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Facebook text formatting tools are third-party online tools that help Facebook users to format the text they’re going to use on their posts or status.

To do text formatting on Facebook, first, go to the FSymbols or Lingojam tool and then type the texts that you want in a different style or format.

You’ll find the tools formatting your text in a number of styles displayed to you. You can copy and paste it on your Facebook post to get amazing fonts displayed.

If you’re a Facebook user looking for tools to format your text, you’ll get to know about it in detail.

There is another way that can be used to bold the text on the Facebook post.

Facebook Text Formatting Tool Online:

Try the below following tools:

1. FSymbols – Facebook Text Format

This online third-party tool is great if you’re trying to change your Facebook post. As Facebook doesn’t have a feature that enables the users to change the format of their posts or status, this tool can be the savior and do the job of changing the format or the font style of the text so that the post becomes more attractive.  It just requires you to copy the words generated by the tool and paste them on your Facebook wall.

fsymbols tool facebook texts

⭐️ Features:

FSymbols has features that help users make their Facebook posts attractive and engaging.

It generates the text in different types of font and formats and the user selects the one which he or she prefers.

Here’s the list of features of this tool:

◘ It generates text in different styles and formats. 

◘ It has a bold text generator that converts regular text into bold text.

◘ It can also generate underlined text and symbols.

◘ It can even generate text in a strikethrough style. 

◘ The tool has another feature to convert regular text to overlined text. 

◘ It has another extraordinary feature that lets you select the font of your text. It has more than 20 style options for you to select.

◘ The Emoticon icon art feature of this tool helps the user draw and search for the emoji which he or she’s trying to find and then choose the exact one from the search result. 

🔴 Steps to Text Formatting:

If you’re looking forward to using this tool of FSymbols, then you need to know the steps to format your text.

To do text formatting for Facebook posts,

Step 1: First of all, find the tool FSymbols and get into the site.

find the tool FSymbols

Step 2: You’ll see a box with a message Write over here for bold text. You need to write your text in the box to convert it to bold text.

 Write over here for bold text

Step 3: Now as you’re writing you’ll find that the tool automatically converts your text into different styles of bold and places the results one after another for you to choose.

Step 4: Copy any of the resulting text by clicking on the Copy option in green which you’ll find just next to the result and paste it into your Facebook post.

resulting text by clicking on the Copy

Step 5: If you want to generate text in an underline style, strikethrough style, or overlooked style, you need to scroll down the page. You’ll find the heading Text font style generator. 

Step 6: Under it, you’ll find different options to generate text in different styles. Click the one which you like.

Step 7: Now you’ll see a box in which you need to write your text. Type your text in it. 

 After the tool generates your result, copy the one result whose style you like the best and paste it on your Facebook post.

2. Yaytext – Facebook Text Format

This Facebook text formatting tool is useful to change the font style of the text in posts and statuses. It’s not a problem anymore that Facebook doesn’t provide its users with a feature to format as this online tool is an adequate substitute that generates texts in different styles and formats to make the post more interesting. YayText online tool has several styles to which it can convert its regular texts. It’s pretty easy to use and just requires you to copy the stylish text generated by the tool and then paste it on Facebook. 

YayText tool for facebook formatting text

⭐️ Features:

The Yaytext tool has some stunning features which are listed in the following points:

◘ The tool has more than twenty different styles and fonts to which it can convert text.

◘ It has a search box right at the top of the page so that you can search for your preferred font to transform your text accordingly.

◘ The tool has a section where you can get to know about the emoticons.

Even it has a section of blogs for the reader.

The FAQ division is where it has answered all the FAQs so that it can help the users.

The tutorial compartment of the tool helps know how you can change your text’s font of posts on different social media platforms.

🔴 Steps to Change your Text Format:

Step 1: First of all, go to the Yaytext tool page on your browser.

go to the Yaytext tool page

Step 2: On the home page, you’ll see a box next to the words Your Text for writing the text to change its style. 

box next to the words Your Text

Step 3: Click on the box and then type your text.

Step 4: You’ll see the tool immediately generates the text in several different styles.

Step 5: Scroll down the page to choose the one which you would like to use.

Step 6: Press the Copy button next to the text which you want to use.

Press the Copy button next

Then paste it on your Facebook wall and that’s it.

3. Lingojam – Bold Facebook Text

This is another third-party online tool that has been working the best to convert texts in several styles. As known by the users, Facebook doesn’t have an inbuilt feature that can let the user change the style of their text in Facebook status and posts.

lingojam tool online

⭐️ Features:

The following are the features of Lingojam:

◘ It has more than  40 different styles to transform your text.

◘ It has two boxes, one for you to write and the other where the tool puts its result. You’ll be able to understand that as it has the message And bold text appears here

◘ The tool has a feature that allows you to create your translation.

◘ It can even provide you with the option to customize your font style. This extraordinary feature allows the users to style all the letters of the text in different fonts. 

◘ The tool is easy to use. You just need to copy the stylish text generated by the tool and paste it into your post.

🔴 Steps to Change Text Format:

Step 1: First of all, go to the Lingojam tool on your device.

Step 2: On the page of the Bold text generator, you’ll see the big white box which has the message Normal text goes here written on the box. Click on the box to write the text whose style you want to change.

message Normal text goes here written

Step 3: As you write the text, you’ll find the tool generating your text in different bold fonts.

you'll find the tool generating your text

Step 4: Scroll down and choose the font you want to use and copy the text.

Step 5: If you’re using MacBook, then use the shortcut Command + C, and if it’s a mobile, tap and select the text and then press the option Copy which will prompt your screen to another option.

then press the option Copy

Step 6: Then paste the copied text to your Facebook wall.

That’s all.

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