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How To Fix Twitch Pop Out Player Not Working & Where to Find

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If you want to pop out Twitch chat or a streaming video then you can do it on the Twitch desktop with a few clicks but using the Twitch pop-out extension, you can make it really easier way.

There are different methods for popping out the stream chat from the settings in a few clicks or you can do it from the chat settings where the non-mod settings are just to be applied.

If you’re a streamer or viewer in both cases, the article shows you the methods in order to pop out the chat screen for the stream chat or video, although the chat pop-out option is easier to do from settings the screen pop-out is obviously possible with the extension that you might use.

How To Fix Twitch Pop Out Player Not Working:

You can try the following methods below to fix this if the Twitch pop-out player not working:

1. Using Floating Player Extension

The ”Floating Player” extension for Chrome is an extension that offers a float of videos or chats over the current windows on PC.

This is a tool for all of us who love to talk with friends on Twitch or watch videos on youtube while working.

floating player extension

🔴 How To Use:

You can even pop out the screen on your desktop using the extension on your Windows OS.

To pop out screen on Twitch desktop:

Step 1: First, go to Chrome Web Store and install the Floating player extension on your PC. Further, open the video or chat page.

Step 2: From the top right corner of Chrome, click on the extension icon to create Pop-out.

Step 3: Finally, you can adjust the size, and control the Pop-out the same as the window. And can watch YouTube or Twitch videos and do Twitch chat while working or using the internet.

2. Pop-Out Chat for Streamers

Streamers that get distracted by messages in the chat can pop out of the chat screen and enjoy the streaming. So, If you are Streamer and want to pop out your Twitch chat, you first need to switch to Non-Mod settings.

Follow the below steps for popping out your chat screen:

Step 1: On Twitch, Open your Twitch account by login in.

Step 2: Next, in the live stream, click on “Settings”. Then, a window appears with Mod settings.

Step 3: you will find many different settings like channel modes, preferences, tasks, etc., on the mod settings screen. But you have nothing to do with them.

Step 4: Then, you need to scroll down in mod settings and check the bottom, where you find the “Switch to Non-Mod settings”, and click on the option.

switch to non-mod settings twitch

Step 5: Finally, you have successfully switched to Non-Mod settings. Now, click on the “Popout Chat” option to open the Twitch chat in a separate window.

pop out chat_non-mod twitch

You can move the popping-out chat screen anywhere on your screen just as you drag the window from one point to another.

Where to Find The Twitch Chat on PC:

Firstly, You can only use the pop-out chat when the channel is live and viewers communicate. However, the process of starting popping out is much easier than earlier. In addition, It means that you no longer need to create an HTML file.

You can simply start it from the live chat window by following the below steps:

Step 1: First, log in to your Twitch chat account.

Step 2: Secondly, find the channel you want to visit either by browsing the category or directly searching for your favorite channel. After you find the channel, Go there.

Step 3: When the Channel page is loaded. On the same page, Open the “Chat Settings” from the bottom right corner.

Step 4: After Clicking on the “Settings icon”, a small popup window will open with the options like Readable colors, Hide Chat and Show Timestamp, etc.

pop out twitch chat from settings

Step 5: After that, click on “Popout Chat.” A chat screen opens in the new tab. This screen is only for chatting. However, you need to switch the tabs for watching streaming, and chatting at the same time.

Now you will see the Twitch stream chat popped out of the window.

twitch chat pop out

It helps both the streamers and the viewers to focus on the game, to focus on chat, or to focus on both with the different monitors.

For example, If you are a Viewer who is more interested in chatting than the game, it helps to pop out the Twitch chat window alone. Or maybe you want to pop out the enlarged chat screen on another monitor so that you can quickly read the chats; it helps with both.

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