How to Hide WiFi Network SSID on Tp-Link & Linksys?

If you are running a wireless network that has its SSID is not hidden or without a password then the security you have is zero. It is better to hide wireless network SSID on routers to prevent it from being seen by other persons.

Options are slightly different for each router but, almost the same. You just need to get an overview to complete this easily.

We have covered some routers in this article i.e. Linksys (Cisco), Tp-Link, Tenda.

What is SSID Actually?

Some people may have doubts about understanding the SSID mentioned here. It is the WiFi network name that you will need to connect with to browse the internet.

Service Set Identifier is broadcasted with a password in maximum time. That means you have to input the password to connect to the SSID. It is not the password itself.

Using Hidden Networks is Secure or not?

iOS 10 warns users if they connect to any hidden network as this may expose personal visible information. Although, in Windows OS, you have to connect the hidden networks (non-broadcast). Also, using security for devices is always recommended. Does Hiding the SSID Ensures Security to the Network?

There are some applications available which scan and unhide the network in a few seconds. Also, disabling the broadcast does not turn off the SSID, this just hides it from your neighbors but few scanners can reveal that SSID easily.

That is why it is recommended to use the WPA2 Security password for your SSID. WPA2 is the standard security with the alpha-numeric system.

Infographic_How to Hide WiFi Network SSID

In this context, you have the step-by-step guide with screenshots on how to hide the wireless SSID.

Just follow the steps which are given below:

1. How to Hide Wi-Fi Network Name in Router?

Step 1: At first, open your web browser and open or target router IP (mentioned behind the router) to go to the login page.

[Default username & password: admin]

Note: For some routers the Gateway IP address is different. (Ex.;;; Find your router’s gateway IP from the router box where it is printed.

Login IP address

Step 2: Now login and open the wireless option from the router settings page.

Step 3: After that, you have to open the wireless settings on your router and hit disable to hide the SSID.

Hide wireless ssid
  • Linksys: Go to Wireless>>Basic Wireless Settings>>Disable ‘SSID Broadcast’>>Save.
  • Tp-Link: Go to Wireless>>Wireless Settings>>untick ‘Enable SSID Broadcast’>>Save.
  • Tenda: Go to Wireless>>Wireless Basic Settings>>Disable ‘SSID Broadcast’>>OK.

After saving the settings, you will see your internet connection is disconnected. Just connect it manually once again with the SSID & password.

2. How to Connect to the Hidden Wireless Network on PC?

After hiding the router SSID, you will not be able to find out your internet network in the open list.

Here is the process to follow to do this:

Step 1: At first, go to the control panel and click on Network and Internet.

Step 2: Then click on Network and Sharing Center. After that click on Manage wireless networks.

Network and Sharing Center

Step 3: After that, a new window will appear with the Add option. Just click on it.

Window will appear

Step 4: Then select Manually create a network profile.

Network profile

Step 5: Then enter the network SSID name, Security type and password (if any). Then press the Next button.

Network SSID

After pressing the next button, you will see your device now is connected to that SSID. Now, the SSID will not be hidden for this device unless you delete the network again.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained the ways that you can use to hide the wireless network or SSID from other users so that they can’t find it. Also, the steps mentioned here that you can take to connect to that SSID which is hidden.

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