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How Long Does Amazon Take To Review Your Account

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» If you want to know how long it takes, then the reviews will show up within 72 hours of posting on Amazon.
» You can expect Amazon to review a seller’s account within 5 to 10 days, but delays may occur, extending the process to 15 days, especially in severe cases or if illegal items are sold.
» To recover a suspended account, contact the Amazon US Help Center through your registered email or initiate a chat with an Amazon agent for assistance.

How Long Does Amazon Take To Review Your Account:

Amazon takes up to 3 days – 10 days to review your account but it can take longer in case of delay.

However, if the account is going through any complicated issue or the issue is not very usually faced by an account, it will take a longer time as long as 15 days to resolve it.

Amazon tries to resolve the issue and review your account within the first 8 to 10 days. You’ll need to wait and be patient if you’re finding that your account is still not yet reviewed or Amazon has not yet responded to your request.

You can contact the help center at Amazon to find out when your seller account performance will be reviewed.

What happens when your Amazon Account is Under Review:

There are several restrictions placed on your account if your account is under review:

1. You can’t Sell Items

If you find that your Amazon account has been placed under review you need to know what happens when it’s under review to find out how to use it.

If you’ve recently violated any kind of Amazon policy or have a very poor performance level, your account might be placed on hold.

During the review period, the product listing that you’ve made on your seller account on Amazon will not be available to be seen by potential buyers or your audience.

Therefore, you’ll not be able to use your account to sell items during the review period. Your seller account will become invisible to the shoppers and will only come back when they release your account after reviewing it.

2. Can’t Accept Payments

During the review period when your account is kept on hold, your Amazon payments will not be transferred to your linked bank account. It will stay on hold on your Amazon Sellers account until your account is reviewed successfully and is ready to use.

When you’re allowed to use your seller account again, the fund will automatically get transferred to your bank account and you’ll be able to accept payments on your seller’s account from shoppers for products too.

During the review, if your account is found to have violated several policies or has been found to have sold illegal items then it might not be given back to you for use. You’ll need to appeal for help in that case.

3. You can’t log in (In Some Severe Cases)

In some cases of seller’s account reviews on Amazon, you won’t be able to log into your account. But this doesn’t happen for all but only in very severe cases where the seller has violated the policies of Amazon or has cheated on shoppers multiple times.

You can't log in

In these kinds of severe cases, the seller will not likely get the Amazon seller account back after review also.

Sometimes, the sellers intentionally or unintentionally engage themselves in certain activities on their Amazon account that isn’t allowed. These kinds of actions get their account banned forever or it might get suspended. However, if you’ve unintentionally violated any policy, appeal to Amazon support for help.

What To Do If Amazon Account is Suspended or Under Review:

These things you might consider doing:

1. Contact Amazon Help Center

If your account has been suspended, but you don’t think that it has been assessed correctly or there has been an error in the review, you contact the US help center of Amazon using your registered email.

The steps below will help you know how to contact the help center of Amazon to recover your seller’s account:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: You need to sign in to your seller’s account on Amazon.

Step 2: Click on Help in the top left corner.

Click on Help

Step 3: Click on Recommended for you.

Step 4: Then click on Get Support under Need more help.

Step 5: Click on Selling on Amazon.

Step 6: Then you need to click on Contact Us.

Step 7: Select your language.

Step 8: Then choose Email.

Step 9: You’ll be shown the email tab to compose the email. You’ll need to describe the issue in detail and request them to help you recover your account.

Step 10: Click on Submit.

2. Initiate a Chat with an Amazon Agent

Another way to recover your account is by initiating a chat with the Amazon agent. You need to go to the Contact Us section of your Amazon account. Then you’ll be assigned an Amazon agent to whom you’ll need to describe the issue clearly and simply. You need to state that your account has been suspended for no proper reason and it needs to be reviewed again.


You can send the screenshot of your Amazon seller account suspension details or you can ask the agent if you should send it via email or not. This method doesn’t ensure that your suspension will be removed but the agent will inform the authorities about the issue who will review your account again.

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