How to Delete Signal Messages for Everyone? – After Limit

If you want to delete the Signal messages you can do this even after you read them just by pressing the Delete option. If the message is sent to you then you can delete it from your chat but the same is kept on the sender’s Signal chat and if you’re the sender then you can delete messages for everyone if that’s not too late.

Signal Delete for Everyone Time Limit:

Signal would allow users to delete any messages on chat within 3 hours from both sides and after that, you can only remove the message from your Signal account but the person on the other side can still see the messages until he deletes those by himself.

To delete any Signal messages from your chat, just tap & hold onto the messages and this will pop up an option to delete. Just tap on the ‘Delete for Everyone’ option and confirm to delete the messages.

To clear all messages on the chat, just tap on the messages and select multiple and you will get the ‘Delete for Me’ option and continue to delete them all from your Signal account chat.

This article will show you all the methods that you can use in order to delete the Signal messages from your mobile and you can follow any of those methods that best suits you.

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Can you Delete a Signal Message after Reading it?

Yes, the messages in the signal chat can be deleted after reading. Users can delete the message which they had sent in three hours time period. Sometimes a user wants to make information confidential so he can delete that information as he reads it.

There are two methods by which a read message can delete:

By the User who Sent that Message: This user can choose the option to delete for everyone by tapping on that message. The message will be automatically deleted from the receiver’s phone also it will only be possible within three hours of the message. After that only you see the ‘Delete for Me’ option is available.

By the User who Received the Message: This user can simply tap the message and choose the option ‘Delete for Me’. The message will be permanently deleted from the chat, but the sender can still see the message.

What Happens to messages if you Delete Signal App?

There are a few things that might occur if you uninstall the Signal app.

From the sender’s view those are the following:

  • If you just remove Signal, then users sending a message to you will see that you didn’t read the message, but they do not know that you left Signal.
  • The existing messages in the app also get deleted if you didn’t back up the message before uninstalling the App.

So, to enable the backup, Open the Signal settings > Go to chats> Chats Backup> And click on Turn On. If you want to quit using Signal, you should delete the account first (can be found in the extended settings), before you uninstall the app.

How to Delete All Messages in Signal?

You can delete all the messages from the Signal app if you know the basic deletion steps for a single message, if the person has read the message you will see only the ‘DELETE FOR ME’ option.

Now, all the received or sent messages on the Signal app can be deleted from your chat but the same will stay on the other person. In order to clear all messages from your Signal chat,

  1. First of all, just go to the Signal app and open that chat.
  2. Now tap on the messages and select multiple as you want.
  3. Just tap on the delete trash icon and you will see the option.
  4. Now tap on the ‘Delete for Me‘ option.Delete for Me if read signal app
  5. You will see ‘This message was deleted’ stamp on the chat.deleted message signal app

Your messages will be deleted. If you want to delete the unread messages sent by you then first delete that everyone at first and then proceeds to multiple deletions of previous messages.

Alternative Method:

For Android Users:

  • First of all, open the signal app & tap the avatar icon at the top left corner of the app screen.
  • Open profile from the dialogue Box.
  • Open data and storage from the Menu & click on Manage Storage.
  • Tap on clear messages.
  • Tap on History and Select delete to permanently delete the messages.

For iOS Users:

  • Firstly, open the signal app.
  • Tap the avatar icon at the top left corner of the app screen.
  • Open profile from the dialogue box and tap on chats.
  • Tap on Clear History and then tap on Delete Everything.

How to Delete Signal Messages limited 3 Hours?

If you want to delete the Signal messages within 3 hours then there are a few steps and the best thing is you can delete the message for everyone if the other person has not read that yet. Signal would allow you to do that within 3 hours only.

To delete messages for Everyone in the chat within 3 hours,

  1. First of all, launch the Signal App and open the chat.
  2. Now scroll and open the message of the particular chat you want to delete.
  3. Make sure it’s not read yet and tap on the message.
  4. Just tap & hold the messages and then tap on the trash icon.tap on trash icon
  5. Now you will see the ‘Delete for Everyone‘ option. delete message for everyone

Just tap on the Delete option in order to delete the message from your Signal app and this message will be deleted from both sides.

Note: The delete for everyone is only available Within the time limit of 3 Hours.

How to Delete Signal Message from Desktop?

The steps to delete the Signal messages directly from the desktop actually nearly similar to what you do in the mobile app.

Just the appearance of the delete option is slightly different. You can delete all the messages from your Signal app and from your desktop, the process becomes easier.

To delete a particular chat or its messages of an individual:

  1. First of all, just open the Signal on your desktop and go to the chat of particular which you want to delete.
  2. Just see the messages and click on the three-dots icon beside the message.
  3. By clicking on there, now just tap on the ‘Delete Message‘ option.delete message signal desktop
  4. Just confirm the deletion of the message and your message on Signal is deleted.

You can’t delete multiple chats. The above option can be used to delete the other messages as well by repeating the same steps.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained the methods to instantly delete the messages from your Signal app and to clear the all messages you can delete them all for everyone if they are sent within last 3 hours but after that only you can delete your chat from your side.

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