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How To Find Old Tweets

✎ Key Takes:

» Twitter allows users to see others’ old pictures unless the profile is private or all the tweets are protected.
» You can scroll down to the bottom of a user’s profile to see their old photos and posts.
» You can also download your whole account’s data and information from the Settings and Privacy section of the account. The downloaded file contains all the account information and details including old posts, pictures, other media, etc.

How To Find Old Tweets:

You can try the following methods to find old tweets:

1. The manual Scroll

The easiest of all the methods that you can use to view someone’s old photos on Twitter is by scrolling to the bottom. If you’re trying to see old pictures and posts of someone on Twitter, you can do it by getting into the profile of the user and then scrolling through the posts and tweets.

You’ll be able to see the newest posts at the top of all the posts. As you’re scrolling down the profile page, you’ll be able to see one after another post coming right up.

Under the Tweets section, you’ll find all the posts of the user that he or she has posted. As you’re willing to see the old pictures, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

🔴 Steps To Find the Old Pictures:

Step 1: Open the Twitter app on your mobile.

Step 2: If you’ve not logged in yet, you need to log in to your account to proceed.

Step 3: You’ll be able to search for the profile of the user whose posts you want to see. To do that, click on the search icon and enter the user’s username to search.

search result on twitter

Step 4: From the result list, click on the profile page to enter the profile.

Step 5: As you get into the profile, you need to scroll down the Tweet section to see the old pictures and posts.

 Tweet section

Step 6: Under the Media section, you’ll find all the pictures of the user.

Under the Media section

2. Downloading the Whole Data

Another effective method that you can use is by downloading your Twitter account’s data to view all the old photos. From the downloaded file, you’ll be able to see all your old posts and images.

It not only contains your pictures and posts, but even all your profile information, messages, list of followers, and followings can also be seen from there.

You can download your Twitter account information by using the app itself.

🔴 Steps To Find:

Step 1: Open the Twitter app on your device.

Step 2: You’ll be able to see the three horizontal lines icon on the right side of the screen. You need to tap on it.

 three horizontal lines icon

Step 3: It will take you to the following page, tap on ‘More‘ then you’ll see the Settings and privacy option.

Settings and privacy

Step 4: On the next page, you’ll find the ‘Your account‘ option, just tap on it.

 Your Account option

Step 5: You’ll find the option Your Twitter data under the Data and permissions heading.

Step 6: You’ll need to tap on the Your Twitter data.

Step 7: Next, click on Send code.

Send Codes on twitter

Step 8: You’ll have to verify your identity by confirming the verification code sent by Twitter via message or email.

verification code sent by email

Step 9: Under Download an archive of your data, you’ll need to tap on Request archive button.

Download your data

Once your data is ready, you’ll receive an email to your registered email account from Twitter with a download link attached to it.

You need to click on the Download button while you’re logged into your account from the app and then download the .zip file that contains your data from the Twitter Archives.

3. Follow the Person

You can see someone’s old posts after they accept your follow request in the case of private accounts. You won’t be able to see the posts of those accounts that aren’t public. Users of Twitter can keep their accounts private if they don’t want strangers and stalkers to visit their profiles.

Thus, the private profiles don’t expose their old posts and photos to the non-followers, hence to see someone’s old posts on Twitter who has a private profile, you need to follow that person first by sending him or her a follow request.

Only when the person accepts your follow request, you’ll be able to become a follower of the account and then you can see all the previous and old photos of the user.

But for the public profiles, you’ll be able to stalk & see all the posts and photos of it without any restrictions even if you don’t follow the account.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Twitter application.

Step 2: You’ll be able to search for the user whose old photos you want to see by using the search box and then clicking on the account from the result list.

Search result list on twitter

Step 3: After you get into the account you’ll see Follow button. You need to tap on it to send the ‘Follow’ request.

follow button on twitter

Once the request gets accepted you’ll be able to see the old tweets and pictures of the private account.

4. Other Social Media

You can even visit the other linked social media profiles of the user to view the pictures of the users. Twitter lets users link their other social media accounts with their Twitter accounts using social links.

Therefore, if a user has linked his or her other social media profiles like Facebook or Instagram with Twitter, you’ll be able to see those links on the Twitter profile page of the user.

If you want to see someone’s old pictures you can go to his or her other social media profiles too. But to do that, you don’t need to search for the same user on other social media platforms as it can be a lot of work to find someone on Facebook or Instagram and then view their old pictures on posts.

Instead, you can open their Twitter profile, and then on the profile pages, you’ll be able to see blue links of other social media profiles just below the bio section.

Once you click on any link, it will direct you to the social media profile page of the user, and from there you’ll be able to see the old pictures and posts.

But if you don’t find links to other social media profiles on the Twitter profile page, you’ll be able to search for the person using the apps of Facebook and Instagram to view their old pictures.

🔴 Steps To See:

Step 1: Open the Twitter application.

Step 2: Search for the user using the search box.

Step 3: As you enter the profile page of the user’s Twitter account, you’ll be able to see links to Facebook or Instagram attached below the bio section.

You can click on the link to directly enter the Facebook or Instagram profile of the user to see the old pictures.

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