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How To Fix Google Photos Shared Album Not Updating

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Points:

» You can check for if your Google Photos shared album is not updating by checking for connectivity issues, emphasizing the importance of a stable WiFi or data connection for proper functioning.
» You can use WiFi instead of mobile data to prevent issues with Google Photos updating, saving data, and ensuring a smoother process.

How To Fix Google Photos Shared Album Not Updating:

You can try the following methods below as fixes if the shared album is not updating:

1. Slow or Limited Internet Connection

If you see that your Google Photos shared album is not updating, it could be due to a slow or limited internet connection. This means that the photos or changes you make may not sync properly across devices.

So, if you’re experiencing this issue, you should check your internet connection and ensure that it is stable and fast enough for synchronization to occur. You may want to connect to a different network or try restarting your router if needed.

2. Syncing Delay or Error

When this happens, it could be due to a syncing delay or error in the Google Photos service. Due to various factors like server load or technical glitches, the updates you make in the shared album may not be reflected immediately. This can be frustrating, but you must give it some time to sync properly.

Avoid making frequent changes during this period as it may further prolong the syncing process. Be patient and allow Google Photos some time to update the shared album.

3. App Version or Software Issue

While you find that the Google Photos shared album is not updating, the issue may lie with the app version or software on your device. For this reason, ensure that you have the latest version of the Google Photos app installed.

Now, try restarting the app or your device to see if it resolves the problem. You can also check for any available software updates and install them, as they might include bug fixes and improvements for better syncing functionality.

4. Permissions or Settings Conflict

You might see that the shared album is not updating if there are permissions or settings conflicts on either end. This can occur when the album owner or participants have restricted access or limited syncing permissions.

If you’re experiencing this, check the album settings and ensure that everyone has the necessary permissions to add or view photos. Just make sure that the participants are actively connected to the internet and have their Google Photos settings configured correctly for the shared album to update seamlessly.

How To Fix Google Photos Shared Album Not Working:

If you’re looking for your Google Photos share library and if it isn’t working, probably has something to do with your partner’s Google account.

It may be because the partner’s Google account has been removed. But it can be added again without any trouble by following the necessary steps needed to do it.

When you’re sharing a Google photo you must have a shared library, you must add your partner’s account there and the user would be able to access all photos added there.

To add a partner account to the Google Photos library:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open Google Photos either on the app or the website.

Step 2: After you sign in to your account, tap on the profile picture or your account’s DP.

Step 3: Then select the option Photos settings.

Step 4: Now click on Partner Sharing and then Tap on Get Started to start it.

Click to Settings
partner sharing

Step 5: Enter your partner’s email address to invite.

Enter your partner's email address

Step 6: Select the pictures you wanted for the album which you’re sharing.

Step 7: Then select the option Next.

 select the option Next

You’ll be able to send the invitation by clicking on Send Invitation.

 clicking on Send Invitation

Why Is Google Photos Sharing Not Working:

These are the following reasons:

1. Sharing invitation not received

When you’re not able to see a shared album on Google Photos that you’ve received from someone else, it might be due to any of the few reasons mentioned here. 

The sender may have sent the album to the wrong Gmail address which is why you’re not able to see the shared album in the Sharing section of your Google Photos. You’ll not be able to receive the shared album sent to you unless it’s sent to your correct Gmail address.

Sharing invitation not received

It’s also possible that you’re logged into your secondary Gmail account and the sender has sent the shared album to primarily Gmail ID. Therefore you need to switch your Gmail account and then check the Sharing folder. You can ask the user to resent your correct Gmail address if you’ve not received the shared album even after checking your primary and secondary ID account’s Sharing folders. 

2. Album not showing up

It’s also possible that due to a glitch or bug in Google  Photos, the shared album that you’ve received from your friend is not showing up. Normally, when you receive a shared album from any friend, you also get a Google Photos notification which alerts you that someone has shared an album with you.

If you’ve received any such kind of notification, then you can be sure that you’ve received the file but due to glitches, it’s not showing up. 

Album not showing up

Check the WiFi connection of your laptop or phone on which you’re operating Google Photos to see if it’s connected to a stable connection or not. Refresh the page after which it might show up. 

3. Partner not sharing All Photos

If you’re unable to see all the photos in the album but just a few, it’s because the sender has chosen to share only a few pictures with you. While sending or sharing an album on Google Photos, it’s asked whether the sender wants to share all the pictures or some specific pictures.

If the sender has chosen a few pictures to share with you then the rest won’t be available to be viewed by you while you’re checking the shared file in the Sharing section of Google Photos.

Partner not sharing All Photos

If you need all the pictures to be shared with you, you can ask your partner to share them with you again by choosing to share all the photos from the album. It’s upon your partner whether he wants to share all the pictures with you or a few from them in the shared album. 

4. Try again Later ( in a few minutes)

If you’re unable to find the shared folder in the Sharing section of your Google Photos, it might be because of server issues. Server issues fail to update the shared files sometimes.

You need to give it some time and wait for the issue to get fixed. It generally gets fixed within a few minutes after which you can try again and check if the shared folder is visible or not.

Google Photos Shared Album Not Showing All Photos:

If you notice that your Google Photos shared album is not showing all photos, here’s what you need to know:

Some of the photos you expect to see in the shared album are not being displayed. It can be frustrating, but there are a few things you can take care of to resolve this issue.

You should check the permissions and settings for the shared album. Ensure that all participants have the necessary permissions to view and contribute photos. Also, make sure that the album settings allow for all photos to be displayed.

If the issue persists, you can try refreshing the shared album by closing and reopening the Google Photos app or refreshing the web page. Sometimes, a quick refresh can help display all the photos correctly.

Note that while these steps should help resolve most cases, there could be other factors causing the issue. It’s also possible that there may be temporary syncing delays.

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