How To Pay With Cash On GrubHub

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You can not see which restaurants accept cash on GrubHub, and you have to check the reviews of the restaurants to find which restaurants accept cash on delivery.

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To pay with cash on GrubHub, log in to your account and enter the address of the restaurants.

Choose the order from the online restaurants and confirm the choice. Check the details and proceed to pay your money in cash.

To redeem a gift card on GrubHub, open the app’s Settings, tap Gift cards, enter the 17-digit code and claim your gift.

 Many restaurants in the USA accept cash on delivery, like Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, and many more.

🔯 Can I See Which Restaurants Take Cash On GrubHub?

No, you can not see which restaurants take cash on GrubHub because GrubHub does not have this feature. You can not do this from the GrubHub settings; instead, you can see the app reviews to check the supported restaurants; you can also check the reviews of the restaurants to check if it supports taking the cash through GrubHub or not. You would know this at the time of checkout.

How To Pay With Cash On GrubHub:

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch GrubHub App & Login

You must have the GrubHub app and a GrubHub account to make a payment by cash. If you have the GrubHub app, skip this step; this step is for those who don’t have the app; install the app from Google Play Store (for Android users) / App Store (for iOS users). Launch the app and sign up for a new account; log in with that credential if you have any existing account.

sign in page

Step 2: Allow Location Or Enter Us Address Manually

After logging in to your account, you will enter into the homepage of your GrubHub account, tap on the Search bar at the top and enter the US address manually to search for the restaurant or use Google location to do this task.

select address

After entering the appropriate address, you can see a pop-up containing some options, select the correct address from the list, and the list of the restaurants and the products of the restaurant will be shown there.

Step 3: Choose your Order from Online Restaurants

When the list of restaurants appears, you have to choose your order now. You can search manually for the restaurants and find your favorite one. You can Sort the results using the Filter feature and filter your search results. You can also use the item’s name in the search bar that you want to eat to search for the restaurants.

sort & filter feature

You have to ensure that the restaurant’s location is suitable for you.

search restaurants

Now choose the order by checking the reviews and the features they are providing, and depending upon these two parameters, select the item and move forward to the next step.

Step 4: Confirm Choices & Add To Bag

After choosing the item, you need to select the quantity of the product along with some other detailed selection. To confirm it click on the Make required choices option, and you will be navigated to the next page. Here on this new page, you can add additional food items. After choosing and selecting all the items, you need to confirm your choice. So click on the Add to bag option from the bottom of the list.

Quantity & add to bag

After that, click on the View Order option to see chosen orders; if you do not like any item, you can change and delete it. To delete the item click on it, and for the app, hold on the item’s name and select Edit or Delete.

add , edit or delete items

Step 5: Check Order & Proceed To Checkout

After choosing the items, you can change or delete them if you do not like them. To edit or delete the item, click on it, and for the app, hold on the item’s name and select Edit or Delete. If you do not want to change them, proceed to the next step.

Scroll down the page, check the exact amount like price, taxes, and delivery fees of the item, and click on the Proceed to checkout option. You can also select an amount to give a driver tip.

proced to chackout

Step 6: Enter Phone Number & Confirm Address

After proceeding, you will be redirected to a new page to enter your name and phone number and tap the Continue to address option from the bottom. Keep in mind that the phone number you have entered should be active; otherwise, he will not receive any information or update regarding his order. Now you have to confirm your address.

name, mobile no, confirm to address

You can use the saved address or change it to a new one. After selecting the address, click on the Review order option (for iOS/Android app) or Review and Place Your Order (for website).

Step 7: Choose Payment Option As ‘cash’

Now you have to review your order, which means checking everything about the item, phone number, and address; after checking all these things, go to the Your payment section. Tap on the drop-down menu icon, and the payment options will appear. You can pay using Google Pay, Debit Card, Credit Card, and Cash; click on Cash and confirm it.

select cash option

Now select the ‘Place your delivery order: $$$’ option for Android/iOS or ‘Place Your Order’ for the website. If you can not see cash, then maybe the Restaurant does not offer it, so cancel the order and change the restaurant, and order again until you get the cash option.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How To Redeem A Gift Card On Grubhub?

Suppose you win a gift card on GrubHub; then, open the GrubHub app and tap on the Settings option from the top right corner to redeem it. After typing on this option, you will be redirected to a new screen; select the Gift cards option, tap Redeem Gift, enter the 17 digits gift code, and claim your gift.

2. What Are The Food Restaurants That Deliver And Take Cash?

Many food restaurants in the USA deliver items and take cash, and you can search for the names on Google to find proper restaurant names. Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, and many other restaurants generally accept the cash-on-delivery policy.

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