How To Hide Snap Score

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To stop Snapchat score stalking by people, you have to either block the person on Snapchat or you can remove the person from Snapchat.

Then they would not see your Snapchat score or even your profile and it will be totally hidden.

If the person is not on your friend list anymore then won’t have the access to know your snap score on your profile.

Your Snap score might increase by adding random people or celebrities on Snapchat and sending them snaps.

If you want to hide your Snapchat score then you can do it indirectly as Snapchat does not have a direct feature to do that.

While you can choose to remove the person from your Snapchat friend, the person would notice the profile but not the score, but if you block him totally then your profile will be completely unavailable.

There are some methods as well to lower the Snapchat score.

How To Hide Snap Score On Profile:

Snapchat users often want to hide their Snapchat scores from their stalkers. As Snapchat doesn’t have prominent or separate privacy settings to hide the Snap score, it isn’t possible to hide your Snapchat score directly.

But you can use techniques to hide your snap chat score from some specific friends by removing them directly from your account.

This is a simple method to cut off your stalkers whom you don’t want to show your Snapchat score. You’ll get to know all the details about this technique from the mentioned steps. You’ll find it in a detailed and comprehensive manner. Act accordingly to the steps and you’re good to hide your snap score from a specific person:

Step 1: Login and get into Snapchat

First of all, you need to login into your Snapchat account using your correct information. Now that you got into your Snapchat, you’ll be able to see the camera screen. Now as we know, for the sake of hiding our snap score, you will need to do it indirectly by removing that specific person from the friendliest.

snapchat login

Step 2: Find a Snapchat user (Whom you want to hide)

For the next step, you need to find the user from whom you want to hide your snap score. You can find that by first opening your Snapchat chat list. To open your chat list, you need to swipe to the right from the camera screen. Now you’ll be able to see your Snapchat chat list.

find snapchat user

Step 3: Remove him from the Friend list

You need to Remove that particular person to whom you don’t want to show your snap score more. Heading on to do that, you can use the search box to search for that person’s account or you can scroll from the chat list and locate it by yourself. As you see that particular person’s name, tap on the chat and hold it for one or two seconds, and you’ll find some set of options prompting on your screen.

Choose the option More, from the next set of options, choose the option Remove Friend. Then again click on Remove to confirm that you no longer want that person to be on your friend list.

remove snapchat friend

Now you can be sure that the person won’t be able to see or stalk your profile and know your snap score.

This is the technique that you can follow to hide your Snap score from some specific friends whom you remove in this process.

Even if you’re on their friend list, they won’t be able to see your snap score as it can only be visible if both parties have added each other as a friend on Snapchat.

🔯 Does it Completely Hide your Snapchat Score Display?

When you remove a friend from snap chat, that person won’t be able to see your snap score anymore. As snap chat has all these tricky features, one of which is the snap score.

Snap score is visible when both users have added them to their friend list. But if one unfriends or removes the other person from his or her friend list, both of them won’t be able to see each other’s snap score.

You can find the snap score of a person right when you enter their profile. The snap score is sighted just below the bitmoji profile icon of that person. It’s visible only when both people are on each other’s friend list. But if any of them remove the other one, they won’t find the snap score right below the bitmoji profile icon of that person.

Therefore, it’s pretty much clear that if you remove someone from our friend list, he or she won’t be able to see any snap score option when the user opens your profile to stalk.

The Bottom Lines:

Snapchat doesn’t have a separate privacy setting to let you hide your Snapchat score from a specific person unless you hide it. So you can either use some tricks and techniques to fake it so your original Snapchat score doesn’t get revealed.

But if you don’t want to fake it, you can simply remove that person from your Snapchat friends list to prevent him or her from knowing your Snapchat score.

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