How to Hide Facebook Friends List from Everyone?

If you are feeling uncomfortable to show your friend list to anyone, then this easiest process will surely help you to hide your all friends in your facebook account. Facebook recently developed a lot of privacy settings which can quickly help you to protect your every privacy in your Facebook account. Every Facebook users can easily control those all. Now, in this content, you will understand how simple it is to hide Facebook friends list from everyone.

Reasons to Hide Friends List on Facebook

Some people do not want to hide their Facebook friend list, but some people want to do it. Every Facebook user has their own view to control their Facebook account. Maybe they are trying to give security to family members or friends so that no other Facebook users can talk with them and can see what they’ve written on their wall.

Now, how can you do the same?

If you are feeling uncomfortable to share your friend list on Facebook with Public or other friends, then Facebook provides an opportunity to hide Facebook friends list from others. It is a very simple method, and you are just a few steps away. So, to do this, you have to follow some few steps shown below-


At first, login to your Facebook account and then go to your facebook profile page.

fb login


Then, there you will see Friends option, just click on it. It opens a list of your all Facebook friends.

friends to Hide Facebook Friends List



Then click on the Manage bottom which looks like a pencil.


After clicking on manage bottom, you will Edit privacy option. Click on it and it opens a new popup box where you can find different privacy options.

edit privacy


After clicking on the edit privacy, you will see Friend List option at the top position, and on the right side, you will find a Public option. Then click on it, and you will see a drop-down menu. From there just select the Only me option and click on it. At last click on done bottom to save the new settings.

hide facebook friend list click only me

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Just check here below if you are using mobile device-

Hide Facebook Friends List in Mobile

If you are using a smartphone or a normal mobile device then also don’t worry. Here we will also discuss on how to hide friend list on facebook using android phone. So if you want to make your facebook friends list private then follow the step-by-step process below-


At first, open your mobile internet browser to reach so that you can login. Then insert your email address and password and click on log in.

mobile login



After successfully log in to Facebook, go to your Facebook profile page and here you will see Friends option; just click on it.




After that here you will see the public option which means your Facebook friends list is visible to anybody. So click on the public option to hide your friend list and then click on more to view more options.

hide facebook friend list in mobile


After that here you will see different options, just like Public, Friends and Only me. If you want to hide your friends list completely then choose “Only me” option.

hide facebook friend list

So this is how you can easily hide Facebook friends list from your family and friends and now no user can see your friends list.

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