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How To Fix ‘Oops We Could Not Find Matching Credentials’ Error

✎ Key Points:

» To fix the “oops! we couldn’t find matching credentials” issue, there are only two authentic ways. First, try logging in using ‘linked email’. Under the space given for “Username or Email” on the log-in page, enter the email address that is linked to the account.
» Second, go for “Password Reset”. On the log-in page, below the password tab, you will find an option in blue, saying “Forgot your password?”.
» Click on it, and the Snapchat team will ask you to do the necessary procedure.

Oops! We could not find matching credentials

Why Do You See ‘Oops We Could Not Find Matching Credentials’ Error:

There are several reasons why you would see such an error on your Snapchat:

1. Wrong Username or Password

The first and most reported reason for ‘oops! We couldn’t find matching credentials’ is “wrong username and password”. Snapchat shows this kind of notification when the user enters the wrong username and password, which is your Snapchat account’s login credentials.

However, this is a very common case between the user and Snapchat, because the username of Snapchat is quite tricky to remember, which is a combination of alphabet and number.

Wrong Username or Password

Also, what happens is, that at the time of creating an account, Snapchat does not accept the username that the user wants but suggests something different as per its username protocol, which becomes difficult to remember.

Apart from this, you might be entering the wrong password, because of which you are not able to open your Snapchat. For this, either try remembering the correct password or better, hit the “Forgot your Password”.

2. Snapchat Account is Disabled or Deleted

The second most likely reason for credentials not being found can be, that ‘your Snapchat account is disabled or deleted.

In two major cases, Snapchat deletes and disables the account of a user. First, if the user violates any rules and terms of service, and second, when Snapchat found an account inactive for a certain period of time, like more than 3 to 6 months.

Snapchat Account is Disabled

If any of these are the reasons, then you won’t be able to log in to your Snapchat account, even though you are entering the correct username and password. And the only option left is to create a new Snap account.

How to Fix ‘Oops We couldn’t find matching credentials’ Error:

There you have to reset the password in order to fix the issue permanently:

1. Try Forgot Password

After entering the username and password, if “oops! Can’t find matching credentials” appears on the screen, then without worrying much, hit the option in blue, “Forgot your password?”.

Forgot your password

When you click on this option, the Snapchat community will help you find your correct password by sending you a verification code or reset link.

Hence, instead of again and again entering the wrong password, try > Forgot Password. This method is easy and quick.

2. Via Phone

Once you choose the “Forgot your Password?” option, the next part is, to select whether you want to reset the password via phone or email.

Here, basically what happened is, that whatever the method to reset you choose, the Snapchat team will send a six-digit ‘verification code’ on your mobile number or email address, and then you have to enter that received code on the space given.
Thereafter, create a new password and log in.

Now, if you choose to reset the password via phone, then:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First, click on “Via Phone”.

Via Phone

Step 2: Select “Allow” for a phone call from Snapchat, just for the verification code in case you did not receive an SMS.

Step 3: Next, enter your linked phone number, and click “Continue”.
At the same moment, you will get a “six-digit verification code” through SMS.

six-digit verification code

Step 4: Enter the ‘verification code’.

Enter the verification code

Step 5: Now, enter the new “Password”, ‘Confirm’ and click “Submit”.

new Password Confirm

That’s all. Type in your username and new password and you are all set to log in.

3. Via Email

The password reset process via email is exactly the same as the phone. The only difference in both processes is, that here, you will get the ‘six-digit verification code’ on your linked email instead of the phone. Rest over and all everything step is the same.

However, once, let us go through the steps for resetting the password via email:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Click on “Via Email”.

Via Email

Step 2: Next, enter your email address that is linked to your Snap account, and click “Submit”.

At the same moment, you will get a “Link” to reset the password on your email.

 linked to your Snap account

Step 3: Now, click the “Link” which you’ve received from your email.

Enter the Email Link

Step 4: Now, enter the ‘New password’, ‘Confirm password’, and click “Save”. Log in screen will appear, type in the username and new reset password, and it’s done.

new reset password
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