off data backup for that app. You can do this for multiple apps as well.
I was wondering if I could free up my iPhone storage which is showing full and the iCloud storage of 5GB is not enough for this. I definitely did not want to add extra storage to my iCloud that would cost me huge rather I tried to free up the unnecessary space from the iCloud as well as from the internal storage.
You should not ignore the files that are not in use and lying in cache or in such type of memory that can free up some space initially once you do it.

Using iPhone storage instead of iCloud

iCloud with 5GB storage holds all the apps data inside it and the best part is, you can select to whichever apps you want to give access to iCloud to register data. Once you find out the app that is using the highest data you can swipe it left to turn off data sharing on iCloud.
Just follow the simple steps:
1. Open the ‘Settings’ from your iOS home screen.
2. Go to ‘iCloud’ section from the list. You will find there all of the apps that are connected to iCloud for sharing the data.
3. Once you get the app taking huge space on iCloud, your must turn off the option for such apps.
I just followed the same and turned off the heavy-usage-consuming apps. Now, your iOS space will be free more than 1 GB even if you turn off two of the active apps on iCloud.

What Happens when you Delete Old iCloud Backup?

If you are wondering to free up spaces on your iPhone then you have to delete some old backups that do still not need it for your iOS devices. If you want to delete all of the backup files some certain things will happen.

⦿ Be Aware of the important:

Backup files actually are those that save us from panic situations. That is why it this is always recommended to sincerely perform this action as the backup files are the important ones that can save when you accidentally delete some important things from your phone. So, if you are deleting an important backup you are losing that permanently. The simple solution that you can take by uploading to the other online storage like Dropbox if you think then do so.

⦿ Getting Better performance:

Your internal storage is working always to keep backup files for apps and all other stuff and saving that for future uses. Now, if you to delete all of the backup files suddenly that storage device will be cleaned and the performance for your device will speed up definitely.
What I have seen personally that whenever I removed my backup files from my phone the device suddenly gets a faster performance after the restart and this will happen with all of us if you delete those backups that still not in use.

⦿ Cleaning Space on the device:

The things that initially happen is if you delete your old backups yours space will increase as you are freeing up your storage.
The thing comes in mind, how much space I can save by deleting the backup files!
The answer depends on how long time you are using the device and extent of your uses. If you are using your apps heavily and taking lots of data every day then by cleaning of the backup files you will save a lot of storage initially on your iPhone or iPad devices. So, take in consideration that deleting the old backup files you are not losing actually important thing but you are cleaning up your storage that is full.

How to Delete Old Backup from iCloud?

If you need to free up all of the iCloud storage on your iPhone you can perform the different actions to clean up all of that unusual data from the iCloud and use it only for the important purposes.

Delete iCloud Backups on iOS [iPhone, iPad, etc]

If you want to delete the old backup files and disable further to save, just follow the simple steps:
1. On your iPhone or iPad just go to Settings and tap on iCloud.
2. Then tap on the option Manage Storage >> Backups to see list of apps.
3. Next, tap on the app whose backup you want to delete.
4. Finally, tap on Delete Backup >> Turn Off & Delete.
delete old icloud backup ios
This will clear a lot of storage from your iOS device. I did this for my iCloud storage and works by making a huge difference on the device, although I have 50 GB of storage plan that costs me around $0.99 per month.

Delete iCloud Backups from Mac

I found this easier to delete backups from Mac and this completes in a few seconds without any complicated things. When you’re on the macOS, you can perform the delete old backup option from your MacBook, let’s follow the steps:
1. First of all, go to Menu >> System Preferences and click on the iCloud option.
2. Next just click ‘Manage‘ and select ‘Backups‘ by clicking on it.
3. A lot of device backups will be there, just choose one then click Delete.
Further, to turn off full Backup just remove all backups from iCloud by deleting all of those. Especially, you will not see the Turn Off option there but by default, it will disable the backup for that app you deleted the backup for.

DIY Ways to Free Up iCloud Storage on iPhone

If you want to clean up your iPhone storage just take some cleanup actions that can easily be performed in a single minute.
Clearing the cache files:
If your mobile device is using huge data through the app cache files and other storage then you can perform the clear cache option for the apps.
Some apps are necessary and for that reason, you cannot delete those from the iPhone but due to a long time of uses, the app can take a large amount of data within its cache and by deleting those cache you can save a lot of space on your iPhone device.
Deleting some Apps and Files:
If your iPhone storage is nearly about to get full you can perform some actions that include deleting the internal storage files like videos and unnecessary images and also the unwanted apps from your device.
You will find a lot of such files that are older and not necessarily needed even in future and by deleting all of those files you can immediately free up a lot of space on your iPhone or iPad device.
There are some other ways that you can take to clear up iPhone storage like installing a third-party app that always takes care of your data storage to limit by clearing all the unnecessary cache from your iPhone every time you use.
The Bottom Lines:
If you want to delete all of your old iPhone backups either from your iCloud on iPhone internal storage you can perform these actions that we have discussed in this article. Just make sure what you are doing is according to your plan and you don’t lose your important data from your mobile.

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