How to Connect Mobile internet to Laptop? – Complete Guide

Do you want to connect mobile internet to PC? If you want to connect your mobile internet to your computer then you must create a WiFi hotspot on your mobile.

The feature comes handy for any devices you use either in iOS or Android, the process is really simple. However, if you are not able to create a hotspot then tethering your mobile to your computer works fine.

There is a catch.

The situation I tethered my mobile to a computer when only my mobile was connected to a secured WiFi network using MAC and my laptop was not allowed on that wireless network. That means you cannot connect you MAC secured WiFi unless you are allowed by admin.

On that case, the only way to use that internet is, just by tethering your existing connected device to the computer.

Tethering can save a lot more battery and charge up your phone where the connecting to a mobile hotspot drains the battery very fast.

Likewise, tethering is more simple and easiest process than creating a hotspot. Just connect USB and go.

Still, you can use the mobile hotspot if you are willing to share your SIM card data with multiple devices. That’s simple and secure, as you get the option to set a password as well.

This article will guide you step-by-step with all of the methods which might be helpful to connect your laptop with the mobile internet.

What is Tethering & Mobile Hotspot?

Before we start the process, here is a quick introduction on tethering & portable hotspot. Tethering is a feature on your iPhone or Android, which can share your mobile data instantly with other devices once you enable it.

Likewise, mobile hotspot acts just like a router. Once you turn on your mobile hotspot, this will create an active network SSID which can be used by other users in a sufficient range.

Where on tethering you can connect to only one PC at a time but using the hotspot feature, you can access the internet from multiple devices in a particular range of that SSID.

How to connect mobile internet to the laptop?

If you are using iOS devices then the process is going to be really simple. You can use either the tether or hotspot method to share your internet connection with a computer.

Share Mobile Internet with PC image guide

Connect using Tethering (iPhone):

To tether the iPhone internet with the computer just do the following steps below:

At first, turn on data connection on your mobile and arrange a USB cable for the tethering.

iphone settings

Step 2:
Open your iPhone settings and tap on the option ‘Wireless & networks’.

Step 3:
Now, look for the option ‘USB tethering’. If you have connected the USB cable to your PC, you will get a tick box to enable the feature and once you tap on the box or give tick, you are connected.

iphone tether

That all you have to do in case of USB tethering. Sometimes this may ask to install the required driver to use this tethering.

Connect using Portable Hotspot (iPhone):

If you want to share your internet without any USB cable and to multiple devices then this method can help you with that. See the following guide below:

Step 1:
At first, open menu and tap on iPhone settings.

Step 2:
Now, just tap on there and then tap on ‘Personal hotspot’ option. You have to turn the hotspot ‘ON’ to create an active network that will be used to share the mobile internet. You can set or change the SSID or password as per your choice.

iphone hotspot

Step 3:
Once you had done all of these, just look for the WiFi network from your device on your laptop and once you connect to that network, you can use the internet.

That’s really simple. Now, connect to the SSID from your laptop.

How to Connect Android Mobile Internet to Laptop?

On Android devices, sharing the mobile internet or WiFi internet is easier. If you are connected to any WiFi network or using your mobile internet you can share it with one or more computers. Tethering and using WiFi Hotspot is the safest and simplest way for Android to start.

Connect using Mobile Hotspot:

If you want to share your mobile data with one or multiple devices then you have to take help of the portable hotspot as well on Android. Here is the process below:

Step 1:
Just open your Android settings and go to ‘Wireless & networks’.

Step 2:
Now, tap on ‘Tethering & portable hotspot’ option and there you have to turn on the ‘Portable hotspot’ option.

android hotspot settings

Step 3:
Now you have to tick the box to enable this option. Also, you can set up the SSID network as per your choice.

Step 4:
Now, go to your PC and find SSID there and connect with that.

That’s all done. If you can set data usage limit on your Android if you have limited data on your mobile.

Connect using Android mobile Tethering

If you want to share your internet via USB cable from your Android device to laptop, here you follow the guide below:

Step 1:
Go to settings and tap on ‘Wireless & networks’.

Step 2:
From the options just tap on ‘Tethering and portable hotspot’ option. Now, connect USB from your mobile to PC and tick the USB tethering option.

iphone tethering

Now, you have done the set up completely. You can use this method to share the internet without using the hotspot network.

Drawbacks and Advantages:

You can use the tether or hotspot method as per your choice but both of the features are having some advantages and drawbacks. Here, these are listed below:

1. If you are using tether then you can connect the mobile internet to only one device whereas on the hotspot you can share the internet to multiple devices.

2. When your mobile is on active hotspot then you might notice that your mobile battery will start to decrease rapidly but on USB tethering your mobile gets charged.

3. If you use hotspot you can skip the step of using data cable but on tethering, you don’t need any password. However, you can keep your hotspot network password free.

If you want to share mobile internet then hotspot is the better option but if you are willing to share the mobile wifi then USB cable is the best option from the side of power saving as well.

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