How to See who viewed your Instagram Video?

If you want to get popularity in a few moments, Instagram has that potential. You can make an Instagram account and share your images to gain more followers fast for free.

But, the problem occurs when your profile viewers do not follow you.

Well, that may be the reason you did not follow them. What happens is, if you follow someone that person normally follows you back but for this, you need to know such a list of people.

However, do you want to know who stalks your Instagram profile or posts?

Instagram does not have the feature to unveil the list of visitors who see your Instagram profile still the business account shows the monthly visitors count with useful insights.

This is not an issue. In many ways, you can see who views your Instagram. You go for the third-party apps to view the list for your Instagram account visitors. These apps not only show the profile viewers but also disclose the Instagram mutual friends, fans and followers as well.

In this article, we have listed the best tools to check who viewed your Instagram profile easily and for free. Also, this content adds a bonus guide to making your Instagram account private if you want that as well.

Check who Viewed your Instagram Video – using Apps


The apps listed here below are the best tools that can reveal the profile visitors of your Instagram account. You would not miss out on anything if you follow the steps carefully.

1. InstaMutual:

Are you using the iOS device? Want to view your profile visitors from your iPhone. InstaMutual is an easy way to find out mutual friends with others on Instagram. Also, this provides you with the facility to find out who viewed your Instagram profile.
InstaMutual is available for your Android also.

Steps to follow:-

i) Download and install InstaMutual on your iOS.
ii) Log in to your Instagram profile using your credentials.
iii) After logging in, go to settings in the header section and scroll down to see who viewed your Instagram stories or videos.

2. Followers Insight:

Followers Insight

Followers Insight is the best app to track Instagram stalkers. This third-party app is available in the Google play store, which can help to find who likes and comments on your posts. Followers Insight app also reveals the best time for posting your stuff.

This app can easily track people and find out those unknown people who view your post anonymously.

Besides, this app can show up the most commented and liked most till now by collecting all of your Instagram data.

Just search it on Google play store and install on your device, then log in with your Instagram credentials.

3. Who viewed my Instagram:

Are you looking for only the recent profile visitors of your Instagram profile? It’s possible. Who viewed my Instagram is a good choice to go. This app reveals the list of top 10 recent profile visitors exactly your Instagram profile viewers. The app is being updated hourly to get the recent people on the top list.

The app collects all your Instagram data once you sign in there to get the accurate results then find out the most recent profile visitors for your Instagram account.

This app is completely free to use and download. Who viewed my Instagram reveals your IG video viewers as well. Besides, this app can be used to see ‘Secret Admirer’ and ‘Profile Stalkers’.

To download this app just search on Google ‘Who viewed my Instagram’ and to start just log in with your credentials on the InstaWho page in the app.

4. Insights For Instagram:

Insights for Instagram also known as Insights for Android is another third-party app if you want to view other’s stories anonymously this app does the job. This app reveals the analytics of your Instagram followers.

  • Insights for Instagram also discloses the mutual followers who follow back, fans and also who don’t follow back.
  • Allowing to Download other stories and re-share those is another feature of this app.

Well, this app has the advantage you want. This tool can find the people who are the ghost follower, means who viewed your videos or stories but did not hit like button.

  1. You just have to install the ‘Insights for Instagram’ app at the first.
  2. The listed above are enough to view the Instagram Stalkers list in all ways possible. You would not miss any if you follow the guide perfectly.
  3. But, there are some apps that are used to view your Instagram stories anonymous. In that case, it is better to secure your Instagram account.

This is just one step away, here is how you can do this-

Instagram allows you to make your account secure by turning your account privacy on. Yes, this is the only way to make your Instagram account private.

How to See who viewed your Instagram Story Videos?

Do you want to find the profile viewers of your Instagram account? Posting an Instagram story and checking the viewers is also nearest to finding the profile viewers as these people tend to look at your profile initially after seeing your posts.

Honestly, you would not get any other working method better than this.

So, how to see who viewed your stories on Instagram. Instagram provides such an option to see the list by the timing they see it.

Here is how you can do this-

i) Open an Instagram Story the swipe it up.
ii) If your post is public then anyone can see this. Now you will get an eyeball icon. Just tap on that.
iii) This will reveal the list of people who viewed your Instagram story and the exact time they watched this.

See who viewed your Instagram Story

More you have the option to block anyone from the list if you want to hide the future posts from those particular ones.


Can anyone know if I am looking at their Instagram?

If you stalk too much on Instagram that would not create any problem. She/he may find you on the suggested follow list but not in case of viewing their profiles. If you have not liked or followed them, they would not know if you viewed their Instagram stuff.

How does Instagram video view count?

Instagram follows an algorithm that counts every view if that is viewed more than 3 seconds. The view is counted only once per account on a single video. So, if anyone sees your videos more than one time this will still count as 1.

Does viewing your own Instagram video count as well?

If you have uploaded a video and watched it for more than 3 seconds this count your view as 1. You cannot increase the view by seeing it again and again.

How do l see who viewed Instagram videos?

Due to viewers’ privacy on Instagram, the company does not allow the data to show publically. All you can see it how many people viewed or view counts on your video. But, the data is all saved to Instagram and they have access to those. However, technology has been advanced, you can use a third-party app to reveal the viewers.

Can someone see if I viewed an Instagram story not being a friend?

Unlike video viewers’ names, you can see the name of your Instagram story viewers easily. If you have looked at their stories, you can get caught there.


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