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How To Get a Canada Fake Number For WhatsApp

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✎ Key Points:

» If you want to use the second WhatsApp then this is not mandatory that you use your national number or personal number for registration purposes.
» You can use US, UK, or Canada numbers to make fake WhatsApp for messaging others on WhatsApp.

Note: This is only an educational guide. You will be responsible for any detection of misuse if it’s done by you. You are advised not to perform any negative activities with this knowledge.

The verification process for such a number will be the same as you do on WhatsApp. Just the number will be used to forward any calls or messages to your original number.

How To Get a Canada Fake Number For WhatsApp:

If you are willing to pay a little fee for one time then you can choose a virtual number that can provide you with a premium business number to create and use WhatsApp.

This premium number will be unique for you and only you can use it for your WhatsApp business purpose. This number does not exist physically but it is only available for VoIP and other related services.

Here, we have listed the best 3 virtual number providers below:

1. Try RingCentral


If you’re looking for US, Canada, or UK numbers then RingCentral should be your first choice.

RingCentral is currently offering you a free trial to choose your free number from the list.

The best part of RingCentral is that it allows you to select the numbers sorted by the cities in the US country.

The minimum charge starts here is 29.99 USD/Month basis. However, you can take the free trial to get the virtual number for free for your fake WhatsApp registration.

To get this deal:

◘ First of all, go to the RingCentral homepage and click on the Plans and Pricing option.

◘ Once the price list opens, just click on the ‘Try Free’ button to start the free trial without paying any fee.

◘ Now you will be asked to select your free virtual number to register with RingCentral. You just have to select your number and complete the process.

◘ Once WhatsApp verification is completed just cancel the free trial to use the fake WhatsApp for a free lifetime until someone takes over it.

ringcentral numbers

Note: Your WhatsApp verification code will be sent to that virtual number. That is why setting up that number is necessary to receive the code to your RingCentral number.

2. Skype Virtual Number

Skype Virtual Number

Skype virtual numbers can be used to receive a WhatsApp verification code by a call on a Skype number.

Skype numbers are commonly used to call your office staff and business partners directly to their phones.

Skype does not provide a free trial like RingCentral that you can take advantage of but the charge is very low at $6 per month for registering a Skype virtual number.

You can call anyone with a Skype virtual number directly to their phone over VoIP.

However, for WhatsApp verification, you have to choose the call option for the WhatsApp verification process.

Once you receive the verification code by a call on your Skype number, you can use it to get your WhatsApp registered with a Skype virtual number.

As this number is a virtual number that is why it cannot be traced and you would not face any problem if you disable the number later as the WhatsApp setup is already completed.

3. US & Canada Number From Nextiva


Nextiva is one of the best business number providers on the web. If you’re looking for a unique business number for your WhatsApp registration that can not be tracked then Nextiva is here to provide you with a virtual number.

You can start your plan only at 20 USD per month basis. As you know you will only need the number once. If you have some other work to do with such a number then only you should go with this plan.

⭐️ Benefits:

◘ The plan starts at $20/month.

◘ You can manage your group using the Number.

◘ Calls and messages are forwarded to your VoIP server.

◘ You can use it on any device and the service has 100% uptime.

What Should I do if I Face any Issues with this Number?

Note that if you are not getting your verification code to that website. Then you can try other (+44) numbers that finally work to register your WhatsApp.

🏷 Advantages & Flaws:

◘ UK numbers are the best for using your WhatsApp if you are targeting your people or customers in the UK.

◘ You can give your service to your customers internationally with this WhatsApp account as well as you can chat and make calls using this type of WhatsApp account.

◘ As you know the free number is usable for all people. That is why, if you are using this number for the promotion of your business in a shorter period then you can go with free UK numbers for registering a fake WhatsApp account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the best virtual number services to buy for WhatsApp?

One of the best virtual number services to buy for WhatsApp is undoubtedly KrispCall. Some other such websites that are well-known are Bitrix24, MightyCall, TalkRoute. You can even use services like Grasshopper and Blacktel.io. All of these are paid services that are ideal for business purposes.

2. How to get your Free UK number activated instantly?

To instantly activate your Free UK number, you have to just set it up by selecting your phone number of choice and confirming your decision. Your number will be activated. After that, you can begin creating accounts on apps using this number with the proper country code.

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