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To download Private Vimeo videos from Vimeo, firstly, open the web page of Vimeo. Thereafter, log in to your account and search for the video you wish to download. Open the video and right-click on it. Select “Inspect” from the appeared toolbox.

This will open a new section on the right side of the screen, whereas the video will get shifted to the left part. From the opened section on the right, click on “Network”. 

Now, come to the video section and play the video for just 1 or 2 seconds and pause it. After this, on the option box, you will notice a ‘___filter___’ space. Tap on that space and type > “Player”.

Again, play the video for 1 or 2 seconds and pause it. This is to load the links for downloading the video. 

Next, refresh the Vimeo tab. After refreshing, select the first numeric value under the ‘Name’ head from the option box.

A link will come up in front of the numeric value, right-click on the link and select “Save as”. Here, you have to save the file name as “___numeric value__.txt”. Save in “.txt” name. 

Now, decide on how much pixel quality you want to download the video, and open the saved file. At the bottom of the file, there is a search bar, over there type the quality value. (For example – ‘1080p’. Tap on ‘Find’ and find the code link with this value in the file).

Copy the link, and paste it into a new web tab. The video will appear on the screen, right-click on the video and choose “Save video as…”. 

Another method is Vimeo Private Downloader.

To use this method, on chrome open this link Vimeo Private Downloader – Chrome Web Store (, and then click on “Add to chrome”. Open the ‘Vimeo extension on chrome and search for the video. select the ‘Download’ quality and download the video.

How to Download Private Vimeo videos:

Here is a simple guide to downloading a video from Vimeo:

Step 1: Open Vimeo& Go to the video & Right-click > “Inspect” & “Network”

First of all, on your device, open a web browser and search for > Vimeo – “Vimeo | The world’s only all-in-one video solution”. This link will take you directly to the main page of Vimeo web, where you have to complete the ‘Login’ procedure. On the upper right corner is the option to “Log in”, tap on it and enter your login credentials. 

Once done with the login process, you will fall onto the home page of your account. From there, go to the video, you wish to download. Find out the video and open it. Next, right-click on the video, and from the appeared toolbox, select > “Inspect”. 

Inspect on vimeo

With this, a new section will get open on the right part of the screen. Now, on the left is the video to be downloaded, and on the right is an option box to download the video. Over there, on the option box, you have to click on > “Network”. 

Network on vimeo

Step 2: Play the video & Type “Player” in the Filter space

After clicking on “Network”, hit the > “Play” button to play the video. When you will play the video, you will see some moments in the right section. Pause the video. Note that, you only have to play the video for 1 or 2 seconds. That’s it, just to load the links on the right option box. 

Type Player in the Filter

Now, on the option box, you will notice a small space on the left corner, in which ‘Filter’ is written. Tap on that space and type > “Player” and again play the video, to load the next links. This time as well, you have to play the video only for 1 or 2 seconds. Hit the play and pause button in the interval of 1 second. 

Step 3: Refresh the page & tap on first ‘numeric’ value

Next, you have to refresh the Vimeo web page, so that, whatever arrangements you have done till now will get updated for downloading process. Hence, to refresh, click on the “Refresh” icon, located in the left corner of the search bar. Refresh the page and come to the options box. 

Refresh the page

Now, on the option box, you would find some “number” values, under the ‘Name’ head. From the list, tap on the very first numeric value. For example, it will be in the format of “393999309”. Tap on it, and some links will get open in front of it.

Step 4: Right-click on the first link > “Save as” > “___.txt”

From the opened links, right-click on the first link and select > “Save as”. For example, the link will be in the format of “<DOCTYPE html> <html lang= “en”>_______”. Right-click on the link, and select > “Save as” to save the doc file in your system. 

Here, remember, you have to save the name of this file as the “____numeric value____.txt”. The file should be saved in “___.txt”, name only. Edit the file name and hit the ‘Save’ button at the bottom. 

Basically, the doc that you have saved now, is somewhat similar to a zip file, which has the codes and links to extract the video, directly from the web. 

Step 5: Open saved file> search for “1080p link” > Copy Link

After saving the file in the ‘___.txt” name, now, decide in which quality you wish to download the video. For example, for better clarity and a fine picture, you can choose “1080p”. Well, whatever quality you decide, you have to search for the same value in the saved doc/.txt file.

search for 1080p link

Suppose you have decided to download the video in ‘1080p’, then, you will search the ‘1080p’ in the saved file. This is to copy the complete code link of the video in that quality and open it on a new web tab to download. 

Now, open the saved .txt file, and the search box, type “1080p”, and hit ‘Find’. Next, search for the complete code link for the 1080p video, and copy it. 

Step 6: Open Link in a new tab and Save video

Once copied, open a new web tab, and on the search bar, ‘Paste’ the link. Search it and you will see the same video on your screen.

Right-click on the video and select > “Save video as…”. The video will start downloading and get saved under the download section in your system.

🔯 Vimeo Private Downloader – Chrome Extension

To make it easy for you to download a Vimeo Private Video, there is a chrome extension for it. The name of the chrome extension is > “Vimeo Private Downloader”. With this, it is very quick to download any private video of your choice. 

Let’s learn more about the chrome extension:

⭐️ Features:

◘ Open source and readily available on chrome.

◘ Direct option for “Search”.

◘ Multiple options of “Download Quality”, to save the video in favorable quality.

◘ User-friendly interface. 

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the “Chrome” browser on your device and search for this link Vimeo Private Downloader – Chrome Web Store ( Copy this link and paste it onto the search bar.

 Chrome Web Store

Step 2: This link will open the “Chrome Extension” of “Vimeo Private Downloader”. 

Chrome Extension

Step 3: Click on > the “Add to Chrome” button, on the right and wait for the extension to get added to your system.

Vimeo Private Downloader

Step 4: Once done with the addition, go to the “Extension” option on the chrome toolbar, on the right end, and tap on “Vimeo”.

Extension Option

Step 5: If asked, log in to your account and tap on the “Search vimeo video”. 

Search Vimeos Video

Step 6: Search the video and then, select the “Download Quality”. In a few seconds, the video will get downloaded and saved under the download section. 

Download Quality

Step 7: This was the simple and quick method to download a private Vimeo video from its extension.

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