Top 11 Facebook Private Profile Viewers [Download LIST]

I was looking for a person on Facebook but wondered a lot. Then I thought, maybe the person is being hidden? Yes, Facebook allows user to control account of their own.

If you know that he/she is on Facebook but can not be found by search, no doubt the profile is kept private on Facebook. With the help of PictureMate extension, you can find all of the private Facebook profiles. However, the other tools that I described here, can do the same search more perfectly.


Facebook has a few features which help users to hide anything they wish, even you can share a photo with one person and others will not be able to view it.

So, how do you break these types of privacy?…

If you suspect that someone is hiding his Facebook profile from you then you have these Facebook private profile viewer apps to find out private profiles and photos.



But, the simple methods are having some conditions to work on. So, the best thing is to use apps to view private Facebook profiles.


Undoubtedly, third-party apps can help you find a private Facebook profile easily without any restrictions.

We have listed some of the private Facebook profile viewers in this context. This is the complete guide and you can choose any app from the list according to your need.

The apps listed here are free and paid both and work on other stuff also, we recommend using the free versions to try first. You can purchase the package if you want. Here is the list below:

1. PictureMate:

If you want to find out the private Facebook profile, you can use PictureMate. PictureMate actually a third-party extension which can be downloaded in Google Chrome browser. PictureMate is completely free and easy to use. If you’re looking for a solution for free to use then PictureMate is a good choice to try at first. This extension can find all private profile pictures tagged by others thus finding the profiles.


It’s really easy to install and completely free. Just search for ‘PictureMate’ in Google chrome then download and install it.

This app cannot find profiles. Can only see tagged pictures by someone else.

2. FoneMonitor:

FoneMonitor is also a helpful app if you want to monitor any profile on Facebook. This app is premium and available for both iOS or Android platforms. You have to know the iCloud ID to find out if any account associated with the email ID on Facebook.


The app does its job automatically once you select Facebook from the option.

i) Finds out account automatically.
ii) This app works for many other social apps besides Facebook.

i) It’s not free, if you want to spy on Facebook you have to purchase the Ultimate plan which is $39.99 monthly.
ii) For iPhone, you have to know the iCloud ID and need to verify it.

3. Spyera

Spyera is another great app for your iPhone or Android devices but again a premium one. This will cost you $32 for a monthly plan. However, this is quite a reasonable price to start monitoring social activity on Facebook. You can use it also for your Blackberry and Symbian devices to view private Facebook profile. However, this Spyera is specially developed for tracking purposes (like phone, text etc)


i) Easy to use interface.
ii) Available for all types of devices and for PC also.

i) Charges are high enough if you purchase a 6 month or 1-year plan ($32 monthly, $289 for 6 months).
ii) Spyera has a limited support team. If you cannot understand the features then the app may be a burn for you.

4. MobileSpy

MobileSpy is another app developed for Android users to monitor smartphone as well as your Facebook. This MobileSpy app can avail you the deep info of any private Facebook profile. This feature gives you a pursuit to buy it now. The rate is $50 for 3 months which is quite reasonable.

i) This app can track the location of any account as well.
ii) MobileSpy can work anonymously.

i) You will need at least a little bit of info to find out a private Facebook profile.
ii) Your privacy is not secure.

5. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy is a good fit if you want to record any activity besides working as a Facebook profile viewer on Android devices. The FlexiSpy app can spy any Facebook account and find out most private things as per its program. FlexiSpy has a lot of features you can enjoy, that is why the rate of $99 for 3 months is quite reasonable.

i) FlexiSpy has lots of features like call recording, spying Facebook and other social media apps.
ii) A quite reasonable price.
iii) The dashboard is web-based and tracks live location.

i) Customer care support is not improved.

6. mSpy

mSpy is specially developed for parental uses, means parents now can monitor or spy any Facebook account of their child. mSpy can spy texts, messages, Messenger and other social media sites. This can easily find out the private Facebook profiles along with location tracking of someone’s device.


i) mSpy is a popular spying app can be used for tracking or spying any Facebook messenger.
ii) mSpy can track device location and Facebook activity.

i) mSPy does not work for non-rooted device.
ii) The customer support for mSpy is really added a minus point for this app.

7. Spyzie

Spyzie is another good app for Android devices which can be used to view private Facebook profile. This is the cheapest premium profile viewer you can try. Tracking a device is a common feature of Spyzie. Spyzie can have access to all info of any Facebook account.


i) Spyzie can track social media apps and help to view private Facebook profile.
ii) Price is reasonable, just $29.99 monthly.

i) Not Available for iOS devices.
ii) Very fewer features are there.

8. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is totally different in features. Along with parental control, this can set time for app usage. This iKeyMonitor can record calls and monitor chats. iKeyMonitor has very limited features and it charges $40 for a month.

i) This record call logs and monitors chat.
ii) Good fit for parents to spy on what children are doing.
iii) Can easily detect if any private Facebook profile is used on the device.
iv) Available for Android & iOS both with the free version.

i) If you purchase the Full version this will cost you around $50 for a month.


9. PhoneSheriff

PhoneSheriff is another best app which you can use to monitor the usage in your network. This is best to find out if any privacy is there through any social media sites. PhoneSheriff is totally a parental control app used for the child.


i) Can track and monitor the child.
ii) Very low price at $49 for 6 months.

i) PhoneSheriff is not a secure app as it demands that their server is hacked repeatedly. PhoneSheriff is not recommended at all. We listed it to reveal the reality of this app.
ii) PhoneSheriff does not have any special features. This only records the private activity done under its surveillance.

10. MobiStealth

MobiStealth, available for both iOS and Android devices, is the best fit for those who want an app that works on a non-rooted phone. MobiStealth can easily run on those devices which are not rooted. MobiStealth is perfect to remotely monitor calls and Facebook messages. If you want to use it as Facebook profile viewer then you have to purchase the Pro-X version at $70 for a month.

i) This MobiStealth can log videos and images.
ii) MobiStealth can track & monitor location.

i) Higher price in comparison to other app features.
ii) Very fewer features are available on this app.

11. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is a free Facebook messenger monitoring app that can be used to track location and other stuff. Besides, it can monitor calls, messages, record live calls.


i) TheTruthSpy is free monitoring apps with multi-features.
ii) GPS tracking feature is here in TheTruthSpy.

i) You cannot use all features of the device if not rooted.

[Bottom Lines]

The apps may not satisfy your need directly. But, if you have few intentions to find a Facebook profile which are hidden from the public, these apps use different techniques to find it out. If you just want to verify someone’s profile on Facebook, you can use the free apps first.

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