Proven Ways to Earn Money from WhatsApp Easily

Are you spending a lot of time on WhatsApp? Then, there is a chance you can earn money from WhatsApp. In this article, I am going to share 100% proven strategies after long practical researches which will surely help you to make a decent amount of income through WhatsApp. If you follow these all methods you can make money from all countries and even from your locality.

Is it an unlimited amount of income?

It depends on your effort. As much as you spend time with WhatsApp working on these steps, will define your earnings.

WhatsApp is a very popular social app nowadays and if you are using this app then you also have the chance to make money from home with it.

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But, here I am going to share some simplest processes which anyone can apply to make a good amount of income.


Earn Money with Whatsapp

Here is the deal…

In a sentence, you just need an account in WhatsApp. Then, you can start some few methods to get your job done. Here I am now going to tell the master technique of affiliate marketing that was never revealed before. With this, you will also know other alternative ways to make money with Whatsapp.

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So, if you are finding ways to make money with WhatsApp just read the step-by-step methods below—

1. Earn Money Sharing Your Skills on WhatsApp

If you have skills like web design and app development then it is a great chance to earn money from WhatsApp. You can make a good amount of bucks sharing your skills via WhatsApp messages in a picture. These skills are examples but to not limited, there are many types of skills which are very demanding in the market or local area.

Just make a business card for your services and send that image to all of your contacts in Whatsapp via messages. So that, when people need those service they can contact you easily. This works great when residents know you that you are the best on that job.

share business card in whatsapp

There is a high chance if they need any you are going to get that contract. So, if you have such skills you should take advantage of WhatsApp.

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2. Send Affiliate Links to WhatsApp Users

Do you think that you need a lot of relatives and friends in your contact list to do Affiliate Marketing in Whatsapp? Even it is the most recommended method to make money with WhatsApp.

Yes. It’s correct. But not always…

If you have 600-1000 people in your contact then you can easily do this Affiliate Marketing.

But, if you don’t have then I have a great solution for you…

In this way, you can make 4 sales daily just working 2 hours daily. Also, you can work more to make more sales. Your every sale takes about 30 minutes. It is a very useful method that you can use for a long time and this technique results better over time making you an expert on this system if you stay with it. Just you need some courage.

So, before starting let’s discuss the requirements of it.

This time you will need the help of your Facebook a/c. Just make some friends there, ask their contact numbers & add them in WhatsApp.

Now, just don’t start sending links to them instantly. Have patience and talk with them and try to know them a little bit about their interest.

Because you want to sell to them… Right?

Some Tips to Know User Interests

  1. Just go their profile and you can see interest section on their profile. You need you check there to trick them. Most of the people interested in Books. So, sharing audio books’ affiliate links is a unique and compelling idea.
  2. Find them in other places like facebook, twitter and watch what they share or post. It will take 2 minutes to analyse these things, and you may get at least one idea about a product. The product could be anything like books, accessories and gadgets, etc.
  3. Don’t start to send them links there where you get the info about their interests. If you do this they might think you are a spammy person or bot and may block your profile. Don’t want that… yes?
  4. Just make a good talking with them for 20 minutes you may start your talking directly about the product and high chance they will reply you instantly. Because people who use WhatsApp always check their profile frequently.

How to Send Affiliate Links? (Best Method)

After you talk about the product and they reply three times about that chance you got your target. Now you have to send links explaining some features of that product. Now you can send your affiliate links that you generated from Amazon or any other company.

get links to share

But, please make short those long affiliate links using any URL shortener. You can use or any other paid server. Because long URLs in messages look naughty. So try to send politely not like a robot.

Just repeat this process every day four times with four different people in Whatsapp and you can make some good sales per day. It is suggested to do it with multiple people so that the chances of your sales can increase.

3. Referring Android Apps to Friends Using WhatsApp

It does not matter in which country you can I am going to share a very useful Android app that could make a significant money for you. It has 4.5 Star Rating and a lot of people earning money with it worldwide. This is a most trusted app, used by people that are why I am sharing it in this content. This app pays via PAYPAL once you reach minimum payout limit which is very easy to achieve.

This app is CashPirate, offered by: ayeT Studios.

But, just wait to know few tips on it before you install this…

If you want to know more ways to earn from CashPirate then check it: How to Earn Money with CashPirate? [Complete Guide]

You can get an instant bonus of 500 coins entering the referral code: SODZJT

cashpirate enter code

So, just register there and enter that code to get the instant bonus. After that, you can invite your friends in Whatsapp to install this app. Just share your code inviting them using WhatsApp and when they install you will get referral bonus and they also get INSTANT 500 coins.

share code with whatsapp

CashPirate has many features like app install, video ads to earn money. So, share your referral code with your friend in Whatsapp and start earning. When your friends click on that link they will be asked to install the app.

link sent in whatsapp

After they enter your referral code they will get instant 500 coins as their profit and you will receive 5%-10% of their earnings for the lifetime.

4. Make Money by Sending short-links on WhatsApp

Did you ever hear of earning from short links? Most of us know about this. But, if you don’t know let’s get some quick information about this. If you have a long URL, you can short it and send them to anyone. When they click on those links, they will first be redirected to a page where some ads will be shown to them. When they skip that page then it will go to the original link and you will get paid for showing those ads. As much as you send links to people more traffic you can generate to show ads.

Now, let’s understand few right ways to send links via WhatsApp messages to get clicks.

send shortlinks on whatsapp

Few Tips before Sending Links

Tip #1: When you send affiliate links you can send them as a short link. You can use any URL Shortener website that pays money per click.

Tip #2: People normally get interested in health tips, diet tips, some remedy tips for diseases. At first, you should find some interesting articles on the internet then collect the URLs of those articles and make some short URL of those and send those links to friends via WhatsApp messages. Just give a little description then paste URL. (Ex. “Check out how this woman got rid of cancer” — your link here).

Tip #3: This is the opportunity you can earn from all countries. So, if you can add people from other nations also if have made friends there. Sharing short links to USA and UK people via messages can generate more income because of high CPC (cost per click) costs.

Tip #4: It is not for all but if you have a blog then it is dual chance to earn. You can also send your website links shorting them via messages. If they click on those links you not only get paid from URL shortener website but also showing them ads on your website when they land on your website.
People are more likely to be interested in those topics and When they see it might click on those links.

Check out below the list of some URL Shortener Websites–

  3. Linkshrink.Net

You can use any of these websites to short your long URL and then send to your friends by messages. When they click on your link some ads will appear on a page and after skipping that page they will see the original page.
Just use its limited time and don’t send all time. Just send by reason otherwise people would not click the second time.

5. Get Paid for Advertising Business on WhatsApp via Messages

If you have gained at least 500-600 people in WhatsApp contact list you can start paid adverts business from WhatsApp. This means you can promote or advertise someone else’s business by sending messages to people in WhatsApp. It works great in the local area.

Just at first, advertise your this campaign in various website describing ‘what will you do’ and ‘how many people you have in list’ and ‘how much you charge to promote that business’.

Example: Suppose someone in your locality started a new business and he wants to expand his business fast. So if you have 1000 local people on your WhatsApp list, you can charge him some money to share his business via messages to all people you have in WhatsApp contacts.

paid adverts to earn with Whatsapp

It will be very useful for any new local business and most likely they will be interested in giving you the deal of advertising his business. This is very straightforward and easy method to make real money with Whatsapp.

Just use these methods daily to earn cash online with WhatsApp. If you downloaded WhatsApp, you should take advantage of it, and if you have some skills then it may be a full-time source of income when you have lots of contacts in your phonebook list.

Author: Pranab Sen

Pranab Sen is Co-Founder of He is a professional blogger since 2016. He mostly writes on Firewall, Router and Tech Tips Categories.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. There are some apps, you can sell and earn extra money. You just need to do simple tasks every day without any worries.

  2. Thanks Pranab for sharing these ways. WhatsApp is great app to make enough money with it but it cannot be a full time source. Agree?

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