How To Activate WhatsApp With Old Number Without SIM

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To use an old WhatsApp without a SIM card, you can either use the WhatsApp web method on your PC or mobile (browser).

You can replace the SIM card & get a new one and then register WhatsApp again on it.

WhatsApp is attached to the device once you register the number on your phone and the same account cannot be reused on two devices at once separately without the WhatsApp web option.

But, if you have lost the SIM and you need to use the account on a new device then the system is a little tricky.

Don’t worry, you can easily shift your old WhatsApp account to your PC without registering again.

Whatsapp web mobile

The internet has many solutions like using WhatsApp without a phone number and registering WhatsApp via virtual number to get a new WhatsApp.

There are some steps you can follow to activate the banned number from WhatsApp.

How To Activate WhatsApp With Old Number Without SIM:

If your problem is limited to this then this article is surely going to help you in using the old WhatsApp on a new device.

1. Activate WhatsApp Web

If you are running an old WhatsApp on your mobile and now you need to move it to a new device then just follow the guide below:

Step 1: First of all, open WhatsApp on your old mobile and tap on the three-dots icon.

Step 2: Just find the WhatsApp web option and tap on it.


Step 3: Now go to on your other devices.
Whatsapp web mobile

Step 4: Now, scan the QR from the WhatsApp web option and that’s done.

πŸ’‘ Note: This is an option for PC but you can use it from mobile and also using chrome browser desktop mode. Just change the browser mode to the Desktop version in case you are performing it on your mobile device.

2. Activate Old WhatsApp (without SIM)

If you see that you’re no longer registered into that old WhatsApp account then you need the verification code for registering it again on the device.

If you have lost the SIM card you have the following choices:

πŸ”΄ Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Just find out the documents added during the SIM mining.

Step 2: Now, go to L.A. and ask to replace a new SIM card showing the same documents.

Step 3: Once your approval is received and accepted, you will get the SIM instantly replaced with the same number.

Now just enter the SIM card once it is active for WhatsApp verification and you can activate the old WhatsApp in this way very easily.

3. WhatsApp Activate Tool

How To Use Old WhatsApp Number Without SIM:

You can try the following methods:

1. Using eSIM

Using an eSIM

Using an eSIM you can create a WhatsApp account, an industry-standard digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan from your carrier without using a physical SIM.

Using eSIM

2. From a Previously Activated Phone

You can use a previously activated phone where this WhatsApp was preactivated and add your contacts to that account and use it.

Activate WhatsApp Without SIM – Using Virtual Number:

You can try the following tools:

1. eVoice

⭐️ Features of eVoice:

β—˜ You can schedule, record, report your call and create a virtual office here.

β—˜ You can choose any number for your business and forward your call to others available.

β—˜ It provides a voicemail transcription feature that helps you to transcribe your voicemail and email or text it to you, read voicemails without calling, saving so much time.

β—˜ It also provides packages that include multiple extensions, conference calling, call screening, and many more features like live support service.

πŸ”— Link:

πŸ”΄ Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the link and go to the eVoice official website, click Features from the top bar.

 eVoice official website

Step 2: Scroll down the Features page, and where many numbers are provided, choose Virtual Phone Numbers.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Step 3: Click on it, and you will be redirected to a new page, choose a suitable plan, purchase it, and get a virtual phone number. Now use this phone number to create a WhatsApp account.

Click on it, and you will be

2. Nextiva

⭐️ Features of Nextiva:

β—˜ Using Nextiva tools, you can make video and voice calls and increase your workflow.

β—˜ It will help you unite your team on one platform to run your project smoothly and quickly.

β—˜ You can register with your real or virtual number and use it to grow your business.

πŸ”— Link:

πŸ”΄ Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open your Chrome browser, go and search for Nextiva click on the three parallel lines from the top right corner, and click on the Get started option.

click on the Get started option

Step 2: After that, sign up for an account using your credentials, and they will generate a virtual number for you which you can use to register for a WhatsApp account.

sign up for an account

πŸ”― How Can You get it activated without a SIM card?

Well, for this, if your phone is not opening although you have verified WhatsApp in it just take the help of WhatsApp web to browse the account over the PC. In this case, you have to keep your phone connected to the internet.

This is the only way, otherwise, till now there is no such update from WhatsApp regarding this.

πŸ”― How Long Does WhatsApp Work without SIM?

You can do this if you want to use WhatsApp without a SIM; make sure you have the SIM when you log into an account.

Whatsapp doesn’t use your network provider to act like text messages; it uses it to receive messages and create an account where messages can be sent and received.

If you set up an account without a SIM, ensure you have the active SIM on a different phone to receive the verification code.

πŸ”― I lost my WhatsApp number SIM card – What To Do:

The WhatsApp account is linked to the service number, not the SIM card. You can restore your account if you get a replacement SIM card with the same number from your operator.

As a bonus, you can restore all your old messages if you’ve backed up. It will look like you are using Whatsapp on your old phone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to use WhatsApp with a Deactivated Number?

There is still a way to use WhatsApp with inactive numbers. You need to use it with WiFi access to get the signals you need to send and receive data. It is also important that you leave the app as it is on your device. If you uninstalled WhatsApp from an inactive number, you might face problems after reinstalling it.

2. Will WhatsApp work if I remove my SIM card?

Since WhatsApp doesn’t use your SIM card after account creation, you can remove it from your phone and use it. But it would help if you had a WiFi connection because you can’t use mobile data. After all, you don’t have a SIM.

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