How Does Facebook Suggest Friends

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Most basically the factor that Facebook uses is Mutual friends and suggests their friends.

The friends it suggests are only based on mutual friends, obviously, there might be other friends as well depending on your work office, location, or college, and these factors as well taken into count to show the people’s suggestions on your Facebook friends.

People’s suggestion is the common feature that everyone sees on their Facebook where most common people are recommended for mutual to add to your friend list.

If you’re looking for the factors that Facebook uses in order to display the friend lists or show you the People suggestions that will be explained in the guide.

There are many factors including the people whom you looked upon or who looked into your profile.

Facebook described that there are some basic factors i.e. work, education, activity, friends of friends, etc are counted in order to display the people’s suggestions on your Facebook. These are not all factors but there are more than these factors that are counted to show you the ‘People you may know section.

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This article just listed all facts that Facebook uses to determine suggested friends and then explained deep inside the factors.

How Does Facebook Suggest Friends:

Let’s know the following factors:

1. Mutual Friends:

Just look into the section closely and that basically uses mutual friends as a factor to suggest people, you can also find some unknown people too.

The people you might see in the “People you may know” section, Facebook suggests you add more numbers of mutual friends so that you can also connect with them too on Facebook.

people you may know depends on mutual

The friends of your Facebook friends will be visible to you in your “People you may know” section and you can connect with them by sending them a friend request or by direct messages. Facebook wants you to connect with more people and thus you can increase your Facebook friends and spend time with more people on Facebook.

In fact, this is one of the most common reasons behind the people’s suggestions that you got on your Facebook account.

It is not necessary that you will only see the people you may know in the Facebook timeline, which is present in the ‘Friends’ section. To add any of them to your Facebook account you just need to send them a friend request and wait for their response.

2. If they had your Contact Number Saved:

You may have wondered about the “People you may know” section on your Facebook account. The suggestion for those people is given by Facebook and it depends upon various aspects.

One of these aspects includes the people who already have your contact number saved on their Phonebook. Therefore, any person who has your contact number in their contacts will be visible in the “People you may know” section on your Facebook account as well as on Messenger.

In this way, you can add those people to your Facebook account as well. Even sometimes you might not know when any of your friends have joined Facebook recently. (You can easily send them friend requests whenever you see them in the “People you may know” section).

3. From your Profile Information:

The suggestions of people that you might get in the “People you may know” section on Facebook also depend on your personal profile & the information that you have entered in your profile.

This personal information can include your city, school, college, your work information, workplaces are used by Facebook to show people suggestions.

facebook personal info

Facebook finds the people that match all your personal information by using your personal data and shows them to you in that particular section.

If any person from those people catches your attention you can connect with them by sending them a friend request from your Facebook account and if they accept your request, you will become Facebook friends.

Some people find this way really interesting and helpful and some people might feel that this is creepy.

So better to provide exact and correct information on your profile so that Facebook can suggest more accurate people to you.

4. Most Recent Information:

It is clear that Facebook shows you a suggestion of other people by using your personal data which you have entered while making your Facebook account but these suggestions can also depend upon the data of the most recent information that you have posted on your Facebook account.

Sometimes you might need to change some information on your accounts such as a change of school, city, college, or any news that happened in your life. Facebook uses all the recently uploaded data and suggests people that match your information of yours and allows you to send them a friend request so that you can connect with them and become friends with them.

By using all those suggestions, you can connect with many new people who have similar interests on their profiles.

Therefore, it is also important that you should update your personal information regularly and tag people on your Facebook account as it may influence your friend’s suggestions.

5. People you Searched on Facebook:

Facebook also suggests you those people in the “People you may know” section whom you have searched before from your Facebook account, although it’s not confirmed.

It is possible that you may have searched for some particular person from your account and you are not friends with them. Those people can also be shown in that section so that you can become friends with them. Now, this happens only if that person in your circle, like the profile information matches as described.

However, there are just a few possibilities for this to happen, and only some people that you have searched for appear in your friend’s suggestion. This might be a great opportunity if you are looking for a person that you are no longer in contact with. Facebook might collect the information that you have searched for that person and will show that particular person in the “People you may know” area of Facebook.

6. Who Looked at your Facebook Profile:

It is mentioned that Facebook suggests to you people that you have searched before from your account.

In the same way, the people who have searched or looked at your Facebook profile from their accounts can also be suggested in your “People you may know” section and if there are no mutual friends for such people then you can be sure of that. But still, it can be the factors of profile information that you have to confirm by seeing their profile.

Therefore a few people who have searched for you on Facebook will also be recommended to you to send them a friend request. But there is a possibility that you may not know those people so it can be quite hard for you to identify people from that list of suggestions.

The algorithm Facebook uses to determine or show Friends’ suggestions are not fixed and updates every day according to its system. The above-mentioned facts are actually noticed when we see the friend suggestions on Facebook.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained the facts that are counted in order to show the People suggestions and these are the factors that Facebook uses for displaying the people you may know section.

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