How To Find Out Who Unsent Your Message On TikTok

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When a message has been unsent on TikTok it doesn’t get unsent for both sides. 

It only gets deleted from your chat screen and is still readable by the receiver. 

There is no way to unsend a message on TikTok. If you’re deleting a message you’re just deleting it from your device memory which is taking it away from your account. 

To see who Unsent messages on TikTok, you can check the phone notification. From the notification, you’ll be able to know who has sent the message. 

But if you click on click on it you’ll be able to see the message it deleted. 

You can also use other third-party apps to check the sender of the deleted messages. 

Two apps that can help you check the TikTok message are Backup for WhatsApp and WAMR. 

They can help you know who has sent the message and its details. You can back up the old chats using them too. 

If you delete a message on TikTok, Does it unsent?

When you’ve sent a message to someone on TikTok but later decide to delete it you need to know that TikTok doesn’t allow users to delete the message or everyone or to unsent it once it is sent to the user.

Therefore, you need to know that when you’re deleting the message in TikTok, the message gets unsent from your side but it stays on the receiver’s screen which is why even though the message is not visible to you on the chat screen after deleting it, it is visible to the receiver and readable from the chat screen on the user’s TikTok account which means it has not got unsent but just got deleted from your account. 

How to See Who Unsent Messages on TikTok:

Try the following methods:

1. From Phone Notification

When you want to see who unsend a TikTok message on TikTok there’s a trick that you can use for finding out who has unsent it. But to use this technique, you need to make sure that the notification of your TikTok application is kept on, or else the method would go in vain. 

From Phone Notification

When an incoming message is sent on TikTok, it gets notified on the notification panel of your device. Therefore, you need to make sure your mobile data connection is turned on. As soon as you hear the notification of your TikTok message, you’ll need to check the phone notification to see who has sent the message.

From the notification, you need to check who has sent the messages without clicking it. You’ll be able to see the name. But if you click on the notification, then it will disappear completely without showing you who has sent the message and you won’t be able to find it out anymore. 

2. Third-party apps

If you want to know who has unsend a message on TikTok, you need to download and use third-party apps. You may not know but there are several third-party apps available on the Google Play Store that you can use for tracking and finding out who has sent you the message that has been later deleted.

You don’t need to pay to use these apps as they’re available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

You can download and connect it to your TikTok account so that it can keep a track of your TikTok message and can record the deleted messages too. It shows the TikTok profile information of the user who has sent a deleted message. 

TikTok Message Checker:

Try the following tools:

1. Backup for WhatsApp

This app is primarily built for restoring WhatsApp messages and chats safely. But you can use it for TikTok message restoration too. The app is available for free on the App Store. 

⭐️ Features:

◘ You can find the deleted messages in the folders. 

◘ It shows the name of the profile which has sent the deleted messages. 

◘ You can also show the date and time of message deletion. 

◘ You’ll be able to auto-download the pictures sent via messages on TikTok. 

◘ It is protected by a password too. 

◘ The app has a simple and easy user interface. 

◘ It’s fast and accurately shows the names of the users who have sent you messages on TikTok. 

🔗 Link: 

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Download the app from app store.

Backup for WhatsApp

Step 2: Open the app from the app menu. 

Step 3: Then you’ll be able to click on the TikTok folder. 

Step 4: It will show your name and the folders. 

Step 5: Click on Chats. 

Click on chats

Step 6: It will show you a list of people who have sent you messages. 

Step 7: You can click on any user from the list to open a chat. 

2. WAMR 

This app has been designed from the Play Store to recover messages. You can use it for free once you download it from the Play Store. But you can only download it on Android devices. 

⭐️ Features:

◘ You can check the deleted messages. 

◘ It shows you the old chats. 

◘ You can back up the whole chat history of your TikTok account. 

◘ You’ll be able to turn on the reading notification of the app. 

◘ It records the notifications and saves them on the app. 

◘ It has a very user-friendly interface. 

◘ You’ll be able to find the old media in the files too. 

🔗 Link: 

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the app from the link.


 Step 2: Then you need to download it and open it. 

Step 3: Next, connect it to your TikTok account. 

Step 4: You need to back up the old message. 

See old sms

Step 5: It will record the chat notification and show the messages. 

show all sms

Step 6: You’ll be able to find out who has sent you messages too. 

🔯 Can I see Unsent messages On TikTok?

TikTok doesn’t have the unsent option on the app. Unlike other social media platforms that allow the deletion of messages from both sides, on TikTok once you have sent the message to a user you can’t unsend the message anyhow directly so that you can remove it or disappear it to make the user not find it on the chat screen.

But there’s no way to do that on TikTok. When you’re deleting a message on TikTok it gets deleted from your phone’s memory which is why you’re not able to see it anymore. But it’s visible to the user’s chatbox and he’ll be able to read it. 

Here, you will be able to save yourself only by blocking the TikTok account to whom you’ve accidentally sent the message. It might help you to some extent. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to know if someone deleted TikTok messages?

When a message has been sent to you, it can’t be deleted by the user on TikTok as there’s no way to unsend it.

Therefore, if you can’t find a message on the chat box and are wondering if the user has deleted it from both sides or not, you need to know that it’s not possible. But you may have accidentally deleted it which is why you’re not able to find it anymore. 

2. How to retrieve deleted TikTok messages?

If you’ve lost your old chats, you need to find the old message and the history in the backup file to check if you have backed up your chat history or not.

If you have not backed up your TikTok account, then your messages are hard to get back but you can use another third-party recovery tool to restore them. These tools are available on the web for free. 

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