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How To Get A Discord Moderator Badge

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✎ Key Points:

» You can earn a Discord Moderator Badge by completing the ‘Discord Moderator Academy Exam,’ accessible through the designated page, where you provide personal details, Discord experience, and answer 20 MCQs.
» Just use your Discord experience to enhance your chances, and actively managing communities, server channels, or Facebook groups can elevate your priority in obtaining the Moderator Badge.

Does Discord provide a Moderator Badge Automatically?

No, Discord does not provide a moderator badge automatically. You have to meet a certain level of action and then contact support to get the badge.

There are several steps in the journey to becoming a Certified Discord Moderator, including some steps where they will evaluate your skills on a more holistic basis.

The first study, the Discord Moderator Academy (DMA), is a resource chock-full of moderation and community-building wisdom compiled by mods for mods. Then take the Discord Moderator Academy exam, then Join the Discord Moderator Community.

Also, you have to become an active, engaged, and contributing member of the Discord Moderator Discord to get the badges.

On which Conditions is the Discord Moderator Badge Depend:

There are a few things that you have to maintain:

1. If you have good experience with Discord Server

The very first condition to getting the Discord Moderator was you should have good experience with Discord Server. You should have a basic knowledge of Discord and the Discord Moderator Badge usage.

Try to be an active and engaged community member of the Discord Moderator Discord for at least three months, which will keep you one step ahead to receive the Certified Discord Moderator badge.

2. If you already manage many communities or Discord server Channels:

The chances increase for those who already have managed many communities or Discord server channels.

So if you have any of this kind of prior knowledge, mention it in the survey form, which you will get just before the ‘Discord Moderator Academy Exam’ form with details. It will help you to get the badge result more than the others.

3. If you previously managed Facebook groups or other pages:

It is not about Discord management; if you have previously managed Facebook groups or other pages, then mention it in the form because they are looking for management skills, not any other things.

So if you have never used Discord, but you can manage Facebook groups or other pages, you are also far ahead of everyone else in terms of winning it.

How to Get a Discord Moderator Badge:

Follow the below steps to take an exam and upon passing out you can get your badge:

Step 1: Open Discord Moderator Academy Exam

If you want to get a Discord Moderator Badge, then you have to take one short exam over Discord. It is the only option open to you to get the moderator badge. So to take the exam, first open your Chrome browser and search for ‘Discord Moderator Academy Exam.’ Open the first website, which is the official website of Discord. Here you can see an article on ‘The Discord Moderator Academy Exam.’ Now scroll down the page, and you can see a section “Where can I take the exam”?.

Inside this section, click on the word ‘here’ written in blue and underlined, then you will be redirected to the ‘Discord Moderator Academy Exam’ page or use this link: https://survey.alchemer.com/s3/6323420/Discord-Moderator-Academy-Exam to go to the exam page. Read the short content about the exam and click on the ‘Next’ button.

Step 2: Fill Up Details

After clicking on the ‘Next’ option, a new page will open where you have to enter your contact information. Enter your username first, which you will get from your Discord profile. Your username should contain the current discriminator (the last four digits attached to your username ).

Then in the next section, you have to enter your User ID. To get your user ID, go to Settings, click on the Advanced option, and then turn on the ‘Developer Mode.’ Right-click on your profile, select ‘Copy ID,’ and paste it into the User ID section. You have to answer two or three more questions in this section.

Step 3: Enter details about your experience with Discord

Discord will ask you about your experience with them in the rest of the sections. If you have managed any communities before, explain it and describe your role in these communities.

If you have experience controlling communities outside of Discord, include them. Make a list of Discord servers you have managed before and include the name and server ID, what type of communities they were their focuses, and if you are currently moderating them. After answering all the questions, click ‘Next.’

Step 4: Answer a few questions

After clicking on the ‘Next’ option, another page will open where you have to give an MCQ exam of 20 questions on the topic of the Discord app.

It would be best to give as many correct answers as possible because it will increase your chances of getting the Discord Moderator Badge. After answering the questions, click the ‘Next’ button, and you are done.

Step 5: Get a response in 14 days

If you have passed the survey examination, they will contact you via mail shortly with a link to the Discord Moderation and further instructions. Test evaluations may take two weeks to be properly graded, so check your mail after a week.

Even if you do not pass this time, the Discord server will refresh the test, and you will have the opportunity to retake the test. So next time, be prepared with the contents and logic, and you will pass the exam and be eligible for the Moderator Badge.

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