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How To Extract Phone Number From Instagram Private Account

Key Takes:

» You will get the phone number from the account itself if that is present on that public account but for a private account, there are a few limitations.
» To extract the phone number from private Instagram, you can find it by using the online tool called BeenVerified. It has a feature called username search, using which you can search for the private account’s phone number.
» You can also directly send the user a follow request, once the request gets accepted, you’ll be able to follow the user and find the phone number from the account page.
» You can also approach the user directly via DM to ask for his or her phone number. Another option is by finding the Facebook or LinkedIn profile of the same user and then you can search for his phone number on those profiles.

How To Extract Phone Number From Instagram Private Account:

You can find the phone number of a private Instagram account by applying any of the following techniques:

1. Using BeenVerified Tool

You can find the phone number of any Instagram profile by searching using their Instagram username on BeenVerified. It has more than seven types of different searches.

BeenVerified is a third-party online tool that can help you get to know details about people, vehicles, companies, property, etc.

🔴 Steps to Use BeenVerified:

Step 1: You need to get into the official website of BeenVerified from your browser.

official website of BeenVerified

Step 2: Next, scroll down the home page a little to get to the list of searches.

Step 3: There, you’ll see the option username search. Click on it.

Username Search

Step 4: Next, enter the username whose phone number you’re searching for on the ENTER A USERNAME box and then click on SEARCH.

Enter UserName Box

It will present you with the whole report in a while which contains the phone number too.

2. Sending Follow Request

As for the private profiles, you can’t see the profile details without following their accounts. Therefore, if you want to see someone’s profile details and find the phone number of the user from there, you need to send the user a follow request.

Sending follow request

You can’t stalk a profile even after you send a follow request, instead, the following request has to be accepted which means the user has accepted you as a follower of the profile. Only when your follow request is accepted, you’ll be able to see the user’s details like bio, posts, etc.

Most of the users keep their important details visible to the audience by writing in down in their Instagram bio. Therefore, after your follow request gets accepted, you can check if the user has mentioned any phone number details in his or her account bio.

Even you need to check in the post section of the user’s profile to search for his or her phone number.

Nothing can be done until you send a follow request to the user so that you can be a follower of that private account and then stalk the profile to view its phone number and other details.

3. Ask on DM

If you’re willing to know the phone number of a user who owns a private Instagram, the quickest way out is to DM the user to ask for his phone number directly.

As it isn’t possible to find the phone number by stalking him because of his private account you can take the help of the fastest of all the methods to approach the user directly for his phone number.

◘ You need to search for the user by clicking on the search icon and then searching for his username in the search box.

◘ As soon as the results appear, you need to click on the user’s profile to get into it.

◘ On the top right corner, you’ll find an option sighted as three dots. You need to click on it.

You’ll be prompted with a few choices, from where you need to click on Message.

Ask on DM

It will take you to the message page where you’ll be able to send messages to the user. You need to approach the user politely and state all the details about why you’re asking for the user’s phone number.

4. Find Alternatives Social Profiles

If you’re looking for the phone number of an Instagram user whose account is private, you can check for his profile on other social media platforms. Platforms like Facebook, and LinkedIn provide a separate section in the profile where it displays the phone number of the user.

As a private Instagram account doesn’t reveal details about a user’s phone number, you need to head on to Facebook and search for the user. If you find the user’s profile on Facebook, you need to get inside the account and then click on See (User) About Info. You can scroll down the page, to see the phone number of the profile.

Find alternatives social profiles

But if you find that the user’s Facebook account is locked or you can’t see the phone number from there, you can also head on to LinkedIn and then search for the user. On the profile page of the user, along with many other personal details, you’ll also find the phone number of the user.

Getting the phone number of a user who has a private Instagram profile is much easier when you apply this method.

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