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How To Find Someone’s Location On Viber

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» You can find someone’s location on Viber by requesting them to manually send their live location through the app.
» Access the Viber chat, click on the three dots icon, and choose “Send Location” after enabling your device’s GPS.

How to Find Someone’s Location on Viber:

If you want to find someone’s Viber location, you can ask the user to send his location manually. Viber allows users to send their live locations via chat. 

This is a direct method where the person can manually let you know their exact location by sending it to you. There’s no sneakiness involved in this method.

Step 1: Open Viber and Open your Chat

You’ll need to ask the user first that you need his live location on Viber by messaging the person. State the reason for asking for his location so that the user agrees to share his live location with you on Viber. 

To share the live location you need to turn on the GPS or location button on your device from the top panel. Make sure the device’s data connection is turned on or it’s connected to a stable WiFi network. Then open the Viber app and from the list of chats, find and open the chat of the person to whom you want to send your location. 

Step 2: Tap on the Three-dots icon and Send Location

After you’ve opened the chat of the person, you’ll be able to see that at the bottom of the screen, there are several icons. Among them, there’s a three-dot icon. Click on the three dots icon and you’ll be displayed with a few options on the screen.

Click on three dots

From the options, you’ll need to click on the Send Location which is the last option and you’ll be able to see the GPS map on the screen. The GPS will pinpoint your location on the map.

Click on send location

You’ll need to send this live location to the user by clicking on the blue Send Location button below the map. Immediately, your location will be sent to the user. 

blue Send Location
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