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How To Find Inactive Followers On Instagram

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Points:

» You can easily spot inactive followers on Instagram by visiting their profile, tapping ‘Following,’ and identifying users with no display picture and minimal posts, indicating their inactivity.
» If you find inactive users, consider either engaging with them to revive their interest or removing them from your followers list for a more dynamic and engaged audience.

How To Find Inactive Followers On Instagram:

Inactive followers are those followers on your Instagram account, who at present have the account but are not opening it or using it. Such users are called inactive Instagram followers.

Finding from the list means, from your Instagram ‘Following’ list. The following list is the list of people you follow on Instagram. Let’s learn to find the inactive Instagram followers from the following list

Step 1: Open Instagram > Profile

Start with, opening your Instagram account on your device and getting into your Instagram account. When you open your account, the home screen will appear the screen. From the home screen, you must go to your Instagram account’s ‘Profile’ page.


For that, click on the ‘Profile Picture’ icon, in the right bottom corner of the home screen. The profile picture icon looks like your current Instagram profile picture but in a small circle. Tap on it and you will reach your Instagram ‘Profile’ page.

Step 2: Go to > Following list

After coming to the ‘Profile’ page of your Instagram account, on the left top part, you will see your profile picture, below that your profile name, bio, etc, and in front of your profile picture, towards the right end, you will find, options such as Post, Followers, & then Following.


You have to tap on the “Following” option to go to the following list. Tap on it and the following list will appear on the screen. Over there, you will get all the names you have been following on Instagram.

Step 3: Check people who have no DP

Now, on the following list, you have to shortlist the people who do not have DP, that is, have no display picture or say no profile picture on their Instagram profile.

Scroll down the following list, slowly, and observe which accounts do not have a display picture. It is not always that the person who does not have a display picture is inactive, but in most cases, this is true, rarely, 5 to 8% of active users remove their profile picture or do not keep it at all.

Search on no dp

Hence, this criterion is the best to find out who is inactive on Instagram. To validate, the inactive user, consider the next factor, i.e., posts.

Step 4: Look out for posts

Next, after shortlisting the people who do not have display pictures, now, open those users’ accounts and check the posts. If there are zero posts and a fewer number of posts like 1 or 2, that too, posted years back, then, this indicates, that the person is inactive on Instagram.

What you have to do is, open the no-display picture of people’s accounts, one by one, and see the number of posts. Those people who have zero to 1 or 2 posts, dated years back, are inactive users.

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