Firefox Search is not Working [Fix Ctrl+F]

I was on my Firefox to search for a word in a webpage but the search bar did not appear. I tried all commands from my keyboard and even the internal settings to get the search bar appeared on the webpage. But, soon I understood that this needs a fix, I tried in every way and will share with you the guide that fixed my search bar to work again.
One may need to use the feature ‘Find on Page’ to quickly find out a phrase or word within a webpage. To start the feature you just have to press Ctrl + F from your keyboard and that opens a search bar where you have to put the text to find.
But, what to do if that feature did not work?
If your Firefox ‘Find on Page’ does not work there may be several issues. Before you fix the ‘Find on Page’ just disable all of the add-ons from your Mozilla Firefox or try updating the browser. You have a lot more ways to fix, that I will describe in this content.
Within a webpage when I pressed the Ctrl + F from the keyboard, no search bar appeared. I clicked several times on Firefox & then tried the command still no responses. Later, I have done this after a long time of fix that resolved the ‘Find on Page’ issue as well as all other stuff got solved on my Firefox.
In this content, I have categorized all of the detailed fixes that I applied for finding a word on Firefox that might help you.

How to Fix Quick Search on Firefox? [Turn ON]

If you have seen the quick search is not working on your Firefox maybe this is disabled on your browser. You have to change the settings to enable the onto your browser.
Follow the steps to fix this out:
1. Go to the URL section and type there: about:config on the bar.
2. Find with ‘typeaheadfind’ to get the exact item.
3. Now find the option accessibility.typeaheadfind.manual from the list and change the value to True.
quick search true
Remember if the settings set to the false just turn it to true that will enable the search bar on your Firefox.

How to Find a Text in a Webpage on Firefox?

On Firefox while you are trying to find a text on a webpage you can do this in two ways. One is from the keyboard command another from the firefox settings.
To search for a text on your Firefox, do this:
1. Open the webpage.
2. Press the Ctrl + F to turn on the search bar that will appear on the bottom left corner.
3. Now, type a word to search.
You can also open that search bar from the Menu >> Find from the Mozilla Firefox. 
find on page
You will be offered with 4 types of settings on your Firefox. You can highlight text, match the cases or choose as the whole word find options.

Fix: ‘Find on Page’ is not working in Firefox

If you’ve tried out the quick fix but still the issue is not solved just try these basic checks:

1. Reset Mozilla:

If you are running Mozilla Firefox then you have the option to reset your Firefox totally. I had reset the Mozilla Firefox when I feel the problem with the search on a page.
After resetting the Mozilla Firefox all of the cookies and cache got cleared from the browser and this makes the browser mood lighter and the problem gets fixed if this issue is happening due to the memory load of your browser.
To reset your Firefox you just have to go to the Settings and then Reset from the Menu option. Remember that all of your saved passwords and files will be deleted from the browser.

2. Disabling Add-Ons:

The issues I had personally with the add-ons that I had added on my Mozilla Firefox and when I removed all of the add-ons because I could not identify which one is creating the problem by preventing the search bar to appear on a web page.
That is why I had to disable all of the add-ons and leaving them from my browser and this has fixed my problem.
remove addons
It’s just simple, you have to go to the Add-ons section from the Extension of your Mozilla Firefox and from there Remove all of the extensions that you have added on your Mozilla Firefox browser.

3. Log out of Mozilla:

Sometimes the issue happens with the Firefox login account when there are multiple addons are added with the account and after removal still, some settings stay unchanged.
Maybe there are some personal settings that set for your account on the browser and once you log out of that account from your Firefox browser all of the these get cleared to default.
And this makes Firefox work perfectly. That is why it may fix your ‘Find on Page’ to appear on your Mozilla Firefox browser.
Maybe your site preferences settings have turned off the quick search from your browser with the account. So, just try logging out of firefox and reloading the page, might work the search-page command to search. Definitely, the problem will be solved if the issue is happening with that particular account.

4. Installing the latest version:

Not only the disappearing add-ons also I have updated the Mozilla Firefox to the latest version.
The problem is, if you are using an older version of Firefox then you will be missing out a lot of features that a website can’t be loaded on that browser. Due to this some of the features me not work on that older version of your browser.
So, it is suggested that you should update your Firefox browser to the latest version so that all of the issues with HTML for websites got fixed.
If the issue is with the search bar then this will probably effect after the latest Firefox version installed on your PC.

5. Third-party Search extension:

What will you do if you see nothing works on a particular web page only? Sometimes a set of HTML on a webpage prevent the browser to appear some features on it and this gets impacted preventing the search bar to appear on that web page and this is why a third-party extension you have to install on your browser as an addon.
You will find a different third-party extension that searches word on-page for your Mozilla Firefox and you have to add it on its add-ons section.
The Bottom Lines:
The end is interesting as I want to tell you that check for your keyboard issue by adding an external keyboard if you’re on a laptop. Sometimes, the command Ctrl + F may not be working due to the keyboard issues. After you’ve confirmed this, try the other fixes that are described in this content. Better you reset to update the browser that fixes the problem in most of the cases and disabling the additional add-ons that should be a must fix.

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