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How Long Does Snapchat Temporary Lock Last

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

» Just take caution to avoid temporary locks, which typically last for 24 hours, but the duration may extend for repeated offenses or severe violations.
» If you face a temporary lock, be patient and wait for the 24 hours to elapse before attempting to log in again; however, continuous violations may lead to longer lock durations.

Duration of Permanent LockIndefinite
How LongThis Temporary lock varies on Several Facts

How Long Does Snapchat Temporary Lock Last:

A temporary ban on Snapchat is also known as a temporary suspension of your account.

▸ The length of a temporary ban can vary depending on the severity of the violation and the number of times it has occurred.

▸ For first-time violations, a temporary suspension typically lasts for 24 hours only.

▸ If you receive repeated warnings for the same violation, the period of suspension can increase.

▸ Snapchat may temporarily suspend your account if it detects the use of third-party apps or plugins on your account or other prohibited activities.

▸ This is to warn you that using these apps is unauthorized and can lead to repeated violations of the same kind which can get your account banned permanently.

⚠️ Note: If you have committed a major violation of the terms and conditions at your first instance, the temporary suspension will last much longer than 24 hours. This is because the severity of your offense determines the period of suspension.

Causes of LockHarassment, Content Issues, Using Third-Party Apps, Fake Accounts
Appeal ProcessSubmit appeal to Snapchat’s support team
PreventionFollow terms of service and community guidelines

How Long Is A Permanent Lock On Snapchat:

▸ Permanent means permanent: If your account is permanently locked, there’s no way to recover it. You’ll need to create a new account if you want to continue using Snapchat.

▸ Lock duration can vary: If you receive a temporary lock, the duration can vary depending on the severity of the violation. However, if you receive a permanent lock, it will be indefinite.

▸ Violations result in a permanent lock: Some violations that can result in a permanent lock include harassment, using third-party apps to access Snapchat, and creating fake accounts.

Snapchat doesn’t permanently lock your account at once. It warns you by temporarily locking it a few times before it permanently bans your account. 

How Long Will My Snapchat Be Permanently Locked:

These are the following things it depends on:

1. Depends on the Activity You Have Done

Snapchat permanently locks your account when you violate the guidelines of Snapchat. However, based on the severity of your violation it decides the hours till which your account will be locked. 

If your violation is not severe but is very minor and you’ve done it for the first time, Snapchat will lift the lock from your account immediately after 24 hours. Activities such as making fun of others in an unintended way, overusing a feature, etc are considered mild violations. 

However, with each violation, its severity increases. If you’ve previously received warnings for violating the guidelines of Snapchat, then Snapchat won’t unlock your account within 24 hours but it will hold the suspension for much longer. 

Moreover, if your offense is too severe, your account will be locked and suspended for several days. Severe offenses include criminal activities, promotion of self-injury, hate speech, posting inappropriate content, etc

2. It Stays up to 24 hours Normally

The temporary locks on Snapchat stay for  24 hours normally. You’ll need to wait for 24 hours after your account has been locked and then try to log into your Snapchat account again.

There is a good chance that after 24 hours, you’ll be able to log into your account again to use it. However, if you can’t, wait 48 hours. When the offense is severe, Snapchat holds the suspension for a longer period to warn the owner of the account.

You should take it as a sign to be more careful as the next violation can cause your account to get permanently banned. However, if you find that you can’t log in to your account even after 48 hours, you need to go to the Snapchat Support page on the web and then report the matter. 

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