How Long Does It Take For Facebook To Review Your Account

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Facebook review is an online form that Facebook users have to fill out when their account has been blocked or disabled by mistake.

Filling out this form will help you send a review request to the Facebook team to have a look into the matter and unblock or enable back your Facebook account.

You need to fill up this online form and submit it in case you feel that your account has been disabled by mistake. 

Do not forget to enter your email address through which you have your registered Facebook account or your contact number, and your full name as you have entered in your Facebook profile. 

If that is for the marketplace, you have some tips for marketplace review.

Facebook Account Status Checker:

🔴 How To Use:

Step 1: Open tool: Go to the website: Facebook Account Status Checker tool.

Step 2: Enter the username: Type the username or URL of the Facebook account you want to check the status of in the designated field.

Step 3: Click “Check Status”: Click on the “Check Status” button or any other similar button to initiate the check.

Step 4: Wait for the results: The Facebook tool will now attempt to access the account and check its status.

Step 5: See the results: Once the check is completed, the tool will display the status of the account you entered. This can be “Disabled” or “Under Review”.

Take Appropriate Action:

Based on the results of the check, you can take appropriate action.

💁🏽‍♂️ For example, if the account is disabled, you may choose to contact Facebook support to inquire about the reason for the account’s disabling and appeal the decision if possible.

💁🏽‍♂️ If the account is under review, you may need to wait for Facebook to complete its review before taking any further action.

How Long Does It Take For Facebook To Review Your Account:

The Facebook team usually takes a minimum of  48 hours and a maximum of 45 days to review your disabled Facebook account.

1. 30 days left to request a review

This term appears when an individual’s account is seen as a threat to the overall safety of other Facebook users due to a security breach or sending spam messages. You will be given a period of 30 days during which you have to request a review otherwise, your account will be permanently deleted.

2. Account will be disabled in 30 days

This account will be disabled in 30 days

This is a message that appears when you have been notified about a problem that was faced because of your account not adhering to community guidelines. If you have not requested a review of your account even after finding the information, although recently, this notification will appear suggesting your inaction will cost you your account.

3. Have 1 day left to request a review

This is a notification that you get when you have been notified about your account requiring a review 29 days ago. Even after that many days, you have still not requested a review for your account. If you do not send the said request as soon as you see this, your account will be permanently deleted in one day.

4. Facebook account review taking too long

It is not possible for a Facebook review to take too long as the mentioned period for the process of review is from as little as 48 hours to as much as 45 days.

During this duration, you are sure to have your account reviewed. However, if you think there’s a problem, you should report it.

How Long does it Take Facebook to Review Disabled Account:

The time it takes depends on different factors in order to review the account and you will get a reply back on that appeal.

1. For Forgotten Accounts

For Forgotten Accounts

In case you have forgotten your login id and password of your Facebook account, you can request to review your Facebook account with the Facebook team. For a forgotten account, you may have given several attempts to log in with the n number of passwords that you remember.

In such a situation you can write to Facebook to review your profile and help you regain your account.

The Facebook team will take a few days to go through your review request and also verify your voter id or green card to confirm your identity.

You need not worry about the details that you share, your ID details will not be shared with any other Facebook user or any other platform. 

2. Blocked for Spam Activities – Disabled Accounts

In case your Facebook account has been deactivated due to an alleged breach in the terms and conditions of the application and labeling your account as a spam account and has restricted you from posting any recent updates on your Facebook profile.

You can request to review your Facebook profile by filling out the online form Facebook to review your account.

facebook disabled account appeal form

Once you submit your request the Facebook team takes a minimum of 48 hours to respond to your review request. The duration may vary. You need to submit a copy of your valid ID.

It takes around 48 hours to go through your review request and cross-check your ID before reactivating your Facebook account. 

Where Can You See the Request Review option on Facebook:

You have the following methods:

1. Check Gmail

Step 1: The first step you have to follow in order to reach the option that says “Request review” is to go to the Gmail app from the home screen of your device.

Step 2: You have to then type “Facebook” in the search bar or scroll down and look for the email you received from Facebook about your account being disabled.

Step 3: Open the email and scroll down; you will find the “Request review” option.

2. Appeal Through Contact Form

Step 1: Go to: to reach the “Appeal disabled profile” form.

Appeal Through Contact Form

Step 2: Click on “Choose Files” to upload your ID for the purpose of verification of authenticity.

Step 3: Under “Additional info”, describe how your account is disabled and click on “Send” and your account will be reviewed.

Why does Facebook keep a Review for some Accounts:

There are several reasons why Facebook keeps reviewing some accounts. When it does it temporarily blocks or deactivates that particular account whether for a few hours or weeks and sometimes permanent deactivation.

This is done to prevent spam activities on Facebook and also to disable robot access. The most important reason is to keep the account of the users safe. 

1. To Prevent Spam

If your Facebook account has been temporarily deactivated it prevents any other person having access to your Facebook profile from posting any kind of spam messages or pictures. 

facebook disabled account reasons

2. For Disabling Bots access like Auto-liker

Another reason is that when your account is under review request, Facebook automatically disables any robotic access to your profile that promotes activities like auto liking or auto commenting on any particular or random post. Your account is simply deactivated for a few hours or a few days in case the algorithm of Facebook suspects any robotic access to your account.

3. To Keep the user’s account Safe

Another important reason is to keep your account safe from any piracy for hackers. Increase Facebook detects any activity resembling that of your account being hacked.

You can request Facebook to review your account and during this period they will keep your account blocked until your application has been reviewed which may take a minimum of 48 hours.

What happens if your Account gets Disabled:

If Facebook has disabled your account it means that your account is no longer active. Your account remains inactive unless the restriction of your account is removed by Facebook. Also when your account gets disabled your account will not be visible to your friends. 

🏷 You will no longer be seen on their friend list. Facebook account gets blocked only if it detects any foul activity that is against the terms and conditions of the application.

🏷 For instance, if you are using a fake profile, trying to impersonate someone, or posting content that targets the terms and conditions of Facebook.

🏷 Such activities are automatically detected by Facebook and that ultimately leads to the blocking or disabling of your account.

🏷 When the account is disabled you will no longer be able to login into your account or post any content.

🏷 You won’t be able to perform any activity using your Facebook account. Not just this you will no longer be visible to your friends when they search for you from the search bar of the app.

The only condition for you to regain your Facebook account is when the application itself lifts its ban, only then you can log in and restore it. You can try by requesting a review for your Facebook profile.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Does it Mean to Review Requested on Facebook?

Users on social media sites have a lot of freedom to share whatever they want, which is why Facebook has put security measures and community guidelines in place so that they can track harmful or hateful activities that may have an impact on others. When accounts don’t adhere to guidelines, they are given 30 days to request a review of their account, after which the account is permanently deleted.

When a user requests a review and Facebook hasn’t yet conducted it or sent back a notification regarding the same, that’s when you see “Review requested” and it means that the request is in the database and soon you will receive results.

2. My personal Facebook account was disabled by mistake. How to recover?

If your personal Facebook account was disabled and that too by mistake, your only option to solve the problem would be to log in to your account again using the credentials of the disabled account, and then you have to request a review which will take 2-45 days.

3. How to recover a disabled Facebook account without ID?

If you want to recover a disabled Facebook account without the ID, you have to send in an appeal using the email address that you think is most probably attached to your account, as you can’t use the review requesting method because, for that, you would need your ID as well as the full name attached to your account.

4. Will Facebook Delete your Disabled Account Automatically?

If your account has been disabled automatically, you need not worry about your account. 

Facebook does not delete your data instantly. You can always try to restore your disabled account by requesting Facebook to review your account. 

The process may take a few hours or days to resolve only if your account has been disabled by mistake. 

Once your account has been through review and you are provided your ID proves there are chances that your original account is restored along with the entire account data. 

So if you think your account has been disabled by mistake you can fill out the online form and request for Facebook to review your account and provide your ID proof. This will help you restore your account along with its entire data.

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