Can You Find Someone’s Location On Google Chat

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You can track someone’s location on Hangouts if the person shares his location or use online tools.


On Hangouts, open a conversation, click on the Location icon and share it with your friend; if the person shared his location with you like this, you could track him.

You can use the Grabify tool, where you have to create a Grabify URL from other websites like YouTube or any other video link.

After creating the link, send it to the person through the Hangouts chat, and if he clicks on the link, you can track his IP address.

You can also use the KidsGuard Pro website, create an account, buy a plan, and track the other person’s location. For the app, you need to install the app on both phones.

🔯 Can you Find Someone’s Location on Hangouts?

You can find someone’s location on Hangouts using the link technique, meaning you can find someone’s location using online tools.

Using the tool, you can send a fake link to the targeted person, and when the person clicks on the link, you will get the person’s location. Using the KidsGuard Pro tool, you can also view someone’s location. If any person enables the share location feature on Hangouts, you can also track him. 

How To Find Someone’s Location on Hangouts:

There are these methods you must go with:

1. If the Person Shares His Location:

If someone shares their location with you on Hangouts, you can track the person. Now read the steps to know how anyone can share his location on Hangouts:

Step 1: Open Hangout and login into your account

You must have the Hangouts app on your phone to track someone, so first, you need to install the app. If you have already downloaded the app, ignore this step; if you don’t have the app, install it from Google Play Store (for Android users) / App Store (for iOS users). Open the Google Play Store or App Store and in the search bar, search for the Hangouts app and install the application. If you can not find the Hangouts app on Play Store, go for the Hangouts official page on Chrome.

Step 2: Select a conversation and tap the Location icon

After logging in to your account, select a conversation whose location you want to know, then click on his profile. At the bottom of the screen, you can see several options like Emojis, Images, Video calls, Location, etc. click on the Location icon from the options.

Select a conversation
Click on location icon

Step 3: Tap Select and Share your Location

After clicking on the Location icon, a pop-up will appear; select the location you want to share; the pop-up will probably show your current Location and nearby Location. You can choose any of one, and after selecting the Location, another pop-up will appear; tap Select, and your location will be sent.

Select location
Share location

2. Using Tool:

Grabify is one of the most popular online tools to track someone’s location on Hangouts. Using this tool, you can create a link that contains the tracking feature attached to it, and by giving this link to any person, you can track down their Hangouts location. 

Step 1: Open on Chrome and Shorten Link

To create a link, open your Chrome browser, go to the Grabify webpage, and enter your chosen URL in the particular field in the given box. There are two options: ‘Create URL’ and ‘Tracking Code’. Tap ‘Create URL’, and they will give you a shortened URL with a tracking code which you need further, so save this.


You have to create a link that the person must click. So the link you have chosen has to be something interesting like a meme, youtube videos link, or any social media links on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and convert them to a Grabify link. 


Step 2: Send the Shortened Link to Hangouts Chat

Now is the time to share this link with the person, so first, go to Hangouts, sign in to your account, and start chatting with someone. First, start normal chatting with him to gain some trust by sending some original YouTube meme video links and receiving some links from the other side; if you send the link to him at the very beginning, he may not click on the link. After that, send him the shortened URL you have created, which will increase the chance that the person has clicked on the link. 

Send the Shortened Link to Hangouts Chat

Step 3: When the Person Clicks, his location is Recorded

If the person clicks on the link, open the Grabify website and enter the Tracking code, you got earlier, and next from the top of the page, tap the ‘Tracking Code’ option. You can track his location when you click on the tracking code option.

Click on tracking code

Step 4: You can Track the Details with Grabify Access Link

Now you can easily track the details with the Grabify link, and you must ensure that the person clicks on the link, so make the link as attractive as possible. You would not get any information about the person if he did not click the link.


3. KidsGuard Pro Tool:

Step 1: Install KidsGuard Pro on Both Devices

If you are using a mobile phone, open your Play Store or App Store and download the KidsGuard Pro app, and if you are using a PC, open the Chrome browser and go to the KidsGuard Pro website; create your account there using your needed credentials.


Buy any worthy plan to get unlimited access to all advanced features. You must install KidsGuard Pro on both devices to monitor, one in here and another on your PC. For the Android or iOS app, you also need to sign in for an account, and if you do not have one, sign up for a new one. 


Step 2: View Location of the person

After logging in to your account and buying the features, go to the Location feature, and from that section, read and follow the necessary instructions, and you can track the person. If you are using an iPhone, then after buying the KidsGuard Pro plan, go to the ‘My Products and Orders Management’ page, click on the ‘Setup Guide’ option, and read the instructions. Then go to the web control panel of KidsGuard Pro, and here from the Location feature, you can track the targeted person without notifying him.

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