How to Merge two Google photo albums?

If you have multiple Google photos accounts, you can combine those accounts.

Along with this, you can change the Google photos album ownership.
Cloud storage is really becoming very much popular nowadays and the reason behind this is safety.
You should know that,
Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage which offers free data of 15 GB per user. This 15GB includes Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive data at once.

So, if you’re merging two Google Drive files you may need higher storage capacity. Make sure the free 15 GB is enough for the DATA merge or choose an upgrade.  Now, Google One has the premium plans of 100 GB, 200 GB and 2 TB at a fixed monthly rate.

The hosted Google cloud photos are shareable and you can get it into your PC anytime you want. If you’re logged in, you can share your images by sending these to other email ids.

This also can merge multiple Google Photos accounts to access the same Google Photos album from another account.

Now, if you want to shift all Google photos from an old account to a new one, it’s possible.

The best part.

Google Drive also offers to save images on Google Photos directly from web pages.

If you want to move Google Photos from one to another account then the procedure is really simple and can be done in four easy ways you will learn here.

However, you can move the Google photos to another account by changing the ownership of the Google photos account.

Transfer Google photos album ownership

You can move the entire folder or a particular one to another Google Drive account including Google Photos, this process called migration.

Also, you download the photos from an old Google Photos account and then upload the folder to the new account. You can put unlimited storage in photos but this decreases the quality of pictures.

How to merge two Google photo albums?

If you need to keep the original size and quality then the free is limited to only 15GB. Although, this storage can be extended up to 200 GB in the premium plan.

Now, let’s discuss the procedures for transferring these Google photos to a new account.

Method #1: Merge Two Google Photos Albums

Google Photos although can store images up to 15 GB in original sizes. But, if you need to move these photos to other accounts or need to share with another Google Photos account then the process is really simple to share all photos at once. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1
At first, open Google Photos from your browser and log in.


Step 2
Next, click on ‘Albums’ from the left side menu.

Share Google Photos Album with Another

Step 3
Now, once you open an Album to transfer or share images, just click on the share icon from the top.

Share Google Photos

Step 4
Now type the secondary email ID which you want to give the permission to access the album photos.

Share Google Photos Album with Another Account 1

Also, from the left side click the ‘Assistant’ option.

There you can a partner account to access the photos using the shared album. This is how you can merge two Google Photos accounts.

Merge Google Photos Album _add partner account

You can choose what you want to transfer or share with another account. Then you can copy the shared album on that Google Photos account.

Method #2: Transfer Google Photos using Google Drive

If you have a lot more photos saved in Google photos, then you can move all the photos from one Google Drive to another. You can easily clone all of these images from the old account to the new Gmail account and then can delete these photos from the old Google Photos account. Just follow the step-by-step guide from below:

Step 1
Firstly, open Google Drive and click on the Settings gear icon.

Transfer Google Photos to Another google Drive Account

Step 2
Now from the General tab tick on ‘Create a Google Photos folder’ and click on DONE.

Google Photos in Google Drive Account

Step 3
Now find the Google photos folder inside My Drive and click on that folder.

Step 4
Now from the upper right corner click on Share ‘Google Photos’ icon.

Step 5
Now type the email ID, to where you want to send the photos. You can set up permission there and then click on the Send button.

Transfer Google Photos to Another google Drive

Step 6
Now open the secondary new account and open Google Drive and find ‘Shared with me’ option from the left side.

Step 7
Now once you find the folder named Google Photos, select the folder and click on ‘Add to My Drive’.

Transfer Google Photos _migrate

Step 8
Once it added to My Drive, just find it there and click on three dots icon and click ‘Make a copy’.

Transfer Google Photos to Another google Drive Account_done

This procedure would transfer all the files in that folder and now you can delete the shared folder from the old account as the new one is already created.

Migrate Photos from Old Google Account to New

Another simple way to move and migrate all the photos between two Google Photos accounts is by downloading all the photos from the old Google Photos account and uploading those to a new account. This process is really simple and risk-free and can be easily executed by a novice.

Process #1: Get Pictures from Google Backup (Download)

Follow the guide to know the procedure of downloading the pictures from Google Photos using Google Takeout: (Download from Account 1 and Upload to Account 2)

Step 1
Just open Google Takeout and find the Google Photos from the list. By default, all items will be selected. Just click on ‘SELECT NONE’ and tick on Google Photos option to enable the option to export the photos. Then click on the ‘NEXT’ button.


Step 2
Now on the new window, select ‘File type’ and highest ‘Archive size’ and click on the ‘CREATE ARCHIVE’ button.

Transfer Google Photos Download

NOTE: Once you click there, you will see the archive processing window. Just you can close the window. You will receive an email once the process is completed.

Step 3
Now you can download the zip file by clicking on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button.


This is the way you can use to export all Google Photos from Google Takeout.

How to Upload/Import the photos to the New Google Photos account?

Uploading the files is easier. Just unzip the folder at first and go with these steps:

Step 1
Open Google Photos and click on ‘Albums’ from the left side.

Step 2
Now Upload all the photos in the album by clicking on the ‘UPLOAD’ button.

Transfer Google Photos by uploading

Now all the photos are migrated on the new Google Photos account.

However, you can upload these to Dropbox or Flickr also.

Share Photo Link from One Google Photos Account to Another

If you want to move one or more photos, you can do this by sharing the photos with shareable links to other email ID. You can get also the shareable image links and send these to people. Just follow the procedure below:

Step 1
At first, open Google Photos account and click on the Photos option.

Move Photos from One Google Photos Account to other

Step 2
Now open any photo and click on the share icon from the top right corner.

share google photos by links

Step 3
Now click on the ‘Get Link’ option and you can share the image with other accounts.

get image links

Note: If you already have a shared album you can add the image into there.

Step 4
You can add email IDs of other accounts to share that image.


Then you can view that image from that another account and can add the image to Google Drive of that secondary account. This process is best recommended when you have only a few photos.

1. How to open Google Photos folder on Google Drive?

Ans: Just open Google Drive, click on settings. Now from the pop-up window tick on ‘Create a Google Photos folder’ and click save button. These will create a folder named Google photos and all the photos will be shown in folders. The folders are categorized by year and month.
2. What is the storage capacity offered per Google Photos Account?
Ans: Google Drive offers a cloud storage capacity of 15GB per user. This storage includes Google photos storage, Gmail storage, and drive storage at once. However, if you back-up the entire folder in high quality (offered by Google), you get unlimited storage for backing up your photos for free.
3. How to get Unlimited Free Storage in Google Photos?
Ans: It’s simple just install the Google photos application and run it by logging in to it. Just select unlimited free storage at the time of uploading the images to Google photos. This is how you can skip a premium plan to host your images for free on Google photos.
4. Can Google Photos Detect Duplicate Images?
Ans: Yes. Earlier in 2015, in an update, it is already cleared that Google photos amazingly detect the duplicates of the photos. This is an official confirmation from Google photos.
5. How to Download all Google Photos from Google Drive?
Ans: Just open Google drive from your browser. Now create Google photos folder if not any. Now download all the photos from there. Besides, you can find Google photos option on Google drive.

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