How to Turn off Autoplay Video on Facebook?

You might feel disturbed when the noisy videos on Facebook start to play automatically without any click.

This normally grasps the internet speed that results in not loading the further data while browsing and not to lose even a lower amount of data on Facebook video loading.

Also, whenever a video plays with bold sound on your Facebook news feed automatically, that situation looks really crazy at all. However, now the autoplay videos are auto-muted also.

For a better solution to this problem, we have a choice to turn off video autoplay for Facebook.

Here you no need of any third-party apps, just go ahead with the simple online process.

For older versions, Facebook did not have that feature to turn off the autoplay completely.

The only option that users could apply is ‘WiFi only’. This means you could save mobile data if you want.

Then the good news came out…

Facebook now has added another feature to stop the video autoplay permanently. Yes, now it is possible to disable autoplay even you are on a WiFi connection.

If you are having slow internet speed and need to get rid of this noisy sound without hitting the mute button then keep reading this article.

How to stop videos from automatically playing on Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world and we know the importance of Facebook well. Almost 85% of people around the world are using this social networking site like Facebook is having all the latest features which are required in this modern era.

Facebook developers are always working to make it more capable for every user. Because it’s a success, the main reason is the user-friendliness of Facebook. But, recently Facebook developers added a new feature that auto-plays the news feed videos.

But, this improvement had many downsides.

However, Facebook tried to provide a good experience to the users so that whenever they come to a video while scrolling the news feed it plays automatically and this will help the Facebook users to know the fact instantly.

So, let’s discuss how could you be benefitted once you turn off this autoplay feature on Facebook.

Long Battery Life: (Increased by 30%)

It is strange yet obvious. Disabling this feature you can spare not less than 30% on your mobile battery life. The autoplay videos on Facebook news feed give a huge load to the mobile processor which specifically utilizes the energy of the battery to run. Likewise, the more features a video use, the battery life turns out to be less.

Suppose, if a video is using both sound and internet at the same time then the processor is required to act progressively that receives power from the battery. After disabling that feature, the autoplay will be stopped and the processor would not be forced again in that case. So, if you use the Facebook maximum of 10 hours every day, you can save a huge percentage on your battery.

Data Saving & Fast Browsing:

When these videos start to play automatically, internet data is used heavily. By turning off the feature, you can prevent data usage and saved it into your data balance. If anyone is having a slow internet connection and he sees a video that auto-plays then sometimes the browser sticks to that position and could not load the next data as this video grasps the total bandwidth limit in it.

So, now you understand what is the best benefit of this feature. Turning off the autoplay feature will surely improve such a situation while scrolling Facebook news feed. That is why it is better to turn off the video autoplay right now.

The best part?…

You can do this on all devices like your Android mobile, PC and iPhone.

Let’s start to understand the process of doing so.

How to stop Autoplay video on Facebook?

Normally, on your PC if you want to do that then you have to follow some certain steps which are given below–


At first, log in to your Facebook account.


After a successful login, click on the ‘Arrow icon’ which you will find on the top of the right side.


Now, you will see different options and then just click on settings from the drop-down menu.

stop video autoplay on Facebook for PC

Then click on the video option which you will see on the bottom of the left side.


Here you will see Auto-Play videos option and you can also see a drop-down option. Here you can see the default option already selected. Just click on that arrow to select an option you want to set.

video autoplay off on Facebook for PC

After clicking on that arrow you will find ‘Default’, ‘On’ and ‘Off’ options. Now, click ‘Off’ to stop autoplay video on Facebook.

Now the settings completed. It is done.

Stop Facebook Video Autoplay on Android (Samsung)

So, now if you are on a mobile device like Samsung, Honor, Redmi, etc and using the Facebook app then the settings and process will be slightly different from PC.


At first, open your Facebook app and make sure that you are logged in.


Once it opens Facebook news feed, just click on the three-line icon(options button) which you will find on the top of the right side.

Then, click on the Apps Settings.


Then click on the ‘Autoplay’ option.

stop video autoplay on Facebook for Android


Here you will find ‘On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connections’, ‘On Wi-Fi Connections Only’ and ‘Never Autoplay Videos’ these three options. Click on the ‘Never Autoplay Videos’ option and your settings will be saved automatically.

stop autoplaying video on android

Now your Facebook newsfeed videos will not be played automatically when you are using the Facebook app.

How to Turn off Autoplay Videos on iPhones (Apple)

If you are using the Facebook app on your iPhone then you may have seen some videos are auto-playing. That is annoying. Here is the process below for how to stop this–
At first, open the Facebook app and find the ‘three-line icon’ on the bottom right corner. Click on that.
Apple phone
Then, scroll down to the bottom and click on settings.
iPhone settings for Facebook app
After that, you have to select ‘Account Settings’ from the list.

stop video autoplay on Facebook for iPhone
Now, you will see ‘Videos and Photos’ option. Just click on it.

iPhone facebook videos

Here you will find the ‘Autoplay’ option. Just click on that and it will show three options. Now select ‘Never Autoplay Videos’ and save the page pressing back button.

disable video autoplay on Facebook for iPhone

It’s done and now you will notice that the videos on news feed are not playing automatically.

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