How To Reset Pinterest Account & Pinterest Board Ideas

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To reset your Pinterest account & rearrange Pinterest board ideas, first, go to and then log in to your account, then you’ll need to disable the boards that you don’t want to see in your feed by toggling the switch to the left next to it. 

After you’re done disabling the Boards, you’ll need to select Topics to enter it into the Topics tab. 

There you’ll be able to see all the topics you follow on Pinterest. Click on the Remove button below the topic that you want to unfollow to remove it from your feed.

There are some steps you can follow if Pinterest boards disappeared.

Can You Remove Suggestions on Pinterest Board Ideas:

Pinterest feeds generally show suggestions based on your browser history, Pinterest board ideas, creators that you follow, topics you’re interested in and have searched for, etc. But often it might appear a little off and you might feel the pins that are being displayed to you are boring or of no interest to you.

You can always remove the existing suggestions if you don’t find them helpful. This can be done by deselecting all the topics you’ve chosen and then removing the ones that you’ve no interest in. 

You can also unfollow topics that you follow on Pinterest by getting into your home feed section and from there going to Topics to see the topics you follow. If certain topics are of no interest to you, Remove those.

How To Reset Pinterest Account:

Try the following methods to reset your Pinterest account:

1. Pinterest Account Feed Reset Tool

2. Reset Pinterest From Settings

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open and Tap the arrow icon

If you want to reset your Pinterest feed to remove all the unnecessary and boring suggestions that you’ve no interest in, you can do that too. Here’s the first step and for that, you’ll need to open using the Google Chrome browser. You need to perform these steps on your laptop to remove the suggestions to reset your feed successfully. 

After you open, they’ll ask you to log in if you have not logged in yet. You’ll need to login into your Pinterest account using the login credentials of your Pinterest account. 

Just look at the extreme right corner of the screen, and you’ll be able to see a downward arrow symbol. Click on it and you’ll be displayed with a box of sub-options.

Step 2: Select Tune your Home feed

As you click on the Downward arrow option that’s at the extreme right corner of your screen, you’ll get one set of sub-options. From the sub-options choose the option Tune your home feed which falls under the More options section. This option allows you to reset and adjust the content and pins that you want to see in your home feed. 

Apart from the Tune your home feed option, you’ll be able to get a few other options too like Add account, Convert to business, and Settings. These options have other certain functions which are helpful for other purposes.  But for this method, you’ll need to get into the Tune your home feed page by clicking on it. 

Home feed

Step 3: Click on History and turn off all

After you click on the Tune your home feed option, you’ll be able to get into the Tune your home feed page. On the page, you’ll be able to see four sub-tabs: History, Boards, Topics, and Profile. You’ll need to edit these four different tabs to reset your feed. 

 First, click on History to get into the History section of your account. There you’ll be able to see the recent pins that you’ve looked at. On the page, you’ll be able to see a Turn off all button. You need to click on the Turn off all button to start resetting your profile feed. This will immediately stop the recently looked-up content from showing on your feed. 

Turn off All

Step 4: Select Boards and Disable your choices 

Just beside the History tab, there’s the Boards tab. It contains all your recently created boards on your Pinterest account. But to reset your profile you’ll need to disable the options that you don’t have any interest in at the moment. You can choose to disable all or you can keep enabled some of the options. 

Therefore, after you click on the Turn off all button, you’ll need to get into the Boards section, and then on the page, you’ll find all your boards displayed one after another. You’ll need to toggle the switches next to the boards to disable them. 

 The switches will turn white when you disable them. 


Step 5: Select Topics and remove all unnecessary topics 

After you disable the boards of your choice, you’ll need to get into the Topics section. The Topic section contains all the topics that you’re following from your Pinterest account. But to reset your feed, you’ll need to remove the topics that you’ve lost interest in and no longer want to see. 

After you click on the Topics tab, you’ll be able to see all the topics that you’ve previously followed on Pinterest. Below each of them, there’s a Remove button displayed. This Remove button is particularly helpful when you want to unfollow certain topics that you’ve lost interest in. 

You need to check and see which of the topics has become unnecessary to you and then click on the Remove option below that topic to unfollow it from your Pinterest account. As you click on the Remove option, it will turn to a black Add option.

Select topic and remove

Why Should You Reset Your Pinterest Feed:

There are some changes you might notice if you reset the Pinterest feed:

1. To remove unnecessary suggestions

Resetting your Pinterest feed is a great way to start afresh. Often you get displayed suggestions on your Pinterest feed that are unnecessary and you might not have any interest in those topics. Therefore, if you want to make your feed an interesting one that will show posts based on your new interest, you’ll need to reset the feed. 

Normally, Pinterest shows posts that are based on your previous searches, people you follow, and posts that you’ve published previously. But if that seems rather unnecessary to you, you need to reset the feed so that it can show you pins that you’ve grown a recent interest in. You might not want some suggestions on your feed and for that, reset the feed to get new suggestions. 

2. To unfollow particular channels

Resetting your Pinterest feed is a great way to unfollow certain channels that you don’t want to follow anymore. If you’ve followed certain channels in the past and you’ve lost interest in those pins, you can choose to unfollow them by resetting your feed so that it can only show pins from channels that you’re interested in.

Pinterest organizes your feed based on certain factors like your search history, and pins you’ve looked at and liked in the past, but often it gets filled with all types of pins from channels that you may not be interested in. This can only be removed if you choose to reset your wall. 

If you’ve recently looked at certain content, for example, food recipes, you’ll get a lot of pins based on food recipes. Therefore, you need to clear and reset the feed to stop getting pins related to your recent searches and lookups. 

The Bottom Lines:

You have the methods here to reset your account’s feed. If you don’t want to see what’s showing up on your feed and remove all the unnecessary suggestions displayed, you’ll need to reset your feed from the Tune the home feed section of your Pinterest account.

You’ll need to Turn off the History, Disable the boards, and Remove the topics that you’re no longer interested in to reset your home feed.

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