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What Does The Green Following Mean On Instagram

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» You can identify if someone is your close friend on Instagram by the green ‘Following’ button, visible after following and adding them to your close friend list.
» Also, use the green circle on a person’s story as an indicator, allowing you to know if you’ve been added as their close friend.

What Does The Green Following Mean On Instagram:

Instagram has many different types of features which attract the users most and one of these is coloring effects. It is already known to us that Instagram has a colorful circle feature for stories.

Similarly, Instagram has a colorful following button feature that indicates different things from Instagram stories. When the following button is green on Instagram, it indicates that you have added the person to your ‘Close Friends’ list.

Green Following Button

If you can’t find anyone’s name in your close friend list then the following button will not be green. After tapping on the following button you can see the icon of the close friends properly.

The logo contains a star with a green background on the right side. However, if you didn’t add the person to your Close Friends list, the following button would not be green, it will be by default white in color. After taking on the green filtering button if you tap on the ‘Close Friend’ section, they will be removed from your Close Friends list.

Normally, if you were to tap on the following button, then the ‘Close Friend’ section would be ‘Add to Close Friends List’ instead. Once you added the person to your Close Friends list, the section would change to “Close Friend” and the following button would turn green.

What is the Name of the Following Button:

On Instagram, as you know the ‘Followers’ option indicates who follows you, similarly the ‘Following’ button indicates that you follow the person on Instagram. This button could be in green color or white color (by default). If someone added you as your close friend then you can see the following button as green color otherwise it remains white.

How To Know if you’re on Close friend’s list on Instagram:

Instagram has no feature that will directly tell you that you are on someone’s close friend list. You have to use some tricks to determine who added you as a close friend. There are two ways, the first one is you can check their stories and the second one is you can check the code friends list.

🔯 Green Circle on Name

If you are added as a close friend by someone then their story should contain a green border ring. Open your Instagram account and on the Instagram homepage, at the top of the bar, you can see the stories section.

Swipe the bar towards the left and you can see all of the person’s stories available over there. Now if you find a green circle on anyone’s story then you can say that the person adds you as his close friend.

🔯 Check Close Friends List

You can also check your close friend list on Instagram, it will show you whom you add as your close friend. Open your account and go to your profile and tap the ‘Menu’ button and then tap on the option ‘Close Friends’ and you can see those who are top of the list with a ‘tick’ are your close friends.

This does not mean that you are their close friend, but there is a chance that if you added them as your close friend they can also add you as your close friend.

How to get the Green Following button:

If you want to get the green following button, you must add the person to your close friend list. The process is very easy to add someone to your close friend list.

Before going through the steps keep one thing in mind you have to follow the person to get the feature, if you don’t follow the person you can’t add the person to your close friend list.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: To add someone to your close friend list first follow the person.

Step 2: Open the person’s profile, tap on the ‘Following’ button a pop-up will come up, and tap ‘Add to Close Friends List’.

tap on the Following button
target person on instagram
Add to Close Friends List

You can also go to your profile, tap on the ‘Menu’ icon, tap ‘Close Friends’ and add the person whom you want to add.

add the person on instagram

After adding the person to your close friends list the following button will appear in green color. In the case of private accounts, you have to wait until they accept your friend request. In addition to the green following button, you also get the feature to share your story exclusively with your close friends and if you do so you will see a green ring around your story when you post.

What does it mean to follow on Instagram:

Instagram has the ‘Following’ feature which means you are following the person on Instagram. After you follow one person you will be able to see their posts and stories respectively on your feed and timeline.

Their posts will be shown on your feed and their stories will be shown on your timeline. Before you follow someone on Instagram, their profile will have a ‘Follow’ button but after you follow someone, the follow button will change to the ‘Following’ button.

If you were to tap on the following button, you would be given multiple options like ‘Add to Close Friends list’ to add the person to your close friend’s list, ‘Ag to favorites’ to add the person add your favorite one, ‘Mute’ to mute the person from your stories, posts or both. You can also ‘Restrict’ and ‘Unfollow’ the account.

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