How to Stop Automatic Updates in Windows 7? [Permanently]

Windows OS is set to take automatic updates by its registry logs as its default feature. The settings here force Windows 7 to install the available updates whenever your PC connects to the internet.

However, you can disable the settings for not updating the OS version automatically. Microsoft provides the option for its users.

You can easily change the settings to permanently turn off the automatic updates. This feature will stop installing automatic updates on your Windows 7 PC.

It’s also helpful to stop the updates in some cases like, if you had any issues with installing or downloading the updates, the system may corrupt and need the reinstallation.

Although, this happens in rare cases. In this context, we have mentioned the procedure to stop automatic updates on Windows OS. However, a running Windows update can also be stopped and we have shown that as well.

Windows is a very user-friendly operating system in our modern generation. That is why almost 80% of computer & Laptop users running this operating system.

The settings almost the same in all versions, e.g.  Windows 7 Home, Windows 7 Ultimate, etc.

Normally it consumes large internet data while it is updating. But, the worst thing is, when it is set to the automatic mode it will start the update without your permission. This is really annoying and you have the choice to select the update as you wish.

Stop Automatic Updates in Windows 7

Here we have explained the step-by-step guide along with the screenshots so that the process becomes simple and easier to understand. Let’s dive in:

At first, you have to click on ‘My Computer’ icon.

Once it opens, click on Control Panel.

Turn off Automatic Updates on Windows 7 _1

From the Category options, select Large icons. This will display all the items of Windows OS settings.

Turn off Automatic Updates on Windows 7_2

You have to find out the ‘Windows Update‘ option from the new list. Then, just click on it.

Turn off Automatic Updates on Windows 7_settings

Next, click on ‘Change settings’ option.

Turn off Automatic Updates on Windows 7_change default

Then a new window will appear in front of you. From the drop-down menu, you can see the default setup is: ‘Install updates automatically’. Now, you have to change this to ‘Never check for updates‘ option from the list.

Turn off Automatic Updates on Windows 7_set never

Now, click on ‘Never check for updates‘ and click on ‘OK’ button to set.

Turn off Automatic Updates on Windows 7_failed updates

Now the Windows OS would not download any new files or updates automatically. You can change the settings anytime if your decision gets changed.

Turn off Automatic Windows 7 Update while in Progress

If your Windows update is going on then after stopping the automatic updates, you need to take few steps to stop the running update in your Windows OS.

Step 1:
First of all, open ‘Control Panel’ and click on ‘Administrative Tools‘.

Step 2:
After that, you have to click on to the ‘Services‘ option and look for ‘Windows Update‘ from the list.

Step 3:
Just click on the option and a new window will appear where you have to ‘Stop‘ it.

Step 4:
Once it’s done, just choose the Startup type: Disabled and hit Apply & OK button.

Now, the currently running Windows update has been stopped.

Some Precautions:

1. You should not turn off Windows installation window while the process is running. If you do so, you might lose some of the updating features or your Windows may crash and you may need to reinstall the windows.

2. Always make sure your PC is using UPS or any power back up. If the computer or laptop gets turned off suddenly then you will face the same Windows crash on this case also.

3. Another preventive measure that you have to take is just choosing the updates accordingly. Don’t allow all the updates but do it once as per your need before you completely turn off the updates. Remember, updating to the latest version of Windows speed up the performance.

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