How to Make Your Instagram Account Private? (iPhone & Android)

Make Your Instagram Account Private

Do you have an Instagram account that needs to keep private? If your Instagram account is personal or business then nothing changes, you have the features to make an Instagram account private.

Instagram is having more than 500 million users and photos posted by the users are publicly shared by default. But, you can now change the settings to hide all of your images just by making your Instagram profile private.

What the settings do is, just allow other users to follow you and once you approve her follow request then only you can view the private profile of that person. Still, you have some private Instagram viewers as well.

The MOST confusing part:

Does the hashtag affect the privacy of private posts?

The hashtag doesn’t affect your Instagram posts. If your profile is private then adding a hashtag still shows the post to those who are your followers on Instagram.

Here, in this article, just take a few steps to make an Instagram account private from the public:

How to Make Instagram Account Private on iPhone?

If you are using iPhone 11 or older then to make your Instagram account private just follow the steps below:

Step 1: First of all, open Instagram on your iPhone.

Step 2: Next, Tap onto the Profile icon (on the lower right section) to go to the profile section.

Step 3: Now, tap on the Gear icon to edit settings and you’ll find there the ‘Private Account’ option (going into Privacy and security>Account privacy).

How to Make Your Instagram Account Private_iphone android

Step 4: Finally, swipe this button to the right to enable your Instagram profile as private.

This is how you can do this on the iPhone.

How to Make Instagram Account Private on Android?

Now, if you are in Android the process is almost the same, just the placement of the options is slightly different depending upon your devices.

Step 1: Just open the Instagram app and hover below to find the profile icon.

Step 2: After you tap onto that the profile section will show up.

Step 3: Now, from there just take part in the Account Privacy settings and tap on the ‘Private Account’ option.

Once you turn it on the all public stuff of your account will go instantly private. Only your followers will be able to access those.

The Bottom Lines:
Setting your Instagram account private surely protects your posts from being shared from the public. But, if it’s your brand account then also the posts get restricted from reaching more public on Instagram.

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