How To Find Someone’s Email In Google Classroom

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To find a student’s email in Google Classroom, you have to open the app and log in to your account. Then click on the classroom that the student is in and go to the “People” tab and scroll down.

Then click on the three dots icon beside the student’s name to email them individually and click on the check box beside “Actions” to email all of them together.

If you want a teacher’s email address, you have to go to your university website and click on “Contact Us”. Then click on “Staff List”. A list of teachers will appear. Click on the option below their name to view their contact information, you will find their email ID here which you can copy or click on to be able to email them.

You can easily find someone on Google Classroom by clicking on a classroom and going to the People tab under which the names of members will be present.

How To Find Student’s Email In Google Classroom:

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Google Classroom Home Page & Login

The first step that you have to follow in order to find a student’s email address in the Google Classroom is to go to the Google Classroom app from your home screen. After this, the app will open, and you will be on the home page.

Then you will be asked to log in to your account. Go ahead and log in using your Google Account. You can also choose to log in directly using an email address and password.

Note: If you do not have the app on your phone, this is when you should download it since it is easier to use than the website.

Step 2: Click on the Class

Once you are logged in to your account, all your classes will open up and be available to click, on your home page. From here, you have to choose the class that your friend is with you in and click on it to open the particular classroom in front of you.

click on the class

Step 3: Click on ‘People’ Section & Scroll down to Students

Once you open a classroom by clicking on it, you will reach a new section of the page. At the top of the page, there will be a menu bar with four options. By default, you will be in the tab called stream. You have to click on the “People” tab here, which is the second last option from the right.

click on the people section

In this tab, you will find a list of people, both teachers, and students. You will first be able to view the list of teachers, and then you have to scroll down to view the students’ section.

Step 4: Find Email

🔯 For Single Student: Click on Three-dots icon & ‘Email Student’

Now that you are in the “People” section and have scrolled down to be able to view the list of students, you will notice that beside every student’s name, there is a three dots icon. All you have to do now is scroll down through this vast list of students present in the classroom and search for the one you are looking for.

click on three-dot icon

Once you have found them, go ahead and click on the option beside their name, to the complete right, which is the three dots icon. A small set of options will appear. Out of the three options in this list, click on the first one that says “Email student”.

click email student option

The Gmail tab will open with their email ID already present in the recipient section.

🔯 For All Students Email: Select All Students and Email

It is also possible to mail all the students present on the list at once instead of doing so one after the other. You have to click on the check box that is available right below “Students” beside the option that says “Actions”. After having done that, you have to click on the drop-down arrow option beside “Actions”.

Click action box

A few options will appear as a result of this. Click on the option that says “Email”. This is the first option on the list. As soon as you click on this, a new tab will appear so you can email them and all of their email addresses will be added to the recipient list.

all email id show there

How to Find Teacher’s Email in Google Classroom:

Here are the steps below:

Step 1: Open Any University Website

You can easily find your teacher’s email ID; all you have to do is go to your web browser of choice and then to the Google page, where you can type in your university’s website URL. The website will open as a result, and you will be on the main page, which usually has information about your institution.

Step 2: Navigate to the Contacts page if Stuff List

Now that you have found the website of your university, you have to look for a set of options that will lead you to the email address. You have to look around here for the “Contacts” page. This may be to the right of the screen in addition to other options related to your university website. But you may also find this option at the complete bottom of the home page.

click contact option

Scroll all the way down for this. As soon as you click on it, either a floating notification or a tab will open in front of you, and you will be able to see certain options regarding contacting. This includes options to contact the staff or administrative units. Click on the option that says “Staff List”.

click stuff list

Step 3: Click on the Name to Get Email ID Details

Once you click on the option that says “Staff List” and it opens in front of you, you will see a list of faculty members. This includes every teacher currently teaching at your institution. Click on the name of the desired faculty member. Or, if you find an option to view contact information under their name, you can click on that too.

faculty names

Both of them will reveal options in which you can contact them, and this usually contains their email address that is attached to the university. You can either click on the email address directly to email them or copy-paste the email address into your Gmail app.

get the email and other details

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I Find My Teacher’s Email from Social Media?

Yes, you can easily find your teacher’s email address from social media websites that they may be active on. However, this is only possible if their accounts are public. If you find their accounts to be private, even though you cannot find their email anywhere directly, you can get their email address by asking them for it directly in the direct messages of the social media app they use.

2. How do I find someone on Google classroom?

You can easily find someone on Google Classroom. You have to open your Google Classroom app and click on the class that you have joined or enrolled in. At the top of the screen, you will find a menu bar, and you will find a tab here called “People,” under this tab, you will find all kinds of people.

This means that there are both students and teachers included in this list, and you will be able to see all their names. Click on this tab, and you will find whoever you are looking for.

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