Messenger Phone Number Lookup: How To Get Phone Number

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To find someone’s phone number from Messenger, log in to your Facebook account and go to your friend’s “About” section. Then go to the “Contact and basic info” and you can get your friend’s phone number if it is available.

You can use some tools like BeenVerified, and Spokeo Tool. For BeenVerified, open the official website of BeenVerified and enter the username of the person whose phone number you want to know, then click the SEARCH button to start searching.

For the Spokeo Tool search, “Spokeo username search” on Google and enter your Facebook username and click SEARCH NOW. After getting results, then click on “See Results” and then unlock their profile by buying their subscription.

Messenger Phone Number Lookup:

🔴 How To Use:

Step 1: First of all, open the Messenger Phone Number Lookup tool.

Step 2: After the tool is opened, you will need to enter the Messenger ID of the person whose phone number you want to look up.

Step 3: Once you have entered the Messenger ID, click on the “Lookup” button.

Step 4: Wait for the tool to find the phone number.

Step 5: After the tool has finished searching for the phone number, it will display the phone number associated with the Messenger ID.

How To Get Phone Number From Messenger:

You can follow the below methods in order to find the phone number of someone else’s Facebook account. Let’s dive in:

1. From The Profile

You can try the following steps below:

Step 1: First, ‘Add’ the Person on Facebook

Add the Person on Facebook

If a person is not your Facebook friend but you are in regular contact with him, then you should add him on Facebook. If you add a person on Facebook, a few more details about the person will be revealed. To add a person – go to the search bar and search for his name, then under his profile name tap “Add Friend” to add.

Step 2: Visit the ‘About’ section

personal information

You can find anyone’s phone number on their Facebook profile if it is available there.

⭐️ For Android:

Step 1: Open your Facebook application and log in to your account.

Step 2: Then, at the top of the screen, search for your friend’s name, whose phone number you want to know.

 search for your friend's name

Step 3: Open his profile and you can see there is an option under his profile name to see their personal information. If their phone number is available there, then you can get their phone numbers from here.

personal information

⭐️ For Facebook Desktop:

Step 1: Open Facebook Web and log in with your credentials.

Step 2: Then click on the search icon which is in the top left corner of the screen. Search for your friend’s name and go to his profile page.

click on the search icon

Step 3: Here, go to the “About” section and click on the “Contact and basic info” option.

About section on facebook

Step 4: If your friend wants to share his contact info publicly, then you can easily get it from here.

2. Use BeenVerified Tool

BeenVerified is another tool that can find someone’s phone number from Messenger and there are some features and steps to use the tool.

⭐️ Features of BeenVerified Tool:

◘ It is very easy to use and has high data accuracy.

◘ It will give you a detailed search report with a property check and a dark web scan.

◘ It allows you to search for unclaimed money research and it reports monitoring.

🔴 Steps To Use:

Step 1: Open your Google browser and search for “BeenVerified username search” and go to their official website.

Step 2: Then enter their Messenger (or Facebook) username into the search box and click the SEARCH button to start searching.

 SEARCH button

Step 3: Then it will ask you for your interests to know and after that, click on their terms and conditions to proceed further.

interests to know
click on their terms and conditions to proceed further.

Step 4: Now it will ask for your email address and first and last name. After giving the information, click “Submit”.

email address
first and last name

Step 5: Then you have to make the payment to see the results. You can run 100 reports per month.

make the payment

3. Use Reverse Lookup: Spokeo Tool

Spokeo is a reverse lookup tool that you can use to search other profiles and their details including phone numbers, email, etc.

⭐️ Features of Spokeo Tool:

◘ It is a powerful social media search and it is user-friendly.

◘ You can do basic searches and get super-fast results.

◘ It will give you informative search reports and updates.

🔴 Step To Use:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and search for “Spokeo username search”.

Step 2: Enter your Facebook or Messenger username and click SEARCH NOW to start searching.


Step 3: If you get any results, then click on “See Results” and then “UNLOCK FULL RESULTS“.

click on See Results

Step 4: To unlock a profile you have to buy their 7-day Spokeo Membership Trial subscription for the price of $0.95.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can You Find Someone on Messenger by Phone number?

Facebook has set a lot of privacy settings for the user’s safety, so if the privacy of the user’s profile allows you to find it in the search, then you can find it. Click on your Messenger profile picture at the top left corner of your screen.

Now scroll down a bit and go to the “Phone contacts” section here press the “Upload contacts” option and turn it on. Then you will be able to see all of your phone contacts on the Messenger app. There is another option under “Phone contacts” called “Manage contacts”. After clicking on it, you can see all of your contacts’ names with their phone numbers.

2. If you Call Someone on Messenger can they See Your Number?

Facebook Messenger calls are Voice-Over-Internet based calls where privacy is ensured. Facebook Messenger calls are safer and more encrypted.

To place a call from one user to another or from multiple users, identification is required for everyone on the call. When making calls on Facebook Messenger, the identification used to make the call is your profile name.

When you go to call someone, it will show only the profile name of the user, it will not show the user’s phone number. Facebook Messenger allows you to make both voice calls and video calls.

3. How Will You Know if Someone is on Voice Call in Facebook Messenger?

If you want to call a person on Facebook Messenger, then open your Messenger account and log in with your credentials. Then tap on any of the chats whom you want to call. In the top left corner, you can see the “call icon” button for calls and the “camera icon” button for video calls. Now, if the other person is busy on another voice call or video call, then you will know from certain things.

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