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How To Hide Reactions On Facebook

✎ Key Points:

» Facebook has launched this direct feature where with a couple of clicks, you can hide the likes count from any of your Facebook posts.
» On your Facebook app, you have to go to the settings section and from there find the Reaction Preferences.
» Under the preferences, you will see the option to hide the reactions to your posts. Just toggle this on and all of your post likes will be hidden.

On your PC, you have to go to the News Feed Preferences to turn off the option that shows the total reaction count on your posts.

hide likes on posts

How To Hide Reactions On Facebook:

Find the ways:

1. Hide Number of Likes on Facebook App (Mobile):

Facebook has given its user two options, one is to hide a number of reactions “On posts from others,” and the second is to hide a number of reactions “On your post.”

In the former one, Facebook allows you to hide the total number of likes and comments on your feed or posts from other people such as friends, Pages, and groups that you may be friends with or not.

🔴 That Simply Means:

People can see the total number of reactions to posts on Facebook Marketplace, and Events but cannot see the reactions or likes to the posts that are on your Feed.

Also, you’re hiding the reaction count on your posts from others; you can still find who reacted to those posts. You have to just tap on the emoticons given under the posts.

⭐️ Features:

◘ If you turn this ON, people will be able to see the total number of reactions and likes on your post that you create from your profile or feed.

◘ However, for the posts that you upload on Facebook Watch, Marketplace, and Events, your all reactions, and likes will be visible.

Look forward to the steps:

🔯 On Android:

Proceed with several steps to make this happen on your Facebook account.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First of all, log in to your Facebook account and head to “Settings“.

Step 2: Under the settings menu, you will find a list of options, i.e. “Reaction Preferences” in the ‘Preferences’ section.

Reaction Preferences andriod

Step 3: Over there, choose one option according to your requirement, preferably the second: “On your posts” and switch the toggle “ON“.

On your posts andriod

🔯 On iPhone:

There is no different options menu for iOS. The feature and its functioning for both operating systems are kept the same by Facebook.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Thus, iPhone users can also follow the same procedure mentioned:

Step 1: Go to the Facebook mobile app and log in.

Step 2: On the right upper corner hit on the “Settings” icon.

Setting's icon on iphone

Step 3: On the list, select the “Reaction Preferences” option.

Reaction Preferences on iPhone

Step 4: Turn ON the toggle according to the choice.

Reaction Preferences Iphone

That’s it!

Note: This feature may not be available on the “Facebook Lite” app. Make sure you have logged in on the “Facebook” app.

2. Hide the Number of Likes on Facebook (PC):

The option given by Facebook to hide the reactions and likes are almost similar on mobile devices and desktops. Only the procedure to do so is a bit different.

On the desktop version as well, two options are available, that is,

Hide the number of reactions:

◘ On posts from others.

◘ On your posts.

If you turn ON the first one, people won’t be able to see the reactions and likes on the posts of others on your feed, pages, and groups, but the reactions on Facebook Watch, Marketplace, and Events will be visible.

Whereas, if you turn ON the second one, the people who are your friends on Facebook or followers won’t be able to see the number of reactions to your posts that you upload on your profile, not on Facebook Watch, Marketplace, and Events. However, you will be able to see and check the reaction and number of likes on your posts.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: On the browser, log in to your Facebook account and open it.

Step 2: On the home page, you will find an inverted triangle shape icon at the extreme right corner. Click on it.

extreme right corner

Step 3: Under the list, click on > “Settings & Privacy” and next > “News Feed preferences”.

Settings & Privacy”
News Feed Preferences

Step 4: Over there, come to the last option > “Reaction Preferences” and enable the second option, “On your posts” to hide your number of reactions and likes from others.

Reaction Preferences
On your Posts

Or can select and turn ON, whichever option you feel is fine for you.

Note: The process mentioned above is applicable for both the operating system – Windows and MacBook. For some accounts, you may see the sidebar on the left side on macOS (as of April, 2022).

3. Hide Page Likes Number on Facebook:

Under this section, you can select the type of audience in a particular category, like games, films, and whatever type of posts you come across on your feed.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account, on any browser, preferably, Chrome or Safari.

Step 2: Open your Facebook and click on your “Profile Picture”.

Profile Picture

Step 3: Next, on the profile page, tap on > “More” and on the list, select > “Likes”.

 profile page, tap on

Step 4: Alongside the ‘Likes’ on the corner, you will see > “Three Dots”, click > select: “Edit the Privacy of Your Likes”, over there.

Three Dots

Step 5: Now, whichever category’s audience you want to change, click on the 🌎 icon in front and select the audience accordingly, and set it to ‘Only Me‘.

category’s audience
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