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How To Find Someone’s Email From Phone Number

✎ Key Points:

» You can search a phone number on Google with the country code, such as +1 for the USA, to find associated email addresses on websites or profiles in the search results.
» Try using social media accounts linked to the phone number and look for email addresses in profiles; for business accounts on WhatsApp, the email is likely attached to the profile.

How to Find Someone’s Email from Phone Number:

You can follow the different methods below:

1. Google Search His Phone Number

To find someone’s email address using their phone number, a simple way you can use is Google searching. You have to simply go to your web browser of choice and go to their Google page. Now you have to go to the search bar and type in the phone number.

Google Search His Phone Number

However, just typing the phone number may not yield correct results as you have to add your country code, which is (+1) for the USA.

In the search results that will appear, you will find a certain website or profile that is associated with the phone number which you can open. Websites usually have contact information, such as email addresses, attached to them.

2. Find Social Media Accounts with Number

You can also use social media to help you find email addresses; all you have to do is open a social media website like Instagram or Facebook and go to the search bar and type in the number. In the search results, related profiles will come up.

Find Social Media Accounts with Number

Open the required profile and you will find contact information like the email address mentioned in the bio of the profile.

Alternatively, you can save the phone number to your phone memory and sync the contacts. You can then look at your suggestions where you may find the account associated with the phone number you just saved. You can then open the profile and find out their email address.

3. Find WhatsApp Business Account

Another method, that is not usually used that you can use for this purpose is finding out if the number is on WhatsApp.

If the number is present as a business account, instead of the regular kind, you can easily find their email address because business accounts tend to mention their contact information on their profile in the bio section.

WhatsApp Business Account

So all you have to do is, go to this business contact from your WhatsApp contacts section. Click on the green bar at the top to reach the profile section, where you will find their email address. 

🔯 How to Find Someone’s Gmail ID by phone number?

If you have forgotten the email address but have the knowledge of the phone number as well as access to the same, you can easily find out. Most social media apps, or any app for that matter, ask for a phone number as well as an email address.

If you’re in close proximity to the person whose email address you want to find out, you can easily go to one such app that will require you to log in or sign in, if it is your first time using the application.

You have to log in and type in the phone number and the full name of the person associated with the account. Since you are unaware of the password, you can click on the Forgot password option.

A verification link or OTP will appear on the phone number which you have to type in to continue with the app. Now, if you go to the profile or settings area of the account, you will find the email address. 

🔯 How to find someone’s email address by their name?

If you are desperately looking for someone’s email address for whatever purpose there may be, there are a few ways in which you can try to find their ID by simply using their name.

You can go to any social media application such as Facebook, Instagram, or any other such app that you think they use, and type their name in the search bar, which is always situated in a very accessible position.

After typing their name, look at the search results and focus on the name as well as the profile picture. Once you find them, open their profile to see their contact information, and you will find their email address here.

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