How to Get Free Chegg Answers? – Unblur Chegg answers

Chegg is the most important for all types of people who seek answers online. But, Chegg is premium, and only the users paying for it can see the answer link or ask questions depending on the plan they have. Chegg offering its plan on $14.95 and this can be canceled anytime.

If you any type of questions or need a solution then Chegg experts will do that for you, for that you just have to register for a Chegg account. But, there are some ways that can help you see the answers and I found the best alternatives that you can use in this regard. Also, there are some sites that are having temporary services or ongoing and providing students their answers from Chegg for free.

To get free Chegg answers, you can use the free Chegg accounts that are people sharing online for help or you can go with the 14.95 USD price plan that you can cancel anytime even the next day. However, you can use the alternatives to Chegg that are free (mentioned in this context).

Here, in this article, I will explain all the methods that you can use to get the free Chegg answers and the best alternatives that you can use instead of Chegg.

How to Get Chegg Answers for Free?

There are many ways that you can use to get the free Chegg answers, I have listed a few below:

1. Try Chegg Study for Free Answers

Chegg is a website which offers to solution to all your educational and academics queries. With just paying few bucks all your questions will be answered, an extremely simple way to get answers.

You can directly search Chegg solutions by using any search engine such as Google or Bing. Although this process works on the principle that can be easily accessed by getting the Chegg subscription by signing up the Chegg solution which costs a small amount of just only $14.95, even the subscription can easily be canceled whenever you feel don’t want a subscription anymore.

You do not have to worry about the money as Chegg doesn’t charge any money after canceling the Chegg subscription or free trial.

But this free subscription will valid only for one month after that if you want to continue then you have to pay $14.95. In this app, you have to just log in with a Google account and after that, you can post your question and get an answer at the same time. But here is mentioned a way by which you can get a free subscription without paying $14.95.

To get the free Chegg answers,

  1. First of all, install the Chegg Study app on your mobile.chegg study app
  2. Go to Chegg to get a subscription of one month worth 14.95 USD (you can cancel it later).
  3. After that just select the option of Try Chegg study.chegg price
  4. Next thing you will create an account by filling in the email ID and password.
  5. After that, the two plans will be pop up on the screen but you have to select $14.95.

But don’t worry the subscription can be canceled anytime; they don’t charge any money after cancellation. Now proceed on this app, there are more than 10000+ textbooks available and you can see the experts’ answers.

2. Unblur Chegg Answer links with the Free accounts

Chegg is a platform that provides services in terms of solutions to questions. There are numerous ways by which you can unblur answer links without investing any money. One of the ways to unblur Chegg’s answer is by using Chegg free accounts.

To get the answer on Chegg,

  • You have to just copy the whole question and after entering click on the Get answer button.
  • After selecting the question page the link and your email ID.
  • The last thing you have to do is select the submit option and wait for at least 30 minutes to get answers to that question.

The one more way to unblur Chegg links with the free account. The first thing you have to do select the question link for which you want the answer.

And after open the Telegram app and search for those channels that are providing or sharing Chegg’s free accounts. In those groups, you can get the answers directly by asking the question or you can ask for free Chegg accounts. There are some people who are sharing the Chegg account with each other with premium plan fees that are divided by everyone. By becoming a part of such a group you can totally enjoy the premium Chegg for almost free.

Although, you can create such a group if you want to share any planned price with most of the members and if you have the members who wish to join the plan, you can go with this plan.

But, already there are more online groups or communities where you can get such services for free. Just search such groups on Google and you will definitely find some of those.

Best Chegg Alternatives in 2021

Chegg is one of the very best websites to get all the solutions for all your academic queries but that is manual. However, there are other websites that can be used for the same purpose.

Below the list of tools that are alternative to Chegg and I have mentioned those:

1. Google Lens

Google just developed a much better feature to understand the unknown or name the unknown. Besides this feature, this AI-inspired technology can search the whole internet and show you the best answer in just a few seconds.

Google Lens vs chegg

For example, if you just tap on the Google Lens and scan any questions or math questions, this will search the whole web and show the appropriate answer exactly what you were looking for. That is why the Google Lens is now the best alternative to Chegg, although Chegg can manually answer the questions by experts that is a paid thing whereas the Google Lens is free.

2. is a platform for online tutoring services. This site works completely online which gives answers to the query. On this site certified teachers, professors, masters in the different niches will give answers to your query. The whole application process for the teaching is online. After acceptance of the application and interview session, you will able to teach students and help them with their homework. From this website teachers and students, both get the benefit.

3. Eduboard

Eduboard allows the student to ask questions on more than 40 subjects. The Eduboard gives students a great learning experience and a student-friendly environment. This website helps students with their homework, students ask queries related to their subject and place order of homework and essay writing, you can set your prices according to the assignment.

For applying tutors of the board at least yow will either have a masters degree in that particular subject or already have graduated from the college of Canada. This website also helps in completing assignments, the teachers can also earn a good sum of money from Edubpoard.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explains the ways that you can use in order to get free Chegg answers and the methods that are working only, mentioned here above. Also, you can try the alternatives that are free, which I have mentioned in this article.

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