Couldn’t Load Users Instagram – How To Fix

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If you see the error ‘Couldn’t Load Users on Instagram’ notification, this appears when you unfollow too many people too fast without any time interval in between.

This also happens when you use a third-party tool to follow or unfollow a bulk of users on your account.

To fix this, follow or unfollow the 15 users at intervals of 10 minutes. Do not unfollow/follow continuously and repetitively without any gaps.

Try disabling all third-party logins if you are using any type of third-party tool.

And last, even after everything, still facing the same notifications, then, try using Instagram on VPN. Install any VPN from google and open your Instagram over a private network.

Couldn’t Load Users Instagram – Why This Happens:

Following are the reasons why you are seeing the ‘Couldn’t Load Users’ error on your Instagram account:

1. You have followed too many people fast

The first prime reason for this notification can be that you have followed too many people fast. That means, from your Insta account you have sent too many follow requests too fast and you have started following too many people without a few minute gaps in between.

Also, if you unfollow too many people at once, then also, such notifications will trouble you. As per Instagram rules, you cannot follow or unfollow too many people this fast, at once. In between, you have to wait for a while and then again hit the follow button.

Actually, if someone does this type of activity, it is thought that a bot or an additional tool is doing so, which is totally against the terms of Instagram.

2. Third-Party Tool to Unfollow people (i.e. Instagram ++)

Any additional tool is strictly prohibited on Instagram. Hence, if you will use any third-party tool to unfollow a huge number of people from your Instagram account, then, you will definitely gonna face such notifications. You cannot use any kind of app or tool other than Instagram for any kind of purpose.

There are tons of third-party tools available on the internet such as Instagram ++, which would make your work easy and fast, but will put you in trouble. Hence, if you are using any such tools, then stop using them, remove your account from that app and then, use Instagram, this notification would not trouble you anymore.

Couldn’t Load Users Instagram – How To Fix:

Here are some of the effective fixes to solve the issue of couldn’t load users on Instagram:

1. Wait for 24 hours (Automatically fixes)

If you are one hundred percent sure, that, you have not used any third-party tool for following and unfollowing people from your account, then, there might be some technical glitch from the Instagram end.

It is not your fault that this notification is popping up on your account, but is from the provider’s end. To fix this, you have to wait for at least 24 hours and then, refresh your Instagram and start using it again, and the problem is resolved.

Other than that, you cannot do anything, because the problem is not from your end, but from the provider end or maybe in the server, that unnecessarily Instagram is sending you such notifications. Hence, wait for 24 hours, and the issue will be resolved automatically.

2. Disable all Third-party tools

If you are using any kind of third-party app for following or unfollowing people from your account, then, instantly, disable it. The moment you will disable it, your Instagram will start working, smoothly like before without any such notification.

Instagram does not allow the usage of any kind of tools other than its own app, hence one should not use them for any kind of activity. Also, many of such tools look safe, but collect data and attack Instagram’s server, which ultimately will harm you in the future.

3. Enable VPN then open Instagram

Even after fixing everything, still facing the same notification issue, then, you should enable VPN and then, open Instagram. VPN is a kind of web browser which mask your network and let you use and search for whatever you want to do. It is basically a private network.

If the problem is with the network you are using to run Instagram on your device, then you should try changing the network line. Hence, for that, download any VPN from the internet on your device and then open Instagram and use it. This will definitely solve your problem.

There are many best VPNs available on Internet, that you can install easily on your device. Just follow the instructions to use it. And, nothing to worry about, VPN is not a third-party tool. It is a legal and google approved network line.

How To Prevent The couldn’t Load Users Error:

After everything, the preventive measures that you have to be careful about, so next time, you would not face the error notification.

1. Stop repetitively unfollowing users in your following list

You should not repetitively unfollow users from your account. You can definitely unfollow people, but some amount of people at a time.

Do not unfollow a bulk of users at once. This will create issues and send the wrong indication to the Instagram community, which then imposes restrictions and send these notifications. Hence, unfollow or follow people, but not in a repetitive manner.

2. Stop using third-party apps

Third-party apps create problem in the server and hence is prohibited to use. Hence, if you are using any type of third-party tool, then, stop using it and do not use it. The network of Instagram is very strong, it will sense your invalid activity and, start sending you such notifications. Hence, one should not perform any against the term’s activity.

3. Unfollow a maximum of 15 users in an interval of 10 mins

The most important instruction, unfollow or follow a maximum of 15 users at once and that too in an interval of 10 mins.

For example, if you have followed or unfollowed 15 people now, then wait for at least 10 minutes, refresh the tab and then, do the same for the next. Do not unfollow or follow too many people at once, without any time gap in between.

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