How to Get your Roblox Account Back?

Getting your old Roblox account back is possible but if your account was blocked or banned by the Roblox team, there are fewer chances that you will get it back.

When your account is banned for violation of guidelines, then sending requests to the Roblox support team or appealing them over mail might help you get your account back. It’s totally up to them as they’ve blocked your account for severe violation of their terms & conditions.

To get back your Roblox account, if your account is in an inactive state and you’ve not used it for a few months, you should know that it’s still there as Roblox doesn’t take notice of inactive accounts for some time. You just need to log in using the right details and you can restore it, otherwise, just send an email request to the Roblox team and your account will be restored.

You can even recover your username by using your email if you’ve forgotten the details. You can change and reset your password if you don’t remember the previous one too.

If you’ve forgotten your account details you can recover or reset it and then log in to your account.

In this article, you’ll get to know about all the techniques & methods to employ to get your old Roblox account back. If you’re looking for ways to recover your Roblox account, here you go.

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What happens to your Roblox Account?

You will notice a few things on your Roblox account whether you get blocked by Roblox or due to inactivity. Both explained here differently:

When Roblox is Terminated:

If your Roblox account has been blocked for misuse or after warnings for disobeying their guidelines, you may not get it back ever. But when you wish to do so, you can try to contact the customer support service to request your account back as a chance of recovery.

  • If you’re blocked or banned and you need to contact the Roblox Support team to review the situation to see if there’s any mistake.
  • You need to submit an appeal to get in unbanned or unblocked, but that doesn’t guarantee that it will be accepted by the Roblox authorities and will restore it back.

If they’ve banned your account for violating their guidelines or for other offensive activities, it’s a solid ban. You may write or send a request to the Roblox team to let them know that your account was not in your control and then wait and see if they’ll accept the request.

If Roblox is not in Use:

When you’ve not used your Roblox account for quite some time, you should know that it’s still there. You just need to login into your account using the correct details or information and you’re good to go.

  • When you haven’t requested for deletion of your account or haven’t got it deleted, then your account will be in an inactive state.
  • Roblox does not delete inactive accounts for many years. So you should find it in an inactive state. You can restore it by logging into your account once again, if forgot login details just reset.
  • Make sure you’re using the correct information to get into the account.

How to Get your Roblox Account Back?

You have many ways to get back your Roblox account depending on how it was blocked. Let’s dive into more:

1. Send Email From Registered Mail:

If your Roblox account has been closed or blocked by the team, you can try to get it unblocked or recover it by sending an appeal via email.

You need to send the request using the same email address which is registered to your Roblox account so there’s no issue of identification.

Your appeal doesn’t provide you with a guarantee that your account will be unblocked. It depends on the support team.

Hence, you can just send an appeal via mail or the appeal form for the recovery of your account.

roblox contact form
  • Use your registered account and send an appeal to [email protected] This is their support team to whom you need to place an appeal.
  • State your issue and request an appeal to get it back. You need to request support and ask help from the team.
  • You need to mention your request clearly and politely via mail and send it to the support team for them to look into the matter.
  • The team usually gets back to the user within less than 24 hours with an answer after reviewing the situation. If they’ve closed it, then you may get it back after they review the situation.
  • If your account has been blocked wrongly, then there are chances that you would get it back after mailing them your problem. The support team will get back to you after they look into the situation.
  • There’s nothing you can do but just appeal to get your account back when it’s banned for literal violation of terms & conditions.

2. Reset Password Using Mail

If your account is in an inactive state, you can have it back by logging in. But if you’ve lost your password, there’s a way to reset a new one. You can do it using your email address which is linked to your Roblox account.

Resetting your password using the mail is just what you need to do to get your account back. You need to follow and act according to some exact steps:

roblox reset password 1
  1. Get into the login page of your Roblox account.
  2. You need to click on the option ‘Forgot username/ password?’ to continue with the process.
  3. Now you need to Enter your Registered Email in the Email box flashing on your screen. It has to be the same one that is in your Roblox account.
  4. You’ll receive an email from the Roblox team. You can open the mail and click on Reset Password or you can click on the link.
  5. It will open a new page where you need to set a new password. But if you’ve more than one account, this new page will show you the list of accounts linked with the mail.
  6. You need to select the account whose password you want to reset.Next enter the new password, confirm it, and press the Submit button and it’s done.
roblox reset password 2

3. Recover Account Username Using Mail

If you’ve lost your Roblox username and you can’t log in, you need to get it back. You can do that using your email.

As it’s not possible to login into your old Roblox account without the correct username, you need to recover your username first using the registered mail address and then log in to your account.

But if you need to recover the username name of the account, here are the steps that you need to follow to do and then use the username to log in.

(You need to make sure you’re using the correct mail address)

To find the Username of a Roblox account,

  1. Open the login page of Roblox. You’ll be able to see and select the option ‘Forgot Username or Password‘. Click on it.
  2. The page will take you to the Password tab but you need to select and get into the Username tab which you’ll find next to the Password tab.
  3. Now they’ll ask you to enter your e-mail address which is linked to your Roblox account.
  4. Enter the correct email address and then click on Submit to proceed with it.
  5. You’ll be able to see a message box prompting on your screen with the confirmation that they’ve sent a mail.
  6. Open your mail account and in the mail, you’ll be able to see the new mail received.
  7. Now you can use the username and login to your Roblox account and it’s restored successfully.
roblox forgot username

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained that when your Roblox account has been locked for violation of Terms & Guidelines, you may not ever get it back. But you can mail your request to the support team and wait for their response if it is possible to get back. But if you’ve just been inactive for years, you can get into it by logging in to it. If there’s another problem, like you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it and use your account again.

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