Does Snapchat Tell when You Look at Someone’s Location?

If you wondering if Snapchat tells someone when you just looked at someone’s location on Snapchat then it’s possible for them to know it indirectly.

As you know Snapchat does not have such a feature to notify but still if you have viewed someone’s location or stories he/she can find you using a technique. Now, the same you can apply also in order to find out if someone has viewed your story on Snap Map.

Snapchat always on their user’s guide in order to protect the privacy and this becoming more critical that you now need such a technique to find these things including your location.

But, that’s not gone totally, if you just post any story on Snapchat, you can still view the number of people who viewed them and I will guide you to play around these settings to find out if your particular friend just viewed it.

If you’re looking for the answer to know if someone gets notified when you viewed their story on Snap Map or location, then basically your information won’t be visible to the person unless he shares his stuff only with you. As he will see 1 view count on his story and this reveals that you have viewed his stuff on Snap Map where you are the only selected one in his list to see that story.

In this article, I will explain this guide in more detailed steps that will let you do things properly and will provide some additional info also.

Snapchat has its Explore feature that will let you do many things.

To know if someone viewed your story on Snap Map,

  1. First of all, go to Snap Map share settings and choose only 1-3 people whom you want to stalk.
  2. Now, upload a snap to the story on Snap Map.
  3. Once the people you selected viewed that, like if you selected 3 people to show your story and you’re seeing 3 in the viewed section you will know that those persons viewed your story on Snap Map or checked the location.

That’s all simple. This is the way you can stalk someone or multiple ones on Snapchat.

Does Snapchat Notify Someone when you look at their location?

There is no confusion that this app has become the favorite app of all users in no time. The whole credit goes to the features of this app like Snap map.

When you just viewed someone’s location on Snapchat he may be looking at the story viewer on his Snap Map.

That shows the number of people who viewed it but not the names, still, he can find out if you’ve just viewed it. I will explain that magic way in this article.

You should know that your name will never be displayed to someone whose location you just viewed on Snap Map.

But, although your name is not displayed they can know if you’ve viewed the story on the Snap Map and the steps are really simple.

To know if others can view when you watched their Snapchat location:

  1. First, just conclude if their story is shared only with you and even they see in viewed people number is 1, does that mean you viewed the story on Snap Map. Yes, it is.
  2. For this, if you’re the person who wants to stalk just go to the privacy settings on your Snapchat and make the story visible to only a single person from the settings.
  3. Now, open the Snapchat and from the profile icon go to the ‘Spotlight & Snap Map‘ option and post a story. Snap-Map-Location-0
  4. After a few hours, the story viewed people with be shown with numbers only. snap map viewed

If you see 3 people who viewed that then be sure that’s the notification enough to understand if that viewed by all when you only allowed only 3 people to see the story.

How to Know if Someone Viewed your Snapchat Location?

If you want to use a tool that might tell you if someone looked at your Snap Map story or location then the best tool is the ‘Snapchat ++’ app for your iOS devices. Also, this is available for Android as well.

To know the way to get notified when someone viewed your Snap Map location,

  1. First of all, go to Google search and find the ‘Snapchat ++‘ app & install it on your iPhone. Snapchat tweak
  2. Then go to the settings option that will be displayed as ‘Settings ++‘ and from there choose the option ‘Spy mode‘. spy on
  3. This does not only keep your privacy safe but also shows you the people who viewed the story on your Snap Map.

Snapchat ++ is the tweak app of the original Snapchat and this may need an injection to your iPhone as you need to install an IPA format as this is not available on your Apple App Store.

Although this app is best suitable for iOS devices (iPhone), you can use the app on your android mobile also.

Will someone knows if I take a screenshot of their Snap Map location?

The simple answer to this question is No. The users cannot tell if you viewed their location on the Snap Map. If you want to take a screenshot of someone’s Snap map, you can take it, as no notification will flash on their screen regarding this. You will receive notifications through your Snap stories, so it is easy to take a screenshot of the user’s location and can know where that person is.

So, if you want that your location is not to be viewed by anyone then hide your location with the help of the ‘Ghost mode’ feature. You can also choose some of your friends who can view your location.

Will someone know if I viewed their location on the Snap Map?

To some extent, the user will not be able to know if you view their location. But, if they have a bitmoji feature and you click on that feature, then you can get into trouble. If the bitmoji feature is special then the user has created Snap Map Story.

Through this Snap Map Story, the user can check who views his/her location. It’s just like a Snap Map story, so check if the user has a bitmoji feature or not.

What does seen mean on Snapchat Map?

When Snapchat comes with this special feature of a Snap Map it becomes easier to check about people’s whereabouts, events, etc. But, if you don’t want to show your location to everyone then can go with ghost mode. But how to check a person’s last scene? If you click on someone’s bitmoji icon on the map you can see a timestamp that indicates when the user has opened the account.

The Bottom Lines:

This article clarifies that if you’re wondering that if someone would know if you viewed his story or location on Snap Map then officially there is no way to get such notifications. However, if you’re a victim of social engineering that discloses if you’ve viewed the location of someone on Snap Map then you just try using the ‘Ghost Mode’ on your Snapchat settings.

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