How to Reformat PC without CD? [ 7 Steps]

If you had noticed that your computer files are continuously getting attacked by viruses and malware, then this might cause your PC to work slow day by day. So, the perfect approach is to format your computer to assemble everything newly.

Formatting a computer means deleting all the data from your computer system or hard drive. But, also installing the new fresh OS on your computer.

Remember one thing, with a lack of knowledge, don’t perform this operation usually. Because formatting computer may cause harmful issues to computer-motherboard,(Bios) & hard disk.

Normally, people use a CD/DVD to install Windows OS. The format can be done with either a CD or any other flash drive or pen drive. But, in this content, we are going to show you some simple steps by which you can easily complete your format without using cd.


If you want to format other drives on a computer then it is also very easy and we have also shown that in this content.


If you don’t have a CD and you want to format your computer then just follow the step-by-step process below:

Format Other Drive on PC without CD

At first, you have to be sure that your computer has logged in as an administrative account because without the administrative account you cannot do this format.

Click on the “START” button then go to the “Control Panel”.

format other drive

Here you will see the Administrative Tools option. Just click on it.

After that, you can see their Computer Management option. You have to click on it & you will see the ‘Disk Management’ option on the left side.

format other drive disk management

After clicking on the disk management you will see your all hard drive partitions. Then to choose the target partition which you want to format just select it and then right-click on it.

format other drive 2

You will see the ‘Format’ option. Just click on it to format this partition/drive.


Choose the NTFS option from the menu bar which is located as File System, leave the Allocation Size to Default. Then just click on OK to start the formatting process.

start to format other drive

It will take just a few minutes to complete this process then you will see your selected drive formatted completely.

Format Computer without CD Using Pendrive

If you are worried that you don’t have any formatting CD. Don’t worry there are some ways which can help you to format your Windows 7 without using a CD.

You just follow these steps one by one to fulfill this computer formatting operation. To format a computer with a USB or Pendrive just make your pen drive or USB bootable then follow the formatting steps below-

Note: To complete this method of format it is recommended to have a 4GB Pendrive.

At first, connect your bootable pen drive with your PC then restart your PC and press the ‘F2’ or ‘Del’ button continuously to enter into the BIOS setup.

After that, make your USB drive as default bootable device and save the settings by pressing F10.

format computer with pendrive or USB

After saving the settings, it will take restart once again. So whenever it starts again it will ask to press any key, just hit any key from the keypad and you will see Windows will start loading files.

After the loading is completed it’s time to Windows setup. Just select a language and click ‘Next’. Now, click ‘Install now’ to install Windows programming files on your PC.

install windows without cd

You will face a License agreement window. Just give tick mark “I Accept” option and click the next button.

After that, you will see two options which are Upgrade & Custom.
(*Upgrade option helps you to restore windows file once again but Custom option helps to install a new version) Just, select the ‘Custom(advanced)’ option.

Next, this is the main part of this formatting. In this step, select System drive and go for it to format and click Next. Remember always use system drive(C drive) to format and reinstall OS.

format computer C drive to install windows os

After that, you will see that windows will start automatically installing all the files. It will take a few minutes to complete this installation. In this time, don’t try to do anything otherwise windows may fail to complete this process to install files.

Now, the simple last stage setup –

After installation is done it will take restart automatically & the user settings window will come in front of you. Just input your name then press the Next button. Here you can also set Password after pressing the Next button.

After that, there will come a Windows activation part. Here you have to input a product key. If you don’t have any product key just purchase one. Still, you can enjoy 30 days free trial.

So, this is how you can format your PC without using any formatting disk. It is very simple and a beginner can easily follow these steps to complete the format.

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