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To get the time warp filter on TikTok, open the app, go to the Discover tab, and tap on the search icon. Search for the Time Warp Filter and select a video from the search results.

Then tap on the “Time Warp Filter” option and then on “Add to Favorites”. Now when you go to the “Create” icon and “Effects” section, you will see that this filter is saved in the Saved Filters section.

The time warp filter on TikTok is available only for users living in USA and UK. Others cannot use this.

To get the time warp filter on Instagram, you have to swipe left to right on the home screen of Instagram and then swipe leftwards until you find a search icon. Select this, and you will reach the search bar where you must type “Time Warp”.

Once you find the filter, tap on “Try It” and then make the video and tap on the save option. Then you can upload it on Instagram.

Get Time Warp Scan on TikTok:

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Discover tab

The first step you have to follow to get the time warp scan filter on TikTok is to open the app from your phone’s home screen. You will find yourself on the home page of TikTok in the “For You” section.

You will notice a menu bar with five options at the bottom of the screen. One of the options is the “Discover” option which comes second from the left side of the screen. You have to tap on this icon to reach the Discover tab of TikTok and the search area.

Discover on TikTok

Step 2: Go to the Search bar and search

Now that you are in the “Discover” section of TikTok, you will notice a selection of videos from famous creators, and at the top, there is a search bar that you can use. You have to now tap on the search bar.

Instantly you will see that the keyboard will pop up so you can type what you want to search. You must type in “Time Warp” in the search bar and then press the “Enter key” on your keyboard. This will show a series of search results.

Search time wrap scan

Step 3: Select a video > Time Warp Scan

Now that you have received the respective search results, you will see that most of the videos that are available in the search results are using the time warp filter. Select one of the videos and open it.

When you open the video, you will notice, at the bottom, above the hashtags and the person’s username, there is an option that says “Time Warp Scan”. You have to tap on this option. Now you will see all the videos that have used the filter.

Above it is an option that says “Add to Favorites”. Tap on this option to save the filter. Then, when you go to the Create icon and the “Effects” icon, you will find the filter in the saved section.

Click on video

Why Can’t You see Time Warp Scan Effect:

It is very much possible that you can’t see the time warp scan effect. This is because this specific filter is only available for users based in countries such as UK and USA, currently. With time, the filter will be made available in other countries since it is very new and in development.

But the current unavailability should not stop you from enjoying the numerous videos available in this arena on TikTok. 

If you desperately want to use the time warp filter, there is another way you will find out by reading on it.

Get Time Warp Scan on TikTok using Instagram App:

Follow the below steps (by using the Instagram app):

Step 1: Swipe left to right on the homepage 

The first step you must follow is to ensure that Instagram is downloaded and installed on your phone. Then you have to create an account or log in if you already have an account. Then you have to open the Instagram app from your phone’s home screen.

You will reach the home page of Instagram, where you can see your feed and posts of people you follow. Here you have to swipe from left to right, and the camera section of Instagram appears where you can take photos, make videos, save them or post them as stories, etc.

Swipe left to right on Instagram

Step 2: Find the Search bar and Search

Now that you are in the camera or creating a section of Instagram, you will see a selection of filters at the bottom of the screen. You have to slide from right to left until you find a search option with a magnifying glass as its symbol.

You have to select this search option to reach the search bar, where you can type in whatever you are looking for. Your keyboard will instantly pop up. In the search bar, you have to type “Time Warp Filter” and then press the Enter key on the keyboard.

Search bar on instagram

Step 3: Make the video using the effect

Now that you have pressed the Enter key, you will receive the search results and find the filter you searched for here. You have to tap on it, and when the filter opens to full-screen, you have to tap on the option “Try It” to make a video using the time warp effect. You can make the video by long pressing on the record option.

There are both vertical and horizontal time warp effects available, so make the video according to the option you have chosen. 

Select the video
Click on try it

Step 4: Save and Share on TikTok

Now that you have made the video on TikTok, you must check if it is good and edit it if required. You will notice a set of icons at the top of the screen.

You have to tap on the “Save” option to download this video and save it to your phone. After you have saved the video to your phone’s gallery, you have to open the TikTok app and upload the video over there by going to the “Create” icon.


The Bottom Lines:

Therefore now you are familiar with both ways to access the Time Warp Effect. You can directly use the effect available on TikTok if you are situated in the UK.

If you are not, you can use the Time Warp Filter on Instagram. Even though the latter is a long process, it allows horizontal and vertical time warp; choose accordingly.

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