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How To Find Someone On Discord

✎ Key Points:

» You can easily find someone’s Discord ID by right-clicking on their username and copying the ID, accessible through Developer Mode on both mobile and laptop devices.
» Also, use the Nearby People feature in Discord, ensuring both users have an active internet connection and Bluetooth while keeping location or GPS turned on.

How To Find Someone On Discord:

You can try the different steps for the Discord app:

🔯 On Desktop:

If you want to find the Discord ID of any user, you can do that by copying the ID by clicking on the username. You can do that using your laptop or desktop. Discord has a feature that uses a multi-digit identity number for every user, server, and individual message.

Step 1: Enable Developer mode

When you’re trying to find the discord  ID of a user, you need to ensure that you have put the developer mode on your device. Therefore, when you’re entering the Discord settings, you are in developer mode. 

As the developer’s mode is located under Advanced Settings, you’ll need to head on to the settings of your device and then click on the Advanced menu option.

Then you’ll need to swipe the switch next to the Developer Mode to enable the mode. After you switch it on, you’ll see the switch turned green with a small tick mark on it.

Step 2: Open the User’s profile

After turning on the advanced mode, you need to open the user profile of the person whose discord ID you want to know.  On the profile page, you’ll be able to see the username of the user.

Open User profile

Step 3: Right-click on Username

After opening the user profile you’ll need to right-click on the username. You’ll be able to see a set of options being presented to you.

Right-click on username

Click on the option Copy ID and automatically it will copy the 18-digit ID number to your clipboard. You can paste it on any document to see and use it.

🔯 On Mobile:

You can also use your Android device to find the unique number or the tag ID of any discord user. You need to make sure that you’ve turned on the Developer Mode of your device to perform this method on it.

To perform the method on your Android device, you’ll need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Turn on Developer Mode

You can turn on the Developer Mode. To do that, you need to first open the Settings application of your device. Next, you’ll need to scroll down to find and click on the option System Management. You’ll be able to get to the next page, where you’ll need to click on the Developer option. Turn on the Developer option on the next page by swiping the switch next to it to the right.

Turn on Developer Mode

Step 2: Open the user profile

You’ll need to open the user profile of the person whose ID you’re willing to find. 

Step 3: Find and copy ID

When you’re on the profile page, you need to scroll down to find the option Copy ID under the Developer Mode heading. Now the eighteen digits ID have been copied to your clipboard.

How to Find Someone on Discord without Tag Number:

If you don’t have the tag number of any user, you can still find them on Discord. You can use the simpler way of adding someone without their numbers. Discord has a quick feature i.e. the Nearby scan. This feature works only on the mobile app of Discord.

The Nearby feature only works to find the users who are within 30 30-foot radius. It needs both wifi and Bluetooth connection. Therefore, although this feature can find many discord users easily, it won’t be able to find the ones who are out of the 30-foot radius. Even if the internet or Bluetooth connection is not on, it won’t work.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Open app: Open the Discord application.

Step 2: Get into the friend list section: Next, head on to the friend list of the discord app.

Step 3: Click on Add Friend : Then, click on the Add Friend button that’s at the top right corner of the screen.

 Click on Add Friend

Step 4: Click on Nearby Scan: Next, you need to click on the Nearby Scan option.

Click on Nearby Scan

Step 5: Remember to turn on location, WiFi, and Bluetooth: Make sure that your location, wifi or data connection, and Bluetooth connection are turned on.

Make sure that your location

Step 6: Scan for available users: Now the app is scanning for nearby users.

 Scanning for available users

Step 7: Find the nearby users: If your friend has enabled the Bluetooth and WiFi connection and is scanning for devices, then you’ll be able to find the user.

 Sending Requests

Step 8: Send Requests: As the result appears, you’ll need to click on the Send button to send the user a request.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it possible to find someone on Discord using only their phone number?

No, Discord does not provide a feature to search for users using phone numbers to protect user privacy. You can try adding someone as a friend if you have their phone number.

2. What are the best ways to track a user on Discord?

For tracking a Discord user, you can try using their Discord tag in the user search, or use the nearby scan button, check your phone contact list, find them through social media, or explore common groups and servers.

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