How To Find A YouTube Channel Owner

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To find a YouTube channel owner, check if any social media account is linked with the channel or not in the About section or description, and you can also ask him in the comments.

Email finder tools like BeenVerified, Contactout, and Social Catfish are used to find the channel owner’s details.

You can find a YouTube channel without knowing its name by searching with keywords on YouTube and Google.

You can find your channel ID or user ID from the Advanced settings page of your account.

By typing the email ID in the search box, you can find the username of someone’s YouTube channel.

How To Find A YouTube Channel Owner:

You can try the following methods below:

1. Find Linked Social Media

If you are looking for anyone’s personal YouTube channel, you can easily understand who the channel owner is. Still, if you are looking for an organization’s YouTube channel owner, you must check all the social media accounts linked with the YouTube channel.

Find Linked Social Media

In many videos, you can find the social media links attached in the description section; from here, you can find the owner. Also searching social media platforms, you can find out who is behind a YouTube channel.

2. From YouTube Channel About Page

YouTubers often try to customize their About section significantly. So, they mentioned their social media links, website links, email ID, and other details in the description section.

YouTube Channel About Page

Open the YouTube application, search for the channel, go to the About section and find the email address. Now send a mail to the owner, and you will know more about the person (if they reply to your mail).

3. Ask on Comments

As all of you know, YouTube has a comments section, so you can ask for the channel’s owner’s email addresses or social media handles in the comments section.

Ask on Comments

However, it is a very bogus way to find the owner of a YouTube channel because it is very tough for a YouTuber to read out all their followers’ comments. So, your message may be overlooked, but you can try this method for less famous YouTubers who get fewer comments on their videos.

YouTube Channel Owner Lookup:

You have the following tools to try:

1. Contactout

⭐️ Features of Contactout :

◘ It has Chrome Extension, which is easy to use.

◘ It allows you to find anyone’s email and phone number.

◘ This tool is also available as an extension, and it works with LinkedIn to help you find emails and phone numbers.

◘ You can find candidates directly using ContactOut’s search portal, and you can enjoy unlimited search and candidate emails for 50 contacts/month.

🔴 Steps to use:

Step 1: Open the Contactout website, click on the (Start free trial) button, create a password, and click on the “Register” button.

Open the Contactout website
create a password

Step 2: You should upload the extension to your device.

upload the extension to your device

Step 3: Look for the email finder feature, enter the email address, and you will get your results.

2. BeenVerified

⭐️ Features of BeenVerified Tool:

◘It allows you to search for unclaimed money research and monitoring reports.

◘ It is effortless to use and has high data accuracy.

◘ It will give you a detailed search report, including a property check and a dark web scan.

🔴 Steps to Use:

Step 1: In your browser, search for ‘BeenVerified email lookup’ and go to their official website.

Step 2: Then enter the email address into the search box and click the SEARCH button to start searching.

click the SEARCH

Step 3: After that, make the payment and see the results, where you can run 100 reports per month for as low as $1 for a 7-day trial membership.

After that, make the payment

Step 4: Now they will ask for your email address; click “Submit” after typing it.

click Submit after typing it

3. Social Catfish

⭐️ Features of Social Catfish:

◘ This tool can verify anyone’s phone number, job status, marital status, images, and social profiles.

◘ You can search for anyone by entering a name, email address, phone number, username, and photo, and they will give you an image search, property search, unclaimed money, etc.

◘ The steps are provided here as a video reference.

🔴 Steps to use:

If you have the email address of the YouTube owner, then using this online tool, you can extract more data about this person.

Step 1: Open your Google Chrome browser and search for Social Catfish email lookup, or you can use this link to go to the page directly.

Step 2: Now in the given box, paste the mail ID and tap the search button to see the results; if any YouTube account is associated with this email, it will show there.

paste the mail ID and tap

How To Find A YouTube Channel Without Knowing Name:

◘ To maintain Search Engine Optimization or SEO, YouTubers always introduce their channel keywords similar to their channel names and genres. So if you don’t know the name, if you have an idea about the keyword, or if you can guess, you can find the person.

YouTube Channel Without Knowing Name

◘ Instead of searching the keyword on YouTube, you can search it on Google because Google has a better algorithm than youtube, so the chances of getting the correct result become high.

◘ If you don’t know the name, if you have the user ID and channel’s ID, then you can find the account owner by providing it.

How To Find YouTube Channel ID Or User ID:

To find YouTube channel ID or user ID, first:

Step 1: Open YouTube on your browser on your PC and log in to your account. Now you can see a bunch of options on the left side of your screen.

 PC and log in to your account

Step 2: You will be redirected to a new page, and there select the Advanced settings option once again, and you will get your user ID and channel ID.

your user ID and channel ID

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to find someone’s YouTube username?

To find someone’s username, you have to know his email address. Type the person’s email address in the search box, and you will get some results. Some YouTubers allow users to find them through their email addresses, so you can see their account’s username after getting your result.

2. How to contact the YouTube channel owner?

The best way to contact a YouTube channel owner is to mail him. Sending mail to someone is the most professional way to contact anyone, so if you have his email address, mail him. You can also contact him through their social media handles.

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