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To get sound on Reddit videos, open the app and go to any video. Now, tap on the video, and on the lower right side of the video, you will see a “speaker” icon.

Next, tap on that ‘speaker’ icon, you will get the sound. 

Also, make sure your device is not on silent mode and the volume is also high enough to listen to the video.

However, there are many videos on Reddit, which by default, do not have sound. And that is why you are not getting sound. And with such videos, you cannot do anything. 

Reddit Video Upload – No Sound Checker:

Why Does reddit video upload Have no sound:

There are many reasons why you can’t get sound on your Reddit videos, let’s find those:

1. Maybe the Sound is Disabled for Videos

Maybe the sound is Disabled for videos

If you are not getting the sound in Reddit Videos, the most prominent reason for this can be “Disabled the sounds for Videos”.

It is possible that after installation, you might not have given the “Reddit” app access to your device’s sounds, because of which you are not able to hear the sound. Nothing to worry about, this is quite general.

For this, go to ‘Reddit’s’ settings sections and under sounds, check whether the sounds are ‘ON’ for videos or not.

2. Your Phone is in Silent Mode

Your phone is on Silent Mode

Turn OFF the silent mode of your mobile device. Many applications do not sound when the device is in silent mode. Hence, when your mobile device is on silent mode, the sound of videos also goes OFF, due to which, you do not get sound.

Therefore, remove your phone from silent mode, increase the volume with the help of the volume keys on the side, and now, try playing Reddit videos. Check whether you are getting the sound or not. 

3. The Video has No Sound by Default

The video has no sound by default

You may find it strange, but there are a lot of videos, not only on Reddit but on YouTube as well, that do not have sounds by default. There is no sound at all on that video and that is why when you play the video you do not hear any sound.

The creator has created and uploaded the video without sound and yes, it is possible to put a video without sound.

In such cases, you cannot do anything. You have to watch that video without sounds. 

How To Turn on Sound on Reddit App:

Well, if the sound is not audible, due to some technical reasons, then let’s find the ways to fix it and turn ON the sound on the Reddit app:

Step 1: Open the Reddit app

On your device, open the “Reddit” app. Log in to your Reddit account and open the app.

Once opened, go to any video and play it. When you will play the video, you will see many icons and options on the video. 

To turn “ON” the audio, you will get the option, there, on the video itself. 

Also, make sure, your phone is not on silent mode and the volume is also high.

Step 2: Tap on the Video

Tap on the Video

Now, look at the video. When you will play the video, at the bottom you will see two things. One is the play and pause button along with the time duration scale and the second is a ‘speaker’ icon towards the lower right side.

If you do not see these options, simply, lightly tap on the video. Now, you will be able to see the option at the bottom.

Also, it will again go away after a few seconds, but nothing to worry about. It will again appear on the screen with a single tap on the video. 

Step 3: Tap on the Speaker icon to Turn On sound

Tap on the Speaker icon

Next, to turn ON the sound, tap on the video and then tap on the “Speaker” icon on the lower right side of the video. 

Increase the volume of the phone, if the sound is too low. 

Rest, make sure, your phone is on ‘general mode’ and the volume is also high enough to listen to the video clearly.

That’s all. Whenever you are not getting the sound, just, tap on the video and then hit the ‘speaker’ icon. You will get the sound, instantly.

Also, if the video does not have any sound by default, it will notify you when you hit the speaker icon.   

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to get sound on Reddit GIFs?

Usually, GIFs do not have sound. GIFs are simply an image format and do not contain sound. 

However, if the GIFs are “audio GIFs”, then they will have a sound. To get a sound on Reddit ‘audio’ gifs, simply play it and increase the volume of your device. The sound will be audible to you.

2. Why Can’t I hear sound on Reddit videos?

There can be many reasons why you are not able to hear sound on Reddit videos, such as:

  • Your phone volume is set to low or is on zero. Check your phone’s volume and increase it.
  • You have not ON the sound of the video. Tap on the video and see whether the speaker icon on the lower right end of the video is displayed with the cross, i.e.., OFF or is ON. if OFF, tap and ON it, you will get the sound.
  • And, last, the video does not have a sound by default. 

3. How To Make a Reddit Video With Sound?

On the Reddit app, there is an option to create a video and upload it. At the time of making a video or during editing it, you can add a sound, by choosing from the phone. 

The options are very handy on the Reddit app.

Also, you can upload a pre-recorded and edited video on Reddit. In both ways, you can add sound to videos.

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