How to Disable WhatsApp Calls? – Android & iPhone

Disabling WhatsApp calls might help you to not receive any calls either for one person or for all. But, basically, you would not see the option on your WhatsApp unless you use a tweak in order to disable the incoming calls.

You can disable the incoming WhatsApp calls if you’re getting disturbed by someone even without blocking him. That means if someone on WhatsApp consistently calls you but you don’t want to block the person then you have a few ways to just block the calls so that it would not show up on your screen.

There are many ways to block unknown numbers from sending messages. Now, the basic method to disable the calls from everyone on WhatsApp while you are not using the app, you can just go to the Apps settings and from there just disable the WhatsApp messenger.

To disable the WhatsApp calls, you just ignore all calls in your WhatsApp by disabling notifications or turning off the internet (if not using) or you can use the WhatsApp tweak like Fouad WhatsApp in order to disable the calls on your WhatsApp while you’re using it.

Note that by disabling the calls using the advanced method you would not get notified of who called you. However, by using the basic methods you can see the missed calls on WhatsApp.

In this article, I will explain all the methods for devices like Android or iOS and the ways to disable the WhatsApp calls either in basic methods or using third-party apps.

Advantages of disabling the WhatsApp call:

There are many reasons you may feel the need to disable the WhatsApp call feature from your mobile.

Below are the listed ones:

  • Not every person who has your contact number will be able to call you and disturb you.
  • You are not likely to get distracted at work, workouts, or even at time.
  • Your privacy will be secured and protected if someone tries to figure out–you’re online.
  • Less use of data and automatically more time to be productive.
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Turn off WhatsApp Call Notifications from the lock screen

Since we know how much disturbance WhatsApp calls can do so it’s better to disable those, no such feature is officially given by WhatsApp, so one thing you can do to keep yourself away from disturbance is to stop WhatsApp calls from showing on the lock screen or blocking unwanted people who are calling you on WhatsApp.

Note that to turn off the calls for WhatsApp you just have to turn off the notifications.

To turn off the WhatsApp call notifications from the lock screen,

  • Open your phone’s settings. Browse through it then go to: Apps Settings. apps settings for notifications
  • Then go to Installed App and choose WhatsApp from the list of apps.
  • Go on WhatsApp notifications.
  • A drop-down list will appear showing you all the active WhatsApp notifications like message notifications, media notifications.
  • Then look for the call notifications and turn that off or you can disable all notifications if needed for WhatsApp. turn off whatsapp calls notifications
  • You will no longer see WhatsApp calls notifications on your lock screen.

NOTE: When you disable the call notifications, the WhatsApp messages notification will still be showing on your lock screen but it will stop WhatsApp calls from showing on the lock screen.

Disable WhatsApp Calls on Phone using Third-party Apps

Sometimes you do not only want to disable the WhatsApp call notification but to disable the WhatsApp calls to come up, so you can take the help of third-party apps to disable WhatsApp calls.

The two most famous apps are listed:

1. WA Tweaks

WA tweaks is a strange but quite useful application when it comes to disabling WhatsApp calls, it allows you to get access to hidden features and tricks of WhatsApp.

  • Download the ‘WA Tweaks app on your device and install it.
  • Then turn off the Airplane mode, as it works offline.
  • Then go to device Settings > Apps Settings.
  • Select WhatsApp and click on force stop, it will stop WhatsApp to work for some time.
  • Now open WA tweaks and click on “Extra”.
  • Then click on ‘Disable calls’ to turn off the calls appearing on the screen.
WA Tweaks -

Boom! You’ve disabled WhatsApp calling features on your device.

2. Using Fouad WhatsApp

There are quite useful copies of WhatsApp like Fouad WhatsApp, it comes up with some additional cool features that are not available in normal WhatsApp.

  • First of all, take back up of your WhatsApp and uninstall the original WhatsApp
  • Then download & install the Fouad WhatsApp app using apk.
  • Enter the same number you were using WhatsApp.
  • Restore the chat’s backup and all the media files.
  • You will be able to see three vertical dots on the upper right, do click on them.
  • Go to the ‘Privacy & Security‘ option and choose the ‘Who can call me?‘ option. Fouad WhatsApp caller
  • Now choose whatever you want to set for that option and choose the ‘Nobody‘. Fouad WhatsApp - nobody calls
  • This will disable the calls from every WhatsApp user, although you can set other options as per your need.

This is it! You have successfully disabled WhatsApp calls.

How to Disable WhatsApp Calls on Android?

There are many useful apps available for android users which you can use to disable the WhatsApp calling feature on your device. The most famous and trustworthy application is “Disable WhatsApp Calls”. This is the best and highly rated app that you can use to disable WhatsApp calls.

  • Go to its official website, download the app and install it on your device.
  • Now open the “Disable WhatsApp Calls”.
  • After that click on “Service”, then select options under ‘Global preferences’.
  • By this, the calling feature in WhatsApp gets disabled.
  • Then select the Incoming call and Outgoing calls option.
  • Now, just make sure the ‘Incoming calls‘ option is unticked. disable whatsapp call app

You can also choose only Incoming calls and keep outgoing calls on, it depends on your choice.

How to Disable WhatsApp Calls on iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user then you find it irritating, but unlike android users, iPhone does not allow to disable WhatsApp calls and their notifications. So the best ways to get rid of the disturbance of WhatsApp calls on an iPhone are:

  • Put the iPhone on mute or silent.
  • Disable all the WhatsApp notifications.
  • Block the person.
  • Turn on the do not disturb mode of your iPhone.

If you’re on your iPhone that’s all you’ve to follow.

Disable WhatsApp calls from Unknown numbers

Like WhatsApp plus there are other successful copies of WhatsApp like AZwhatsapp pro, GBwhatsapp, and many more. Using these apps you can not only disable the WhatsApp calls but also be able to block WhatsApp calls from unknown numbers.

  • First of all, copy for WhatsApp backup and media files.
  • Then download the GBWhatsApp application from its official site and create a folder named GBWhatsApp in your file manager.
  • Paste the copied backup and data into this folder.
  • Then install the GBWhatsApp app, agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • Enter the same no. you are using for your WhatsApp.
  • Restore the chat’s backup and all the media files.
  • You will be able to see three vertical dots on the upper right, do click on them.
  • Now, notice the option “Who can call me”.

You can now select the persons who can call you and even block unknown numbers to call you on Whatsapp.

The Bottom Lines:

If you want to disable the WhatsApp calls then you can just turn off the notifications and that will block the calls from appearing on the screen but this shows the missed calls in your WhatsApp calls section. Although, the tweak apps or the Fouad WhatsApp can do this as an additional feature just by turning off the calls from others.

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